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Mennonite Brethren Historical Society of Canada Newsletter


Published four times a year by the MB Historical Society of Canada, headquartered at the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Winnipeg, MB, 1979-1986. Amalgamated with Mennonite Historian in 1987. English. The first executive  included: William Schroeder (chairman), Helmut Huebert (vice Chairman), Ken Reddig (secretary-treasurer and editor of the newsletter), Abe Dueck, and Harry Loewen (members-at-large).


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MBHSC-5-4 OCR Opt 0.7 MB
MBHSC-6-1 OCR Opt 1.0 MB
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MBHSC-6-3 OCR Opt 1.1 MB
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MBHSC-7-3 OCR Opt 1.4 MB
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