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1999 Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith (current)


Mennonite Brethren have their roots in the Anabaptist-Mennonite movement of sixteenth-century Europe. However, as a nineteenth-century renewal movement, Mennonite Brethren blended Lutheran Pietism and Baptist Evangelicalism with their Anabaptist roots. For Mennonite Brethren, their confessional statements functioned as a public testimony of what they believed, based on their understanding of the Christian Bible. The Confession of Faith (CoF) serves as an outline for instruction, church polity, and discipline.

The 1999 CoF has 18 articles: 1) God; 2) Revelation of God; 3) Creation and Humanity; 4) Sin and Evil; 5) Salvation; 6) Nature of the Church; 7) Mission of the Church; 8) Christian Baptism; 9) Lord's Supper; 10) Discipleship; 11) Marriage, Singleness, and Family; 12) Society and State; 13) Love and Nonresistance; 14) The Sanctity of Human Life; 15) Stewardship; 16) Work, Rest, and the Lord's Day; 17) Christianity and Other Faiths; and 18) Christ's Final Triumph.

Below is a table of the 18 articles in the 1999 Confession of Faith (currently in effect), with links to Commentary (com) and Pastoral Application (pa) on each article (Confession of Faith: Commentary and Pastoral Application [Winnipeg, Man.; Hillsboro, Kan.: Board of Faith and Life and Kindred Productions, 2000]).


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