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Voth, Henry H. (1918–1981)

Proper Title

Henry H. Voth fonds

Dates of Creation


Physical Description

2.02 m textual material, 2 photographs, and 1 tape

Biographical Sketch

Henry H. Voth was born on September 15, 1918 to Herman and Maria (Ratzlaff) Voth in Kalontarovka, Russia. His early life was spent in Gnadenthal, near Winkler, Manitoba, and at Manitou, Manitoba. In 1942 he was drafted by the army, and spent some time in alternative service in Clear Lake, Manitoba. Later he enlisted in the Medical Corps as a non-combatant. In 1943 he married Erica Schroeder. His conversion came in 1943 under the ministry of Oswald Smith in Winnipeg. He was baptized into the North End Mennonite Brethren Church, now Elmwood, in 1944. He graduated from Mennonite Brethren Bible College, studied at Waterloo (Ontario) College, and graduated from the University of Western Ontario.

He then worked as principal of the Sharon Mennonite Collegiate in Yarrow, B.C. until 1956. The Yarrow Mennonite Brethren Church ordained him during this time. He studied further in Kitchener and Toronto, Ontario and graduated from the Toronto Federated Theological College in 1957. During that time he helped establish the Toronto Mennonite Brethren Church. After a term of leading the Vineland Mennonite Brethren Church (Ontario) he began teaching at MBBC in 1963. Voth was secretary of the Canadian Conference Sunday School Committee during this time.

In 1970, he left MBBC to pastor the Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church in Winnipeg for ten years. In 1975 Voth received a three-month leave from the church to teach at the Instituto Biblico Asuncion. In 1978, he was appointed by the Executive Committee of the General Conference to a Study Commission assigned to study the restructuring of the General Conference; in 1979 he was appointed to represent the Canadian Conference on the MCC (Canada) Peace and Social Concerns Committee. He was enrolled in a D.Min. program at Fuller Theological Seminary in 1978, which he was not able to complete before his death. In 1980 he returned to MBBC to teach. He died in Winnipeg on March 21, 1981.

Custodial History

Conference minutes and correspondence in this fonds were donated in 1980 by H.H. Voth. Personal files and photographs were donated by Erica Voth in 1981.  In 2005 Voth's sermons were delivered to MHC by Rudy Schmidt whose brother is Vic Schmidt who married Voth's daughter Elaine (Erica).  The papers were in the possession of Erica Voth, wife of Henry H. Voth who created the materials.  The materials were transferred to CMBS by Conrad Stoesz.

Scope and Content

The Henry H. Voth fonds reflects Voth’s ongoing interest in learning, and in education. The fonds consists of notes from his student days (which continued until he died) and lecture notes from his teaching career. As a result of Voth’s activities in conference work at the General, Canadian, and Provincial levels, this fonds contains minutes and correspondence of various Boards. Records pertaining to Christian education predominate. This fonds also demonstrates Voth’s activities as a Christian counsellor, especially in the area of marriage and family. Voth was was a well-loved pastor, and some of his sermons also appear in this collection. The files, except for a few exceptions, have been left in their original arrangement.

The CMBS tape collection holds one casette of Henry Voth speaking at an MBBC chapel on 17 September 1975. The photographs are of Canadian Conference delegates.


  • Location: Volumes 1095–1099, 1261.
  • Title based on contents of fonds.
  • Accession numbers are 1980–27, 1981–45, 2005-031.
  • Finding aid: textual file list.
  • Finding aid for photographs: NP49–1.
  • Finding aid for tape: NA – 4–1.
  • Language: English and some German.
  • No restrictions on access.
  • Updated by: Tamara Dyck, July 2009.

Series Descriptions

I. Henry H. Voth class notes, essays, and research.
35 cm of textual material.

This series consists of materials that Voth created as a result of the various programs of study that he was involved in while pursuing his personal education.

Title based on contents of the series.

  • Finding aid: Henry H. Voth list 1–56.

II. Henry H. Voth lecture materials.
27 cm textual material.

This series contains syllabi, lecture notes, class lists, exams, and class marks – records that were created as a result of Voth’s activities as a teacher at Sharon Mennonite Collegiate, Mennonite Brethren Bible College, and Instituto Biblico Asuncion.

Included are lecture series presented at various churches and study conferences and short articles written for conference periodicals.

  • Title based on contents of the series.
  • Finding aid: Henry H. Voth list 57–101.

III. Henry H. Voth records of educational institutions.
30 cm textual material.

This series contains minutes, correspondence, and other information regarding educational institutions which played a major role in Voth’s life or were of interest to him. These institutions are Mennonite Brethren Bible College, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Eden Christian College, and others. Voth was on the MBBC Board, before he joined the teaching staff in 1963, and he was on the Board of the MB Biblical Seminary from 1979–1981. As a result, this series contains MBBC and MBBS reports and minutes.

  • Title based on contents of the series.
  • Finding aid: Henry H. Voth list 102–121.

IV. Henry H. Voth conference records.
35 cm textual material.

This series contains records created by Voth as a result of his activities in committees or boards of the General Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches of North America, the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (predominantly the Canadian Conference Sunday School Committee), MCC Canada, and the Manitoba, Ontario, and British Columbia Provincial Conferences.

  • Title based on contents of the series.
  • Finding aid: Henry H. Voth list 122–167.

V. Henry H. Voth church records.
30 cm textual material.

This series consists of a small amount of records from the Vineland Mennonite Brethren Church and a larger amount of records from the Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church where Voth served as pastor. In this series are notes for counselling sessions such as baptismal candidates, couples for marriage preparation, and advice for the Christian home. Correspondence and information for plans for evangelistic crusades and resource materials for pastors are also in this series.

  • Title based on contents of the series.
  • Finding aid: Henry H. Voth list 168–208.

VI. Henry H. Voth personal records.
5 cm textual material.

This series consists of financial records and a small amount of personal correspondence.

  • Title based on contents of the series.
  • Finding aid: Henry H. Voth list 209–213.

VII. Henry H. Voth sermon outlines and papers.
ca. 1960-1980.
40 cm of textual material.

This series consists of sermon outlines and papers written by Voth.

  • Title based on contents of the series.
  • Finding aid: Volume 1261.
  • Language: English and German.

File List

Volumes 1095–1099

Series I:  Henry H. Voth class notes, essays, and research.

1.       Booklet: "The Church in the Bible" by Erland Waltner. ─ 1941.

Paper: "The Nature of the Church as revealed in its relationship to Christ," probably by Henry Voth. ─ Undated.

2.       Student notes and essays on Education 512, Methods in Teaching, Christian Religious Education, Greek, and I John. - 1949.
3.       Exam, outline for course:  "Deutsche Literatur," taught by H. Wall at MBBC. ─ 1948, 1950.
4.       Notes on Church History. ─ Undated.

Paper: "The Churches and Slavery in America.

5.       Greek notes. ─ Undated.
6.       Voth's student notes on various MBBC courses: Wisdom Literature, Geschichte Der Mennoniten, German, Psychology, Pastoral Theology, Hymnology. ─ 1947-1948.
7.       Voth's student essays and notes for MBBC courses in Genesis, History, Major and Minor Prophets, ─ 1949.
8.       Voth's student notes and outlines on Pauline Epistles and Letters of Paul. ─ 1949.
9.       Voth's student notes on Systematic Theology. ─ 1948.
10.     Term paper "Foreign Language Study" written for course "Psychology of Education" taught by I.W. Redekopp at MBBC. ─ 1949.
11.     Notes on I and II Peter and Hebrews. ─ Undated.

MBBC exam on Writings of I Peter. ─ 1948.
MBBC exam on Hebrews. ─ 1949-1950.
Student papers. (This file is probably from Voth's student days at MBBC)

12.     Student notes and essays on "Philosophy of Education" and "Principles and Practice of Religious Education," and "Methods of Education." ─ 1949, 1950.
13.     Exam and notes for Economics 20 at Waterloo College. ─ 1950.
14.     Notes on Christian Ethics. ─ Undated.
15.     Notes on Romans and I Corinthians. ─ 1950, undated.
16.     Notes and exam at Waterloo College for New Testament Greek. ─ 1951.
17.     Course: Research in Education. ─ 1952.
18.     English paper for the University of Western Ontario. ─ 1951.

Paper: "The Universal Significance of the Event Jesus Christ." ─ Undated.

19.     Notes on symbolics, exam. ─ 1957.
20.     Notes on Old Testament Exegesis, exam. ─ 1957.
21.     Papers for Victoria University in English Bible course. ─ 1957.
22.     Notes and exams on Old Testament Exegesis and Hebrew at Waterloo Seminary. ─ 1956.
23.     Standardized test in General Science for Grades 7, 8, and 9. ─ Undated.

Annotated bibliography of teaching aids. ─ Undated.
Notes for 509 Science. ─ Undated.

24.     Notes on Tertullian, Cyprian and Augustine. ─ 1959.
25.     Notes and exam on New Testament Course at Emmanuel College. ─ 1959.
26.     Essays on the book of Hebrews. ─ Undated, 1957.

Notes on New Testament Analyses. ─ Undated.

27.     Notes on philosophy of education. ─ Undated.
28.     Notes on New Testament and Greek. ─ 1958.
29.     Notes on Christology. ─ 1958.
30.     Notes and exams for courses at Emmanuel College. ─ 1957-1958.
31.     Notes taken at a Kierkegaard Seminar. ─ 1958.
32.     Notes on sin and grace. ─ 1960.
33.     Voth's student notes on the New Testament. ─ Undated.
34.     Notes on Tertullian and Augustine. ─ Undated.
35.     Anthropology notes. ─ 1961.
36.     Notes on the Theology of Anselm. ─ 1961.

Voth's notes on courses he took at Toronto Graduate School of Theological Studies. ─ 1961-1962.

37.     Two papers probably written by Voth for an anthropology course: "The Nature of Man" and "Modes of Revelation in the Old Testament." ─ Undated.

Notes on Contemporary Theology. ─ 1962.

38.     Clippings and notes on adult education. ─ 1961.
39.     Paper: "The Objectives in Christian Education" by W.A. Wiebe. ─ Undated.

Education related papers. ─ Undated.

40.     Notes on English 301, Milton. ─ 1964.
41.     Notes on English 301, Shakespeare. ─ 1964.
42.     German notes on Homeletics and Evangelism courses. ─ Undated.

English notes on Expository Preaching.

43.     Correspondence and outline regarding Voth's Th.M. thesis: "The Doctrine of the Image of God Concept in Contemporary Theological Thought." ─ 1964.
44.     Correspondence and information about English Graduate Studies at the University of Minnesota. ─ 1963-1967.

Correspondence with Toronto Graduate School of Theological Studies. ─ 1965-1966.

45.     Exam, syllabus, notes on English 189. ─ 1965.
46.     Syllabus for course: "Old Testament Theological Themes" at Fuller Theological Seminar. ─ 1975.
47.     Information and notes regarding D.Min Continuing Education seminars. ─ 1975-1976.
48.     Information on D.Min. courses at the Fuller Theological Seminary. ─ 1978.

Paper, probably by Voth: "Building with Christ in a Local Church."

49.     Program for seminar at Fuller Theological Seminary: "The Minister's Mental Health." ─ 1978.
50.     Transcripts of Voth's academic records from the University of Manitoba, University of Minnesota, Emmanuel College, University of Western Ontario, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.

D.Min course descriptions, assignments, and correspondence with Fuller Theological Seminary. ─ 1974-1978.

51.     Book reports. ─ 1975, 1978, undated.
52.     Information regarding Fuller Theological Seminary and bulletins of churches in the area. ─ 1976-1978.
53.     Summary of reading reports for Fuller Theological Seminary.

Paper: "The Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church: an extension of the incarnation" and research material.
Paper for seminar at Fuller Theological Seminary, "Your Church and Church Growth" and research material. ─ 1978.

54.     Assignments and syllabus for Philosophy 20 at Waterloo University College. ─ Undated.
55.     Paper: "A Theology for `Organization Development'," by H.Newton Malony of Fuller Theological Seminary. ─ 1973.

Life history questionnaire.
Mood analysis sheet.

56.     Correspondence and information about the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis. Completed tests. ─ 1977.

Series II:  Henry H. Voth lecture materials.

57.     Lecture notes on an Introduction to the Bible course written in German. Student list. ─ Undated.
58.     Exam, lecture notes, class marks for History and Philosophy of Education course at MBBC. ─ 1959, 1963-1964.
59.     Class list and notes for Educational Work of the Church I. ─ Undated.
60.     Notes, exams, and class marks for Systematic Theology II. ─ 1963-1964.
61.     Lecture notes and examination questions for the course, New Testament Survey. ─ 1964-1965.
62.     Lecture notes, textbook, class record book, and study questions for Old Testament Survey. Student list. ─ 1964-1965.
63.     Notes, outlines, class list for Christian Education of Adults course at MBBC. ─ 1965.
64.     Course outline, notes, exam, class marks, and bibliography for Educational Work of the Church I. ─ 1965, 1968.
65.     Course syllabus and notes for Contemporary Theology. Paper, probably by Voth, "The New Being," about Paul Tillich. These materials may have been used for both a course that Voth took and a course he taught. ─ Undated.
66.     Notes, class list, exam for MBBC course Johanine Writings. ─  1965.
67.     Class list, outline, and lecture notes for Systematic Theology II. ─ Undated.
68.     Lecture notes for Pastoral Theology. This could be a course Voth took. ─ 1958.
69.     Notes for course: "Educational Work of the Church." ─ [196-].
70.     Notes on teaching techniques. ─ Undated.
71.     Exams, assignments, notes, research material, class list, and marks for a course taught at MBBC: "Principles of Christian Education." ─ 1968-1969.
72.     Syllabus, exam, class marks, notes, research material, and bibliography for Educational Work of the Church II. ─ 1967.
73.     Lecture notes and research materials for Christian Education. ─ 1967, 1968, undated.
74.     Student marks, exams and lecture notes for Philosophy course at MBBC. ─ 1968-1970.
75.     Lecture notes for Philosophy course. ─ 1968.
76.     Class marks, exam, and lecture notes for Old Testament Poetry course. ─ 1968.
77.     Lecture notes on Romans, test, student list. ─ 1969.
78.     Class list, exam, outline, and lecture notes for inter-term New Testament Theology. ─ 1970.

Outline for lectures on eschatology presented at Clearbrook. ─ 1969.

79.     Class marks, notes, syllabus, bibliography for Contemporary Theology. ─ 1969.

Outline for course on Acts. ─ 1968.

80.     Class list, notes for Missionary Principles. ─ 1969.
81.     Notes for Contemporary Issues Theology. ─ Undated.
82.     Notes, research materials, and class list of a Pastoral Theology course taught in Canada and at the Instituto Biblico Asuncion. ─ 1975.
83.     Notes on Pastoral Theology course taught in Instituto Biblico Asuncion. ─ 1975.
84.     Letters from James Pankratz outlining Voth's teaching arrangements when he returns to MBBC. ─ 1980.

Voth's personal resume. ─ 1980.
Self-evaluation. ─ 1981.

85.     Status report, class lists, course syllabus and exams for Letters of Paul. ─ 1980-1981.

Notes for Letters of Paul. ─ Undated.

86.     Class list, syllabus, notes, for Contemporary Atheism and Faith at MBBC. ─ 1981.
87.     Lecture notes and exam for Ethics Philosophy course. ─ 1969.
88.     Notes on I Peter, could be for a sermon series at Elm Creek M.B. Church.

Letter from Elm Creek Mennonite Brethren Chruch. ─ 1968.

89.     Study of the Gospel of John.

Lectures dealing with emotions. ─ Undated.

90.     Papers presented at the Denver Study Conference. ─ 1971.

Paper: "Conversion, Baptism and Church Membership" by H.H. Voth.
Paper:  "Der Grundzuege der Theologie der Vaeter der M.B. Gemeinde," no author given. ─ Undated.

91.     Notes and sermons on the book of Philippians for a Bible Conference in Swift Current. ─ 1964.
92.     Lecture given at Grace Hospital. ─ 1969.
93.     Lecture series (ten outlines) on the Christian home. ─ Undated.
94.     A study of prayer. ─ Undated.
95.     Notes on "Guidance for Moral Decision Making." Probably for Inter-Mennonite Christian Education Convention at Portage Avenue M.B. Church. ─ 1970.
96.     Meditations written by Voth for "Rejoice," and related correspondence. ─ 1975-1976.
97.     Paper written by Voth for the Mennonite Brethren Herald:  "The Community of the Simple Life." ─ 1974.
98.     Notes on Christian liberty for a service training program at Niverville. ─ 1969.
99.     Lecture series on the book of Mark. ─ Undated.
100.   Outline and essay on the topic of predestination in the Pauline Epistles. ─ Undated.
101.   Lecture notes on the Christian education of youth. ─ Undated.

Series III: Henry H. Voth records of educational institutions.


102.   Resolution of the Committee of Reference and Counsel in Question of Higher Theological Training on a General Conference Level. ─ [ca. 1961].

Agreement of Affiliation of MBBC and Waterloo University. ─ [ca. 1961].
Other documents relating to MBBC. ─ 1961.

103.   Reports and minutes of the MBBC Board and the Executive of the M.B. College Committee. ─ 1961-1963.
104.   Letter regarding the resignation of J.A. Toews as College President and other MBBC correspondence and information. ─ 1962-1963.
105.   Correspondence with Board of Missions/Services regarding missions conferences at MBBC. Missions Conference programs. ─ 1968-1970.
106.   MBBC correspondence and minutes of Faculty Council and Administrative Committee. ─ 1980-1981.
107.   MBBC registration information, timetable, exam schedule. ─ 1968-1969, 1980-1981.
108.   Minutes of MBBC Administrative Committee, Academic Committee, and Faculty Council. ─ 1980-1981.
Memos, letters, and MBBC information. ─ 1980-1981.
109.   Paper: "Policy re Employment of Professors for Mennonite Brethren Bible College. ─ [196-].

Paper: "Toward a Philosophy of Music at MBBC" by Peter Klassen.
Paper: "Denominational Education for the 80's and the Challenge of Mennonite Brethren Education" by Frank C. Peters. ─ 1980.
Paper: "The Christian College--Prophet or Priest?" by J. Lawrence Burkholder. ─ Undated.
Paper:  "The Biblicist-Evangelical Position on Revelation and Inspiration."
Paper: "The Work of the Holy Spirit in a Christian Academic Community" by David Ewert.

110.   Minutes of Faculty meetings. ─ 1968-1970.

Minutes of MBBC College Board meeting. ─ 1965.
Report of the President of the Board of Higher Education. ─ 1969.
Brief presented to the Study Commission of the Canadian M.B. Conference Council of Boards on the joint-seminary question. ─ [196-].
Information about MBBC activities such as A Capella Choir tour and Ministers' Course. ─ 1969.


111.   Faculty handbook of the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. ─ 1978.
112.   Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors at MBBS. ─ 1979.

President's statement to the Seminary Board of Directors Executive. ─ 1978.

113.   Report to MBBS Board of Directors. ─ 1979.

Minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. ─ 1979.
News releases of MBBS. ─ 1979-1980.

114.   Minutes of MBBS Faculty Council. ─ 1979-1980.
115.   MBBS correspondence and other information. ─ 1980.
116.   Minutes of MBBS Administrative Committee and balance sheets. ─ 1979-1980.
117.   Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary Board of Directors Reports. ─ 1980.


118.   Correspondence, surveys, papers, and minutes of the Education Committee and the Bible School Committee, much having to do with Eden Christian College and Ontario Bible Schools. ─ 1958-1961.
119.   Minutes of committees at Conrad Grebel College. ─ 1960-1962.

Correspondence about Conrad Grebel College. ─ 1960-1962.
By-laws and other information about Conrad Grebel College.

120.   Newsletter from Fuller Theological Seminary Alumni. ─ 1973.
121.   Correspondence, reports, class lists of the Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute. ─ 1974.

Information about other Bible Schools. ─ 1964.

Series IV:  Henry H. Voth conference records.

General Conference:

122.   Correspondence, minutes, agenda of Evangelism and Interim Christian Education Committee. ─ 1965-1966.

Minutes and correspondence of the Sunday School Committee of the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Conference. ─ 1965-1966.

123.   Papers, notes, and responses on the Denver Study Conference. ─ 1971.
124.   Reports, correspondence, of the General Conference Board of Evangelism and Christian Education. ─ 1965-1966.

Minutes of the annual meeting of the Sunday School Committee of the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Conference at Virgil, ON. ─ Undated.

125.   Paper from Interdenominational Bible School Conference. ─ 1958.
126.   Recommendations and reports of the General Conference of the M.B. Churches. ─ 1963.
127.   Papers, not by Voth, presented at the Conference on eschatology sponsored by the Board of Reference and Counsel of the General Conference. ─ 1978.
128.   Minutes of Commission on General Conference structure and office location.  Voth's notes as secretary of the Commission. ─ 1979.

Correspondence regarding the Commission. ─ 1978-1979.

129.   Brochures and lists of workers for M.B. Missions/Services. ─  1975-1980.
130.   Papers presented at the Board of Reference and Counsel (General Conference) study conference(?) ─ 1967.
131.   Second draft of the Constitution of the General Conference of the Mennonite Brethren Churches. ─ Undated.

Seventh Revised Draft of the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith. ─ 1975.

132.   Correspondence about writing a membership manual. ─ 1967-1968.

Ch. 1-6 for the membership manual.
Miscellaneous correspondence. ─ 1967-68.

Canadian Conference:

133.   Study papers for Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns.

Resolutions of the BSSC.
Minutes of the Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns. ─ 1974.

134.   Correspondence and reports of the Canadian and American Conferences of the M.B. Churches 1964-1965, 1968.

Evaluation of Sunday School curriculum.

135.   Minutes of the Canadian Conference Counsel of Boards. ─ 1967-1968, 1974, 1977.

Recommendations of Constitution Committee, proposed guidelines for Conference offices.  ─ 1967-69.
Proposed consititution of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. ─ [196-].

136.   Reports of the Canadian Conference. ─ 1968, 1979.
137.   Minutes of Board of Reference and Counsel. ─ 1967-1969.

Paper: "Declaration of Situation Ethics" by Vic Adrian and response.
Declarations for Faith and Life Conference. ─ 1968.
Correspondence. ─ 1968-1974.
Report of the Study Commission appointed by the Canadian Conference of M.B. Churches to study the Recommendation for a Unified Seminary as presented by the Board of Reference and Counsel. ─ [ca. 1968].

138.   Correspondence and personal statements of pastors to the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Pulpit Committee. ─ 1977-1980.
139.   Resumes for the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Pulpit Committee. ─ 1979.

Correspondence with Pulpit Committee. ─ 1978.
Church information sheets. ─ 1979-1980.

140.   Minutes of Winnipeg Planning Committee meetings for Canadian Conference at Elmwood M.B. Church. ─ 1979.
141.   Correspondence and newsletters regarding the Mennonite Centennial Committee. ─ 1974.
142.   Minutes of the Canadian Conference Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns. ─ 1976-1979.
143.   Board of Publication reports to the Canadian Conference. ─ 1973.
144.   Minutes and information about meeting of MCC (Canada) and the Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns. ─ 1977.

Correspondence regarding congregational and conference matters. ─  1978.
Minutes of the Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns. ─ 1978-1979.
Studies of divorce and remarriage, and ordination.

145.   Correspondence of the Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns. ─ 1975-1978.
146.   Minutes of Conference Boards meetings. ─ 1975.

Board of Management Financial Report to the Council of Boards. ─ 1974, 1975.

Sunday School:

147.   Notes and minutes of the Inter-Mennonite Sunday School Convention. ─ 1965-1967.
148.   Program and notes of the 1970 Sunday School Convention. ─ 1970.

Booklet: "Service Training Program" for Mennonite Brethren Churches. ─ 1968.
Minutes of the first Canadian Reference and Counsel meeting with the Executive Committees of the Manitoba M.B Conference. ─ Undated.

149.   Correspondence, questionnaire relating to the Youth Committee. ─ 1959, 1961.
150.   Sunday School Committee correspondence. ─ 1964, 1970.
151.   Program for Christian Workers Conference. ─ 1969.

Outline for paper presented at Conference: "The Christian and Government."
Outline for paper presented at Conference: "Aims and Objectives in Christian Living."

152.   Two Evangelical Teacher Training Association books. Notes on Christian education. ─ 1962-1963.
153.   Correspondence and reports regarding Evangelical Teacher Training Association. ─ 1963-1965.
154.   Minutes of Christian Education Conferences. ─ 1964.

Correspondence of the Sunday School Committee. ─ 1964.
Report of the Canadian Sunday School Committee. ─ Undated.

155.   Correspondence and reports regarding the Sunday School Committee. ─ 1963-1965.
156.   Notes and program for a Sunday School Convention. ─ 1969.
157.   Correspondence and information regarding the suitability of Scripture Press material for Canadian M.B. Youth. ─ 1963.

Report of Christian Education Conference. ─ Undated.

158.   Correspondence regarding workshop for the greater Winnipeg inter-Mennonite Sunday School Convention.  Notes on preparation of the Sunday School lesson. ─ 1964.


159.   Minutes of MCC Canada. ─ 1980.

MCC correspondence. ─ 1965, 1971-1979.
Minutes of MCC Manitoba. ─ 1976.
"A Study Paper on the Meaning of Conversion" by John H. Neufeld. ─ 1970.

160.   Correspondence and minutes of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee for MCC Canada. ─ 1979-80.

Newsletters and resolutions of the Peace Section, MCC. ─ 1979.
Proposal for the reorganization of several Departments of MCC (Canada) by J.M. Klassen. ─ 1980.
Minutes of MCC (Canada) annual meeting. ─ 1980.

Provincial and area conferences:

161.   Program of Minister's and Deacon's Conference at Leamington. ─ 1958.

Program of Bibelbesprechung in Winnipeg. ─ 1961-1962.
Study Conference papers. ─ Undated.

162.   Correspondence, instruction sheets, outlines,and topics relating to Study Conference:  "Our Philosophy of Christian Education." ─ 1964.
163.   Reports, budgets of the Manitoba Provincial Conference. ─ 1965.
164.   Program and reports of the Manitoba Provincial Conference. ─ 1979.
165.   Minutes and reports of the Manitoba Interfaith Council. ─ 1975-1978.
166.   Study series of II Timothy for Swift Current Bible Conference. ─ 1965.
167.   Correspondence with and information about the Canadian Mental Health Association. ─ 1975.

Minutes of MCC(Canada)Executive Meeting. ─ 1979.

Series V:  Henry H. Voth church records.

Vineland M.B.:

168.   Correspondence, notes, and bulletin for the Vineland Bible Conference. ─ 1964.
169.   Vineland bulletins, lists of baptismal candidates, and partial list of members.

Programs of Ministers' and Deacons' Conference. ─ 1962, undated.
Vineland Mennonite Brethren Church financial report. ─ 1960-1961.

Portage Ave. M.B.:

170.   Reports on senior citizen's housing of the Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church. ─ [197-].
171.   Council minutes of the Portage Avenue MB Church. ─ 1976-80.
172.   Church membership minutes of the Portage Avenue MB Church. ─ 1970-1979.

List of elected officers and Sunday school staff at Portage Avenue M.B. Church. ─ 1977-1978.

173.   Correspondence, minutes, and information about selecting ministers and deacons at the Portage Avenue M.B. Church. ─  1974-75.
174.   Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church young people's lists, minutes of Music Committee, and plans for church calendar. ─ 1970-1980.

Attendance records. ─ 1978.

175.   "Capital Punishment Study Guide" by Congregational Resources Board, Conference of Mennonites in Canada. ─ 1980.

Cost and rules for weddings. ─ Undated.

176.   Minutes of Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Counsel Meetings. ─ 1980.
177.   Minutes of Board of Deacons meeting, Portage Avenue M.B. Church, about membership follow-up.  Lists of members for Church Council and deacons. ─ 1977.
178.   Minutes of Portage Avenue M.B. Board of Trustees. ─ 1971.

Report of Board of Christian Education. ─ 1971.
Notes of Administrative Committee. ─ 1969-1970.

179.   Correspondence with Eleanor Fast about a speaking engagement. ─ 1976.

Baptismal classes:

180.   Notes for church membership classes, lists of baptismal candidates. ─ 1970-1973, undated.
181.   Two articles for the Voice by J.A. Toews. ─ 1952.

Job description for associate pastor. ─ Undated.

182.   Outlines for four sessions on "Peer Counselling in the Church." ─ Undated.


183.   Certificate of authorization to marry, correspondence. ─ 1956, 1964-1968.

MCC report. ─ 1964.
Sermon: "Seid Dankbar in Allen Dingen." ─ 1979.

184.   Notes on marriage counselling and wedding ceremonies. ─ Undated.
185.   Notes for marital counselling. ─ 1975.

Book reviews, not by Voth. ─ Undated.

186.   Notes on "The Church and the Home," a chapter written by Voth for a book edited by F.C. Peters. ─ 1976.
187.   Newsletters and brochures on Christian marriage enrichment. ─ 1976-1977.


188.   Notes, and information for Personal Worker's Committee for evangelistic crusades.
189.   Correspondence regarding Marney Patterson Crusade, Janz Team. ─ 1973-1974, 1979.

Minutes of the German Evangelical Alliance of Winnipeg. ─ 1973-1976.

190.   Minutes of Evangelism Committee meetings and correspondence regarding a series of meetings with the Global Messengers Team. ─ 1978-1980.

Correspondence regarding crusades. ─ 1961.

191.   Recommendation and summary of Canadian Congress on Evangelism. ─ 1970.

Correspondence and information regarding the Evangelism Fellowship of Canada. ─ 1970-1975.

192.   Notes, reports, and lists relating to Evangelism Through Church Institutes in Winnipeg. ─ Undated.
193.   Information for Daily Vacation Bible School workers. ─ Undated.

Seminars, resource material:

194.   Evaluation guide for the local Church. ─ 1965.

Study cards on Systemic Theology. ─ Undated.
Outline of "A Christian's Growth and the Christian' Walk." ─ Undated.
Notes on "The Teachings and Practices of Mennon Simons compared with those of the Mennonite Brethren Church." ─ Undated.

195.   Program and notes of a clergy seminar on "The Role of the Clergy in Mental Health." ─ 1974.
196.   Notes from Manitoba Church Library Clinic. ─ 1968.
197.   Paper: "Should a pastor stay of leave?  Who Decides and How?" ─ 1977.
198.   Quizzes on the Book of Acts by the Ontario Youth Organization for Young People's Leaders. ─ 1957.
199.   Paper: "The Scriptural Pattern of the Diaconate," by R.M. Baerg. ─ Undated.

Paper:  "Relation of Ordination, Commissioning and Election," by William Neufeld. ─ Undated.
Paper:  "Sacrifice in the Epistle to the Hebrews," no author given. ─ Undated.
Paper:  "Conflicting Authorities in the Teaching Ministry," by John Wall. ─ Undated.
Paper:  "The Christian and the Courts," by John Wall. ─ Undated.
Paper:  "Systematic Teaching in the Church," by H.H. Voth. ─ Undated.
Various other short papers.

200.   Correspondence, bulletins, short papers. ─ 1972-1980.
201.   Correspondence, bulletins, church related information. ─ 1978-1979.
202.   Film guides. ─ 1977-80.
203.   Minutes of the M.B. Pastors Fellowship. ─ 1970-1974.
204.   Three issues of "Pulpit Resource." ─ 1977.
205.   Correspondence, plans, list of participants, notes and program for church leadership retreat. ─ 1976.

Paper: "A Biblical Basis for Nurture."

206.   Reports on relationships with evangelical Christian Baptists.

Paper:  "Mennonites in North America" by John Friesen. ─ 1976.
Itinerary of Soviet Baptist delegation. ─ 1976.

207.   Paper, schedule for Church Institute in B.C. ─ 1974.

Church Growth Bulletins. ─ 1978.

208.   Paper on drug abuse by Wally Seccombe. ─ 1970.

Notes and information about drug abuse.

Series VI:  Henry H. Voth personal records.

209.   Correspondence with Providence Mission Homes. ─ 1977-1978.
210.   Records of house purchase. ─ 1964.

Tax bills. ─ 1967-1969.

211.   Information about health benefit, insurance, and investment plans. ─ 1948, 1950, 1951, 1962, undated.
212.   Letter to John Redekop about search for job placement. ─ 1979.

Correspondence. ─ 1972, 1976, 1978.
Personal telegrams. ─ 1958.

213.   Christmas letters to the Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church. ─ 1970-1974.

Series VII
Volume 1261
Sermons and papers.

  1. Topical sermon outlines and fragments. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  2. Mattheus und Markus. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  3. Special occasions. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  4. Old Testament. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  5. Old Testament. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  6. I Peter to Revelation. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  7. Hebrews to James. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  8. Philippians to Titus. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  9. I Corinthians to Ephesians. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  10. John to Romans. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  11. Mark and Luke. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  12. Matthew. -- ca. 1960-1980.
  13. Obituary noties. -- 1981.
  14. Sermon records. -- 1963-1974.
  15. Sermon records. -- 1960-1963.
  16. H.H. Voth nameplate. -- n.d.
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