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John A. Toews Library

The library holdings are catalogued online with the University of Winnipeg and OCLC through WorldCat Discovery. The catalogue address is:

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Other Collections

Contact CMBS staff regarding the following collections (Note: some are hyperlinked to file lists. See below):

  1. Artifact Collection. Note: This collection is hyperlinked to a file description (click here).
  2. Russia-related documents. 65 cm of textual records.
  3. Photographs. 228 collections. More than 32,000 images. Each of these photo collections are described at the Mennonite Archival Image Database (MAID). Click here to be redirected to the MAID website. Note: Thumbnails of the photos are being linked to the photo descriptions. At this time, not all descriptions are linked to a thumbnail.
  4. Audio-Visual Collection. Note this collection of sound and moving images (discs, films, CDs, DVDs, wire) is hyperlinked to a file description (click here).
  5. Maps. 350 items.
  6. Architectural drawings. 110 items. Note: This collection is hyperlinked to a file description (click here).
  7. Microfilms. ca. 300 reels.
  8. Essays and study papers. 3.5 m of textual records.