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Loewen, Jacob A. (1922–2006)

Proper Title

Jacob A. Loewen fonds

Dates of Creation

1942, 1944, 1947–1995, 1997–2003, 2006

Physical Description

1.23 m of textual material, and 7 audio cassettes

Biographical Sketch

Jacob A. Loewen was born in 1922, in Russia. He completed his elementary and secondary education in Canada. He continued with his education, receiving a B.A. in humanities from Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas in 1947. In 1952, he received an M.A. from the University of Washington and finally a Ph.D. in linguistics in 1958, also from the University of Washington.

While education remained important to him, he devoted his life to working in the mission field for the Mennonite Brethren church. On August 9, 1945, Loewen married Anne Enns. From 1947–1957, they served as missionaries in Columbia with MBMS International. Their assignment was to live with the Wounaan indigenous people in Noanama and learn the local language. During his time there, Loewen worked to reduce the Choco language to writing in Columbia as well as in Panama.

In 1964, Loewen began working in Lima, Peru as a translations consultant with the American and United Bible Societies. Loewen trained translators and helped to improve the quality of Bible translations throughout South America. Loewen also worked with M.C.C. (Mennonite Central Committee) in Peru. From 1979 to 1984, Loewen served in West Africa, again as a translations consultant for the American and United Bible Societies.

Loewen also taught languages and anthropology at Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas. During the summers he researched and worked with Waunan Indians in Panama. He frequently published articles on language and mission, writing in journals such as Practical Anthropology, Missiology, and The Bible Translator. Loewen also authored several books, including The Christian Encounter with Culture, Only the Sword of the Spirit, and Onze ieashte Missjounsreiz.

Loewen died on January 27, 2006. By his death, he had worked to translate, learn, and teach over a hundred different languages as a means of understanding other cultures and communicating the global mission of the Mennonite Brethren church.

Custodial History

The history of this collection is not completely clear. A portion of the material was sent to the Centre by Loewen in the fall of 1990, the bibliography was sent in 2001, six boxes of material were donated in 2002, and the biography was sent in 2006.

Scope and Content

The material in this collection contains material written by Jacob Loewen that deals with Mennonite history, pacifism, and anthropology.


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File List

Volume 1398

Note: This volume contains "offprints" of Jacob A. Loewen's published articles and book reviews. If an article was published in more than one journal, that is noted, but only one version of the article is preserved in this volume. For the complete bibliography of Loewen's published works, see Vol. 1400, File no. 16.

1. 1948a-1956b
• 1948
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• 1949
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• 1950
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• 1951
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• 1952
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• 1953
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• 1954
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• 1956
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b. “Ein Besuch bei den Sambu Indianern in Panama.” Zionsbote (4 July 1956): 5-7.

2. 1957b-1959d
• 1957
b. “Kolumbien, S.A.” Mennonitische Rundschau (14 August 1957): 8.
c. “The finding and burial of John A. Dycks.” The Christian Leader (1 May 1957): 8-9.
• 1959
b. epera nep1r1ta diego perrugatapa nep r sia (Panama City: Mennonite Brethren Board of Foreign Missions
c. c’uriwapa imama c’urucanlmla [Empera: Sambu primer, 2 vols.]. (Hillsboro, Kan.: Mennonite Brethren Board of Foreign Missions).
d. talli ac’ore pedea mahari. (Twenty-five Bible stories explaining the way of salvation). (Hillsboro, Kan.: Mennonite Brethren Board of Foreign Missions).

3. 1959e-1961d
e. “The Christian and Race Relations.” The Christian Leader (22 September 1959): 4-5, 19. Article continues in The Christian Leader (6 October 1959): 4-5, 9. (Co-authored with W esley J. Prieb).
f. “Race relations and the Gospel” (Chicago, Woodlawn Mennonite Church, 17-19 April 1959), 7-15.
• 1960
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• 1961
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d. “Commissioned to redeem.” The Christian Leader (13 Jun, p. 4-5, 21, 27). Continues in The Christian Leader (27 Jun, p. 4-5, 17).

4. 1962a-1962c
• 1962
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b. pedea pia marcopa b/siada (Epera Gospel of Mark, Chapters 1-5). Hillsboro, KS. : MB Board of Mission.
c. teap/edada op’anana (Acts 1-15 in Epera-Spanish.) Hillsboro, KS. : MB Board of Missions. Vols. 1-2 (of 3).

5. 1962d-1963d
d. Historias del camino de dios. (Hillsboro, Kan.: Mennonite Brethren Board of Foreign Missions). Co- authored with Francisco Mosquera.
e. “Literacy work in Panama.” The Christian Leader (26 June 1962): 7. Co-authored with David Wirsche.
• 1963
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6. 1963e-1964j
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• 1964
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7. 1965a-1965g
• 1965
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• 1966
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• 2002
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Volume 1399

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7. Simply Trust Every Day – The experiences of Johann Enns in a forced labor camp in the USSR. -- 1991.
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Volume 1400

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Volume 1401

1. Writing about my Feelings by Charlie and Becky Daniel. -- 1978.
2. Caring: Learning to Value Yourself, Family, Friends and School by Mary Anne McClurry. -- 1978.
3. Warm Smiles, Happy Faces: Reinforcing Positive Behavior by Becky and Charlie Daniel. -- 1978.
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Audio File List
• NA-03-30. Popular Language Bible Translating: Course by Jacob A. Loewen – Introduction to Bible Translating. -- 1973.
• NA-03-31. Popular Language Bible Translating: Course by Jacob A. Loewen – Form and Meaning in Translation. -- 1973.
• NA-03-32. Popular Language Bible Translating: Course by Jacob A. Loewen – Translating Form of Source Language. -- 1973.
• NA-03-33. Popular Language Bible Translating: Course by Jacob A. Loewen – Analyzing Surface Structure. -- 1973.
• NA-03-034. Popular Language Bible Translating: Course by Jacob A. Loewen – Components of Meaning. -- 1973.
• NA-03-035. Popular Language Bible Translating: Course by Jacob A. Loewen – Translating Figurative Language, I. -- 1973.
• NA-03-036. Popular Language Bible Translating: Course by Jacob A. Loewen – Translating Figurative Language, II. -- 1973.

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