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Mennonitisches Jahrbuch (Russia)


Gross-Tokmak, Ukraine. 1903–1913.

The Mennonitisches Jahrbuch was established by Heinrich Dirks, elder of the Gnadenfeld congregation in Russia and a missionary who had worked in Sumatra.  This publication's purpose was to record the life of Mennonites in Russia and to promote the renewal of their religious life.  The publication ran from 1903-1913.  It was printed by Hermann Lenzmann in Tokmak and later he also assumed some editorial responsibilities.  The Russian government's ban on German publications at the outbreak of the Great War terminated the paper.  Its last issue was for the year 1913 and published in 1914.

An index was compiled by Peter H. Rempel and published by the Mennonite Heritage Centre in 1988. The Mennonite Heritage Centre has 1903–1913 bound and also on microfilm.


Note: The link to a digital reproduction (PDF) of the Mennonitische Jahrbuch index for the years 1903–1913 precedes the holdings list.

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Name Size
Name Size
Mennonitisches Jahrbuch Index Ocr Reduced 1903-1913 0.3 MB

Date                Vol.
1903                1
1904                2
1905/6                3
1906-1907       4
1907                5
1908                6
1909                7
1910                8
1911-1912         9
1913                10

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