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Kliewer family

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Kliewer family fonds

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1 folder of textual records

Biographical Sketch

The Kliewer family claims Peter Kliewer (1786–1860) as its patriarch. He immigrated to Russia with his wife Susanna Kroeker (1811–1892) and family. They can be found in the 1835 Molotschna Colony census, living in Rudnerweide. Son Gerhard, at some time, moved to the Bergthal Colony, but in ca. 1867, moved back to the Molotschna colony. In the mid 1870s he decided to immigrate with the Bergthal Colony to the East Reserve in Manitoba. His other two brothers, Abraham (1848–1887) and Johann (1841–1907), settled in the USA.

Gerhard Kliewer was the father to Peter Kliewer (b. 1872) who was Helena’s father. She lived in the Niverville area and in 1958, joined the Mennonite Brethren church in Niverville, although she was active in the church before then. Susan (Kliewer) Neufeld was the daughter of Peter A. Kliewer (1875–1960), son of Abraham A. Kliewer. This makes Susan and Helena second cousins.

Custodial History

The material in this collection has come to the archives at two separate times. It is unclear when the original letters to Helena Kliewer were donated. The photocopied correspondence to Peter A. Kliewer came from Susan (Kliewer) Neufeld in 1986. It is presumed that the archives staff put these two donations together. After some genealogical research it was determined that the materials were related as a part of the larger Kliewer family story.

Scope and Content

The records in this collection contain correspondence and genealogical data on the Kliewer family. The first portion of correspondence are letters written in Russia and Germany to Miss Helena Kliewer of Niverville, Manitoba in 1924, 1947, 1948. The second portion are letters written to Peter A. Kliewer in 1893, 1920, 1926 that have been photocopied by his daughter Susan. She wrote a letter with some explanations to the letters and donated the copies to the Centre. All but the most recent material (1986) is handwritten in German Gothic Script.


  • Volume 995.
  • Described by Conrad Stoesz October 29, 1999.
  • Accession nos.

File List

Volume 995

  1. Letter to Helena Kliewer from Johann and Maria Janzen. – Sep 22, 1947.
  2. Letter to Helena Kliewer. – February 1, 1948.
  3. Letter to Frau Kliewer from Elizabeth Janzen. – September 26, 1947.
  4. Letter to Helena Kliewer from Johann Walde. – 1924.
  5. Letter to Helena Kliewer from Otto Suckau. – September 15, 1947.
  6. Letter to Peter A. Kliewer from Heinrich and Mary Janzen, Duchess, Alberta, November 26, 1926. – photocopied [ca. 1986].
  7. Letter to Peter A. Kliewer from P. K., May 30, 1920. – photocopied [ca. 1986].
  8. Letter to Peter Kliewer from Franz Kliewer, Dallas, Oregon, March 10, 1893. – photocopied [ca. 1986].
  9. Thank-you note for money order. – [192?].
  10. Letter and genealogy information from Susan H. (Kliewer) Neufeld. – 1986.
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