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Horch, Benjamin (1907–1992) and Esther Hiebert Horch (1909–1994)

Proper Title

Benjamin Horch fonds

Dates of Creation

1753–1992; predominant 1869–1992

Physical Description

27.72 m of textual and other records

Biographical Sketch

Benjamin Horch was born on November 19, 1907, in the town of Freidorf, New Russia (now known as Ukraine), to Eduard Horch and Katharina Eszlinger. In 1909, the family migrated to Canada, settling in Winnipeg. Baptized into the Lutheran church in Russia as an infant, Ben and his family started attending the North End Mennonite Brethren Mission Church in 1910. On August 19, 1928, Ben was baptized into the North End Mennonite Brethren Church, which also allowed him to become leader of church music at the same time. He would remain a member of the Mennonite Brethren Church until 1972, when they requested to join the First Mennonite Church in Winnipeg.

Ben started school in a private elementary school in the basement of a Lutheran church, and then he was sent to Strathcona Elementary school from 1915–1922. In 1923, Ben dropped out of school and went to work as a day laborer. However, after a year, Ben was convinced of the importance to finish school and returned to Isaac Newton School enrolling in grade 9. His teachers realized he had a gift for acting and music, and Ben received his first voice lessons from Burton Lowell Kurth. Ben auditioned for and sang in the Winnipeg Male Voice Choir directed by Hugh Ross and Douglas Clarke, two of the most influential conductors in Ben’s career. When Ben finished grade 12, he taught private music lessons from 1929–1939, and, in 1932, he conducted the school choir at the Winnipeg Bible Institute. On June 29, 1932, Ben married Esther Hiebert (1909–1994), and together they had one child, Viola Horch (1935–1968).

Ben moved to California (1939–1942) to study at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (BIOLA). While in California, he began a conducting position at the Community Baptist Church and was able to use the large music libraries within the city. After four years, he returned to Canada. In 1951, Ben would continue his studies in Detmold, Germany, where he was first exposed to ethnomusicology.

Once Ben had returned to Canada from California, he began working at the Winkler Bible Institute, teaching music classes and conducting choirs and orchestras. A few years later, he also began working at the Mennonite Brethren Bible College and conducting the Mennonite Symphony Orchestra. Ben spent summers travelling across Canada and leading workshops on music in the church. In 1955, Ben returned to California to teach at Immanuel Academy. Two months after starting teaching, Ben would switch careers to join the KWAM radio station in Wasco. He stayed with this radio station until 1957. Ben returned to Canada to work at CFAM radio in Altona (1957–1959), and then to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Winnipeg (1959–1973).

After his retirement in 1973, Ben began to work towards commissioning religious folk music, most notably the Mennonite Piano Concerto. He also served on various committees and wrote articles for various publications. Ben received many honors for his work, including an honorary doctorate from the University of Winnipeg in 1974. Ben continued to be active in the musical world until his death on July 2, 1992. He was predeceased by his daughter, Viola, who died in 1968. His wife, Esther, died in 1994.

Source: The Ben Horch Story by Peter Letkemann.

Custodial History

The Horch fonds came to Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies at various times. In June 1981, Ben Horch donated a 76-page history of Mennonite Brethren Church music, which is now located with other music materials. In November 1989, Ben and Esther donated original papers and a large number of music materials (hymnals, choral, instrumental and orchestral works, sheet music, octavos, tapes and cassettes). Some of these materials were arranged by Herbert Giesbrecht in 1991 and were placed in the Horch music collection.

In November 1990, Ben and Esther donated files containing radio productions and contracts with a variety of amateur choirs including Mennonite groups. Included in this donation were 3 cassette tapes of singer Peter Koslowsky. However, the vast majority of the personal papers were given to musician and historian Peter Letkemann, who arranged and used the materials for the biography of Horch.  After the publication in 2007 (https://archive.org/details/the-ben-horch-story), Letkemann deposited the rest of the Horch materials with the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies and Meribeth Plenert processed the unified collection in 2008.

Scope and Content

The Benjamin Horch fonds consists of 4 series and 12 subseries.
1. Materials Collected and Prepared by Esther Horch; subseries Ben Horch, Wedding and Anniversaries, Horch Family Travels, Concert Programs, and Esther Horch Diaries and C.N. Hiebert work.
2. Materials Collected and Written by Ben Horch; subseries Ben Horch’s General Correspondence, Ben Horch and CFAM Radio, Ben Horch and the CBC, KFAC Radio, Public Service Files and Personal Files subseries.
3. Audio Recordings
4. Ben and Esther Horch Music Collection.
The entire collection consists of photographs, letters, photocopied letters, newspaper clippings, musical scores, recorded interviews, hymnbooks, programs from concerts, notes, CD’s, tapes, and vinyl records. The photographs are left in there original location in scrapbooks made by Esther Horch. The materials show his musical influence in Mennonite communities, the development of Mennonite musical education, and Mennonite radio and musical commissions.


  • Location: textual records, Volume 1141 to 1149, 1151 and Volume 1227 to 1248 photographs NP182, Vinyl Records NPH-87-01 to NPH-87-70, CDs MCD-06-01 to 09, MCD-07-01 to 17, MCD 08-01 to 11, MCD-09-01 to 02, MCD-10-01 to 03, MCD-11-01, MCD-12-01 to 02, MCD-13-01, MCD-14-01, MCD-15-01 to 02, and MCD-16-01 to15, Reel to Reel tapes NA19-150 to NA19-217.
  • Described by Meribeth Plenert, May-July 2008.
  • Arrangement: This content was arranged by researcher/author Peter Letkemann. This finding aid maintains the order he placed the records in and the reference system as seen in the book, The Ben Horch Story, https://archive.org/details/the-ben-horch-story
  • Finding aid consists of a file list.
  • No Restrictions on access.
  • Accession no: 1981-055, 1989-016, 1989-006, 1990-038, and 2007-029.
  • Languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Latin.

Series Descriptions

Series 1: Materials Collected and Prepared by Esther Horch.
1876-1994; predominant 1925-1994.
2.173 m of textual material and 1501 photos.

  • This series consists of photographs, cards, letters, newspaper clippings and articles pertaining to Ben and Esther Horch’s life. There are also family histories, concert programs and travel records.
  • Location: Volume 1227-1233, photograph collection NP182.

Subseries 1.1: Ben Horch.
79 cm of textual material and ca. 400 photos.

  • This series consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, speeches, letters, and writings by various people about Ben Horch’s life and family. It also contains programs from concerts and services which Ben was involved in, and cards from various friends and family members. The series is mainly in English, although there is some German and Russian. The collection is organized by topic.
  • Location: Volume 1227-1230, Volume 1231 Scrapbook 24.

Subseries 1.2: Wedding and Anniversaries.
28.8 cm of textual material, ca. 100 photos and one set of pressed flowers.

  • This series consists of Esther Horch’s notes about her and Ben’s courtship, and marriage. There is also lists of people invited to 25th, 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries, paraphernalia from wedding anniversary celebrations, and cards received for major anniversaries. The collection is organized by event.
  • Location: Volume 1227 Binder 04A pg 1-10, Volume 1228 binder 07 A/B, Volume 1229, binder 08A/B, Volume 1230, binder 11.

Subseries 1.3: Horch Family.
11 cm of textual material and ca. 500 photos.

  • This series consists of Esther Horch’s notes about Ben Horch’s siblings, a biography of father Edward Horch, the Eszlinger Family Tree, and a history book about the Eszlinger Family. This series also contains photographs and cards received from Ben Horch’s siblings, nieces and nephews, and obituaries of siblings who predeceased Ben and Esther Horch. The binders are organized by the birth order, starting with the parents and extended family reunions, then moving through the siblings and their children, beginning with the oldest, Edward, and his children through to the youngest, skipping Ben and Esther.
  • Location: Volume 1231, binder 17-18, files 3-4.

Subseries 1.4: Travels.
1951-1952, [197-?], 1986.
10.5 cm of textual material and ca. 500 photos.

  • This series consists of photographs, tourist brochures, tickets, menus and passenger lists from travels to and in Europe, North America and Central America. The collection is organized by location and date.
  • Location: Volume 1231, scrapbook 19-23, Volume 1242, file 01.

Subseries 1.5: Concert Programs.
80 cm of textual material.

  • This series consists of programs from the concerts which Ben Horch attended. The series includes programs from the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Woman’s Musical Club, Eidgenössisches Jodlerfest, Celebrity News, Mennonite Brethren Bible College and the Obernkirchen Children’s Choir among many others. Most programs are in English, although some are in German and Ukrainian. The collection is organized by year.
  • Location: Volume 1232-1233.

Subseries 1.6: Esther Horch Diaries and C.N. Hiebert work.
8 cm of textual material.

  • This series contains obituaries of C.N. Hiebert, newspaper clippings of book reviews of C.N. Hiebert Was My Father, letters of appreciation regarding the book, a rough manuscript of the book, and five notebooks which record important events in the history of Ben Horch and his family which was used to write the book. The documents are mostly in English, and there is some German. The collection is organized by topic and date.
  • Location: Volume 1242, file 02-04.

Series 2: Materials Collected and Written by Ben Horch.
3.45 m of textual material and 25 photos.

  • This series consists of correspondence regarding Ben Horch’s career and musical involvement in various organizations. It also contains radio scripts, programs guides, newspaper clippings and articles regarding things and events Ben Horch was involved in. There are also Ben Horch’s notes on his philosophy and history of music.
  • Location: Volume 1234-1243.

Subseries 2.1: Ben Horch’s General Correspondence.
63 cm of textual material and ca. 50 photos.

  • This series consists of correspondence dealing with Ben Horch’s musical involvement, both in his professional life at various schools and radio stations, and in his private life as director of church and community choirs, orchestras, and Sängerfests. It also includes correspondence regarding his work with commissioning new music, and correspondence pertaining to Ben’s philosophy of music and the history of music in the Anabaptist tradition. The collection is written mainly in English, but also includes some German. The collection is organized by year.
  • Location: Volume 1234-1235.

Subseries 2.2: Ben Horch and CFAM Radio.
1956-1959, 1967, 1989.
7 cm of textual material and 10 photos.

  • This series consists of documents relating to the creation and operation of the CFAM radio station in Altona, articles about the radio station, promotional for the radio station, and copies of program policy. There is correspondence regarding Ben Horch’s involvement in the creation of the radio station and his decision to leave CFAM. There is also considerable fan mail written directly to Ben Horch regarding his request show. These files are in both English and German, and are organized by topic.
  • Location: Volume 1235 File 18-20.

Subseries 2.3: Ben Horch and the CBC.
1959-1973, 1976.
1.03 m. of textual material and 15 photos.

  • This series consists of internal correspondence at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), correspondence with people outside the CBC Winnipeg Office who either want to be recorded by the CBC or will be recorded by the CBC, copies of the sheet music which was recorded, scripts for shows at the CBC and brochures concerning music for radio shows. The documents are mainly in English, although there are some other languages including German, Ukrainian, Russian, and French. The series is organized by radio show and year.
  • Location: Volume 1236-1239.

Subseries 2.4: KFAC Radio.
1.5 cm of textual material.

  • This series consists of the programs guides for the Los Angeles KFAC radio station from 1940-1943.
  • Location: Volume 1239 File 17.

Subseries 2.5: Public Service Files.
25.5 cm of textual material.

  • This series consists of correspondence from volunteer committees which Ben Horch was a part of including the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Winnipeg Centennial Committee, Steinbach Community Orchestra, Mennonite Community Orchestra, and the Canadian Folk Music Society. The series also contains copies of the applications and correspondence from various musical groups applying for grants in order to participate in the celebration concerts in honor of the Winnipeg Centennial, as well as copies of musical scores commissioned by the Winnipeg Centennial Committee. This series is organized by committee and composer.
  • Location: Volume 1240.

Subseries 2.6: Personal Files.
41 cm of textual material.

  • This series consists of correspondence between Ben Horch and various people regarding his efforts at commissioning music and multiculturalism. There are also copies of music which Ben was instrumental in commissioning, Ben’s notes on his philosophy of music, history of music, and music criticism. The series is organized by people and topic.
  • Location: Volume 1241-1243.

Series 3: Audio Recordings.
ca. 95 hours of audio recordings.

  • This series consists of fifty three compact disks, sixty seven reel to reel tapes, and seventy vinyl records (2.6 meters). There is music which Ben collected, recordings of choirs and orchestras which Ben or his family conducted, recordings of Ben and his family in concert, and interviews done by, about, or of Ben and Esther Horch.
  • Volume 1243-1248. Audio recordings:Vinyl Records NPH-87-01 to NPH-87-70, CDs MCD-06-01 to 09, MCD-07-01 to 17, MCD 08-01 to 11, MCD-09-01 to 02, MCD-10-01 to 03, MCD-11-01, MCD-12-01 to 02, MCD-13-01, MCD-14-01, MCD-15-01 to 02, and MCD-16-01 to15, Reel to Reel tapes NA19-150 to NA19-217.

Series 4: Ben and Esther Horch Music Collection.
19.5 m of textual material.

  • This series consists of a large hymn book collection, hand written scores, choral song booklets and instrumental sheet music. Since the donation of his large collection, other hymnbooks have been added to the collection. They are in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages.
  • Location: Volume 1141-1149, Volume 1151 and 2 shelves in vault.

File List

Series 1. Materials collected and prepared by Esther Horch.

Volume 1227 (Box 01).
Subseries 1.1: Ben Horch. – 1876-1994.
1. Binder 01. – 1876-1990.
Parents (pg 1-53, Section 1).
Family history, family tree, speech, eulogy, obituary, letters and photos.
Introduction to Ben Horch (pg 54-61, Section 2).
Education (pg 62-106, Section 3).
Esther remembers, military call up, summary of attendance, transcript, newspaper articles, correspondence, and photos.
The Unique Ben Horch (pg 107-157, Section 4).
Esther remembers, certificates, pressed butterfly, letters, and photos.
2. Binder 02. Musical Career (pg 01-33, Section 5). Chronology of choir and orchestral performances conducted by Ben Horch as notated in Esther Horch’s diary. – 1940 – 1979.
Programs / Reviews / Clippings of Ben Horch’s Musical Career – concerts participated in. – 1926-1954. (pg 34-263, Section 6).
Programs from events at St. Johns High School, Mennonite Brethren Bible College, Mennonite Symphony Orchestra and church services and Sangerfest. Reviews from Mennoniteische Rundschau, Morden Times, the Winnipeg Tribune, the Winnipeg Free Press and the Canadian Mennonite. Clippings of letters, articles written about Ben Horch’s work and by Ben Horch. Cards from various people, posters and notices about concerts.
3. Binder 03. Programs/Reviews/Clippings of Ben Horch’s Musical Career – Concerts Participated in. – 1955-1992. (pg 1-187, Section 6).
Programs from concerts given by the Morden Community Choir, the MBBC Choir, the Mennonite Symphony Orchestra and the North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren Choir. Articles on Mennonite Music and reviews of concerts from the Winnipeg Free Press, the Mennonite Observer, Winnipeg Tribune, the Mennonite Brethren Herald and the Mennonite Mirror. Various cards and letters, plaque from Prix Manitoba Award for Multiculturalism.

Subseries 1.2: Wedding and Anniversaries.
4. Binder 04A. -- Marriage and Family Life. – 1925-1992 (pg 1-13, Section 7).
50th Anniversary announcements and program, Esther Remembers, card from high school autograph album, and cards for Ben and Esther from and to each other.

Volume 1228 (Box 02).
1.Binder 04B. -- Marriage and Family Life. – 1930-1992. (Section 8).
•Cards from Ben and Esther to each other.
2.Binder 05. – 1956-1973.
•Musical Talks and Letters. (pg 1-9, Section 9).
i.Letter, article that Ben wrote, two hymns arranged by Ben Horch.
•Radio (pg 10-179, Section 10).
i.Scripts, programs and correspondence from CFAM, KWSO, and CBC. Map of CFAM coverage area. Newspaper reviews from Mennonitische Rundschau, Red River Valley Echo, Canadian Mennonite and Winnipeg Tribune.
3.Binder 06. – 1944-1987.
•Finances. (pg 1-7, Section 11).
i.Correspondence and Esther’s recollections about finances.
•Anguish & Distress. (pg 8-31, Section 12).
i.Letters, cards, lists of people who sent cards, and Esther’s recollections of various times when Ben was ill. Includes a Post-Operation Award from the Mystic Order of the Itching Stitch.
•Friends. (pg 32-111, Section 13).
i.Letters, cards, obituaries and Esther’s recollections about friends throughout Ben’s life.
•Characteristics. (pg 112-117, Section 14).
i.Esther’s notes and photographs about Ben’s character.
•Church. (pg 118-134, Section 15).
i.Esther’s notes on religious history, correspondence regarding Ben’s transfer of membership from the Mennonite Brethren to the General Conference, Ben’s history of the North End MB Church Choir, correspondence with Frank C. Peters.
•Teaching. (pg 135-205, Section 16).
i.Esther’s notes, correspondence, commencement programs, cards, newspaper clippings, and class lectures regarding Ben and Esther’s teaching careers.
•Philosophy of Music. (pg 206-285, Section 17).
i.Ben’s writings on his philosophy of music, and the history of music in the Mennonite Brethren Church. Also includes the program for Viola Horch-Falk’s funeral and a letter from David Falk after the death of his wife.
4.Scrapbook 07A/B. -- 25th Wedding Anniversary. – June 29, 1957.
•Program, list of people invited, invitation, list of people to thank, cards and dried corsage.

Volume 1229 (Box 03).

1.Binder 08 A/B. -- 50th Wedding Anniversary. – 26 June 1982.
•Original Wedding invitation, 50th Anniversary invitation, letters, program, list of people invited, head table name tags, some closing remarks by Ben, newspaper announcement, and cards.
2.Binder 09. -- Honorary Doctorate from UofW. – 1974.
•Correspondence, newspapers announcements and articles, photographs and cards of congratulations.
3.Binder 10. -- Ben Horch Jubilee Sängerfest. -- Friday 2 October 1987.
•Newspapers articles, radio interview, program, speeches, cards, letters and telegrams with congratulations, Cards for Esther’s 80th Birthday.

Volume 1230 (Box 04).
1.Binder 11. – 60th Wedding Anniversary. – 1992.
•Cards, a Kernlieder Program, banquet menu, photos and speech. Some cards have fallen out of the binder and are in a separate folder in same box.
2.Binder 12. – Ben Horch’s Funeral. – 1992.
•In sympathy cards, funeral program, death certificate, obituaries, letters, list of memorial donations, memorials from grandchildren and relatives, and programs from concerts in memory of Ben.
3.Binder 13. – Ben Horch’s Funeral. – 1992.
•Letters and In Sympathy cards to Esther Horch.
4.Binder 14. – Ben Horch’s Funeral. – 1992.
•Letters, cards and In Sympathy cards to Esther Horch.
5.Binder 15. – Ben Horch’s Funeral. – 1992.
•In Sympathy Cards.
6.Binder 16. – Ben Horch’s Funeral. – 1992.
•In Sympathy Cards.

Subseries 1.3: Horch Family.
Volume 1231 (Box 05).
1.Binder 17. – 1908-1994.
•The Horch/Eszlinger Family (pg 1-70).
i.Record of immigration, photos, cards, correspondence, programs, and newspaper reports on Eszlinger reunions 1980, 1983, 1991 and music.
•Ed Horch (pg 71-157).
i.Cards, photos, marriage certificates and invitations, anniversary announcements, birth announcements, and obituaries.
•Emily (Horch) Speikert (pg 158-171).
i.Cards, photos and obituaries.
2.Binder 18. – The Horch Family. – 1908-1994.
•Emmanuel Horch (pg 01-68).
i.Invitations, newspaper clippings, photos, letters, and cards.
•Reuben Horch. (pg 69-103).
i.Graduation announcement, photos, wedding invitations, letters and cards, eulogy and obituary.
•Albert Horch (pg 104-189).
i.Photos, newspaper clippings, cards, and music.
3.Eszlinger Family Tree and history books. – 1980-1982.
4.Edward Horch (1976-1956) biography. – 1981.

Subseries 1.4: Travels.
5.Scrapbook 19. – Ship Travel to Europe. – 1951-1952.
•List of passengers, menus, race cards, accommodation guides, programs, quiz and newspapers.
6.Scrapbook 20. – Germany, Switzerland, France. – 1952.
•Postcards, tickets, and photos.
7.Scrapbook 21. – Holland and Germany. – 1952.
•Brochures, postcards, napkin, and photos.
8.Scrapbook 22. – France and England. – 1952.
•Programs, photos, postcards, guide to the British Museum.
9.Scrapbook 23. – Germany. – October 1986.
10.Scrapbook 24. – Nicole Guyot, “A Character Study of Ben Horch.” – 1973.

Subseries 1.5: Concert Programs.

Volume 1232(Box 06).
1.Programs from Concerts. – 1935-1939. (File 1934-1939)
2.Programs from Concerts. – 1939-1941. (File 1940-1941)
3.Programs from Concerts. – 1942-1943. (File 1942-1943)
4.Programs from Concerts. – 1944-1945. (File 1944-1945)
5.Programs from Concerts. – 1946-1947. (File 1946-1947)
6.Programs from Concerts. – 1948-1949. (File 1948-1949)
7.Programs from Concerts. – 1950-1951. (File 1950-1951)
8.Programs from Concerts. – 1951-1953. (File 1951-1952)
•European Programs: Detmold Sabbatical Year.
9.Programs from Concerts in North America. – 1952-1953. (File 1952-1953)
10.Programs from Concerts. – 1954-1955. (File 1954-1955)
11.Programs from Concerts. – 1956. (File 1956)
12.Programs from Concerts. – 1957. (File 1957)
13.Programs from Concerts and Radio Guides. – 1958. (File 1958)
14.Programs from Concerts and Radio Guides. – 1959. (File 1959)
15.Programs from Concerts and Plays. – 1960. (File 1960)
16.Programs from Concerts. – 1961. (File 1961)
17.Programs from Concerts and a Play. – 1962. (File 1962)
18.Programs from Concerts. – 1963. (File 1963)
19.Programs from Concerts, Plays, Musicals and Convocation. – 1964. (File 1964)
20.Programs from Concerts and Plays. – 1965. (File 1965)
21.Programs from Concerts and Plays. – 1966. (File 1966)
22.Programs from Concerts and Musicals. – 1967. (File 1967)
23.Programs from Concerts. – 1968. (File 1968)
24.Programs from Concerts. – 1969. (File 1969)

Volume 1233 (Box 07)

1.Programs from Concerts and Rodeo. – 1970. (File 1970)
2.Programs from Concerts. – 1971. (File 1971)
3.Programs from Concerts, Plays, and Ballet. – 1972. (File 1972)
4.Programs from Concerts and Plays. –1973. (File 1973)
5.Programs from Concerts. – 1974 (including original Folk Fest.). (File 1974)
6.Programs from Concerts. – 1975 (including program from Organ Dedication. Service at Elmwood MB Church) (File 1975)
7.Programs from Concerts. – 1976. (File 1976)
8.Programs from Concerts and Plays. – 1977. (File 1977)
9.Programs from Concerts. – 1978. (File 1978)
10.Programs from Concerts. – 1979. (File 1979)
11.Programs from Concerts, Plays and Films. – 1980. (File 1980)
12.Programs from Concerts. – 1981. (File 1981)
13.Programs from Concerts, Plays and Ballet. – 1982. (File 1982)
14.Programs from Concerts and Plays. – 1983. (File 1983)
15.Programs from Concerts. – 1984. (File 1984)
16.Programs from Concerts. – 1985. (File 1985)
17.Programs from Concerts and Ballet. – 1986. (File 1986)
18.Programs from Concerts. – 1987. (File 1987)
19.Programs from Concerts, Plays, and Dedication Service. – 1988. (File 1988)
20.Programs from Concerts, Plays and Feast. – 1989. (File 1989)
21.Programs from Concerts. – 1990. (File 1990)
22.Programs from Concerts and Dinners. – 1991. (File 1991)
23.Programs from Concerts and Plays. – 1992. (File 1992)

Series 2: Materials Collected and Written by Ben Horch.
Subseries 2.1: Ben Horch’s General Correspondence.Volume 1234 (Box 08)
1.Letters to and from Ben and Esther Horch. – 1938-1957.
•1938 July 11-15: A.A. Kroeker, from BH working at DK in Hepburn, SK
•1938(?) November 04: A.A. Kroeker, re: students in Winkler
•1939 August 12:Affidavit of Support provided by A.A. Kroeker for BH
•1940 August 30:A.A. Kroeker to BH, re: A.A. writes about Winkler Bible School
•1940 May 02: BH to A.A. Kroeker
•1941 August 17:BH to Cornelius Klassen (Winnipeg), re: work in Book Room and studies at BIOLA
•1941 November 09:BH to A.A.Kroeker
•1943 April 17:AAK to BH
•1943 May 24:AAKroeker to BH
•1943 May 25: BH to AAK, re: reply to letter of 17 April
•1943 June 07: AAK to BH
•n. d.: BH to A.A. Kroeker, reply to letter of 24 May
•1943 June 13:BH to AAK, response to letter of 7 June
•1943 June 23: H.S. Voth [and A.A. Kroeker] to A.H. Unruh [Winkler Bible School], re: BH
•1943 June 29: AAK to BH, re: leaving for Conference in Herbert
•1943 July 01: A.A. Kroeker
•1943 July 21: A.A. Kroeker
•1944 July 31: BH to A.A. Kroeker
•1946 June 03: Elsa Handel, re: school orchestra
•1948 April 09: J. B. Toews to Esther, re: appreciation of her part in ‘Messiah’ performance
•1949 March 28: J.B. Day (School Inspector) to Mr. Siemens
•1950 January 12: Peter Brown (Winkler, Principal)
•1950 June 13: Elsa Handel congratulating Ben on fine orchestra concert
•1951 August 21: Wilhelm Maler, Detmold Musik Akademie + Passport/Visa Stamps
•1951 December 21: A. H. Unruh
•1952 January 08: A.A. Kroeker from Detmold
•1952 January 13: Reynold Siemens (Philadelphia)
•1952 February 23: C. F. Klassen
•1952 March 24: A.A. Kroeker to BH
•1952 May 07: ‘Mama Husch’
•1952 May 27: H.H. Janzen (President, MBBC)
•1952 September 02: C.D. Toews, welcoming Ben & Esther home Germany
•1952 December 17: A.A. Kroeker
•1954 November 15: Ben to Clarence & Ferne Hiebert
•1955 March 02: Prof. W. Maler, recommendations
•1955 March 08: A.A. Kroeker, re: repayment of loan
•1955 May 22: BH to Wilhelm Maler, Detmold
•1955 June 13: A.A. Kroeker and MSO Society
•1955: Letter of thanks from C.D. Toews
•1955: Letter from John M. Thiessen
•1955: Summarizing Ben’s work in the Winkler Schools
•1955 September 03: Letter from J.K. Schroeder to A.A. Kroeker
•1955 October 04: Esther writes to A.A. Kroeker
•1955 December 14: A.A.Kroeker
•1956 January 06: Wilhelm Maler
•1956 April 27: from A.A. Kroeker
•1956 May 27: A.A. Kroeker, re: interest in Altona radio station
•1956 June 23: K.H. Neufeld
•1956 July 29: K.H. Neufeld
•1956 October 18: K.H. Neufeld
•1956 November 13: Manitoba Broadcasting Co., re: Altona radio station
•1956 November 19: John Martens, MSO secretary, re: return to Winnipeg
•1956 November 29: Manitoba Broadcasting Co. re Altona radio station
•1956 December 18: D.K. Friesen, offering Ben position at CFAM
•1956 December 26: .K. Friesen, re: acceptance of offer at CFAM
•1957 January 22: D.K. Friesen, re: record library
•1957 January 22: Walter Kroeker, re: record library
•1957 January 31: Wanda Dick
•1957 April 17: Memo to CFAM Board, re: HIT Parade music
2.Letters and article. – 1958.
•January 14:Ben Horch, “Music in the Historical Mennonite Brethren Church”
•n.d.:Rev. Isaac Redekopp, re: Liebhaber Chor
•April 24:Peter J. Voth, re: performance of ‘Messiah’ in Altona
•May:Article on Handel’s Messias in Der Leitstern,
•June:D.K. Friesen, re: differences of opinion about music programs
•August 15:Management of CFAM, re: ongoing disagreements
3.Letters, programs from concerts, radio show summaries. – 1959.
•January 24:Walter Kroeker, re: response to criticism
•January 29:Press Release on Kashuba
•February 12:Paul Wohlgemuth (BIOLA)
•March 10:Deane Edwards (Hymn Society)
•March 17:Letter of resignation from CFAM [no copy available]
•March 20:D.K. Friesen, acknowledging letter of resignation
•April 15:C. E. Stiles, Director of Personnel (CBC), re: Ben’s appointment
•April 20:C.E. Stiles, re: acceptance of terms of appointment
•April 20:Paul Wohlgemuth, re: program ideas for new FM station at BIOLA
•April 22:Deanne Edwards, reply to above letter; ideas on “Bible-Belt” hymn
•April 22:Jim Larson, Program Director KWFM (Minneapolis)
•April 22:R.H. Roberts, Manager CBK (Regina)
•April 23:Dick Lazenby (Quality Records, Toronto)
•April 27:Hugh Joseph (RCA Victor Records, Montreal)
•April 27:Folkways Records (Montreal), re: “In my new assignment at CBC Winnipeg, I am hoping to include a larger portion of folk music into some of our more serious musical programs
•April 27:G. E. Erlick, Musimart, re: catalog of Angel recordings
•April 27:Erpol Music (Montreal), re: catalog of classical recordings
•April 28:Compo Co. Ltd., re: catalog of Decca recordings
•April 28:This Month’s Records (New York), re: request for regular monthly editions
•April 28:Miss P. McDonald (Montreal), re: complete catalog of London Classical label records
•April 28:Mr. S.B. Hains (Toronto), re: catalog of Capitol Records
•April 28:Jessie Hildebrandt (CFAM Librarian), re: return of cards from subscription files
•N.D.:Sheet of publication to order, re: records
•April 29:Dick Lazenby (Quality Records), re: catalog
•May 04:Program: Haydn’s ‘Creation’ – Altona Community Choir
•May 05:Program Director, Prairie Region, re: “Scored for Strings” program
•May 07:The Long Player Publications’ (New York)
•May 10:Dorothy Klassen, re: ‘Creation’ performance
•May 11:R. Horley (Sales Representative), re: ‘Definitive Performance’
•May 12: D. Claringbull, re: copies of clearance sheets
•May 15:S. Roy Maley (Winnipeg Tribune), re: article on Brahms and Crefeld Mennonites
•May 15:Felix Lazarus (CBC TV), re: Maley’s story
•May 19:Bailey Bird (Broadcast Music, Toronto), re: copy of Romberg’s “Die Glocke”
•May 22:Bailey Bird, re: parts for “Das Lied von der Glocke”
•May 22:R. Horley (Sales Representative, CBC), re: ‘Definitive Performance’
•June 01:British and Continental Music Agencies, re: parts for “Das Lied von der Glocke”
•June 03:Harold Huston (Adult Education), re: “résumé
•June 05:Memo: re: complaints about signature tune for “Tempo” program
•June 05: draft notes, including thoughts on ethnic programming – attached to 29 Jan Press Release
•June 12:Abe Peters, Rosengart School, re: Dennis Barkman
•June 12 Mr. Shapiro (AFofM), re: rumor regarding Albert’ s salary
•June 14:Lloyd Robertson, Announcer, re: Concert Program of Nordic Composers
•June 15: Canadian Citizenship Branch, re: breakdown of figures for ethnic groups in Western Canada
•June 18:Memo: “the three western morning shows have been assigned to me by Dan Cameron
•June 23:Ross, Court & Co., re: rare and hard-to-get recordings
•June 24:Folkways Records, re: “Folk Songs of the Canadian North Woods”
•June 30:Edith Motley, Wednesday Morning Musicale
•July 16:John Murochowsy, reply to letter send earlier when Ben was still at CFAM
•July 16: Long Player Publications, re: one-year subscription
•July 31:Lee
•August 10:Harold Huston, U of M Adult education, re: proposed evening course
•August 11:Dr. E. Lanwer, German Consul, is being recalled
•August 12:Harold Huston, re: evening course, on instruments of the orchestra
•August 12:Mr. C.A. DeFehr, re: Gospel Light Hour
•August 12:A.E. Parr (Program Director CBW), re: request for leave
•September 10:Cameron (Program Director, Prairie Region), re: program suggestion dealing with ethnic groups of western Canada
•September 11:to Dan Cameron, further thoughts on “indigenous” programming
•September 17:Washington Records, re: mailing list of new releases
•September 23:Dan Wood, CBC, Scramble Session re: “Teen Shows”
•September 24:Schwann Catalogue, re: “Preferred Recordings”
•September 27:Anne Unruh, re: “CJOB bans Rock and Roll”
•September 28:Cameron (Program Director, Prairie Region) – programming suggestion on Penitentiary Talent Program
•September 29:of Radio, re: “outside work” – course at U of M and Altona Choir
•October 05:Program Director CBW, re: character analysis of Khrushchev
•October 06:Director for Prairie Region, re: thanks for approving “outside” work
•October 18:Dick Coulter (Toronto), re: greetings from former CBC colleague
•October 21:Anne Unruh [27 Sep], re: CJOB
•October 22:Program Director CBW, re: program appraisal of “John Drainie tells a story”
•November 02:Ben hosts his first “Listening Booth” – a new radio “review”
•N.D.:Ralph Horley (Sales Rep, CBW), re: “Listening Booth”
•November 08:Ben appointed producer of Sunday Chorale
•November 26:Roy Maley (Winnipeg Tribune), re: complimentary tickets for ‘Messiah’ performance
•November 26/28:Messiah’ in Altona and Winnipeg (First Mennonite) with Altona Community Choir
•December 30:Laurie Thompson (CBC Music Library)
4.Letters, Radio Show proposals and programs from organizations. – 1960.
•January 12:Breitkopf & Härtel, re: “Collegium Musicae Novae”
•January 15:Program Director Prairie Region, re: CBC Times, Jan 24-30, 1962
•January 25:Breitkopf & Härtel, catalog for “Collegium Musicae Novae”
•January 27:Ross, Court & Co., re: order of Verdi’s Aida
•February 01:Dick Coulter, re: reply to letter of 18 Oct 1959
•February 08:Program Director, CBW, re: Couture work
•February 22:Program Director, CBW, re: program suggestion – “Choral Documentary of the West”
•March 01:Norm Lucas, re: Bronstein and Sigurdson
•March 10:Program Submissals, Suggestions and Clarifications, Memo to Program Director, CBW
•March 16:W.S. Hendry, re: audit of leave credits for BH
•March 29:Dr. Ernst Schabauer (Hosmer, N.D.), re: planning for community musical season
•March 31:A.E. Parr to Program Director Prairie Region, re: “Choral Documentary of the West”
•April 07:Ken Murphy, Information Services, re: copy of FM Guide from Jim Larson, Minneapolis
•April 13:Norm Cowan, Information Services, re: translation of German postcard
•May 02:A.E. Parr, confirming Ben’s appointment at CBC
•May 17:James Larson, KWFM, re: tapes of Interlochen National Music Camp
•May 23:Sam Willems (Waldheim), re: invitation to direct choral workshop
•May 31:Sam Willems, re: invitation to direct choral workshop in Waldheim in August
•N.D.Albert Schmidt, President, Altona Community Choir – Ben’s resignation
•June 10:Albert Schmidt, Altona Choir, accepting Ben’s resignation
•June 14-19:Program: Manitoba Mosaic, Rainbow Stage
•June 20:Report on Manitoba Mosaic
•June 21:James Larson (KWFM), re: thanks for info on Interlochen Music Camp
•June 23:Harold Huston (Evening Institute, U of M), re: offering course in Jazz
•June 23:Peggy Sampson, re: presenting a music course on jazz
•June 24:James Larson, KWFM, re: invitation to stop in on trip east
•June 29:James Larson, KWFM (Minneapolis), re: Louisville Symphony Commissioned Works
•July 14:Program Director, CBW, re: “Work-a-Day Music”
•July 15:Robert Weaver (Public Affairs Dept.), re: television show “Hindemith / Work-a-Day Music”
•July 22:Ken Murphy, re: CBC Times
•July 25:Breitkopf & Härtel, re: “Collegium Musicae Novae”
•August 10:Kerr Wilson, re: “Song Album” recital
•August 10:Miss P. Siwek, re: “Song Album” recital
•August 10:Hildegard Brodda (Bonn), re: “Cultural News from Germany”
•August 11:Breitkopg & Härtel, re: Hindemith – Gebrauchsmusik
•August 13:Irene Nordwich (YMCA Adult Education), re: invitation to teach music appreciation
•August 17:Irene Nordwich, re: declines invitation
•August 17:Robert Elson (Interlochen), re: regrets at not being able to visit camp
•August 19:A.E. Parr, re: “Is there any interest for teaching Russian o n radio?”
•September 08:A.E. Parr, re: teaching Russian
•September 08:Robert Weaver (CBC Wednesday Night), re: ‘Music from Manuscript’
•September 09:Robert Weaver, re: ‘Music from Manuscript’
•September 09:Otto Haas (London), re: ‘Music from Manuscript’
•September 09:H.P. Krause (New York), re: ‘Music from Manuscript’
•September 09:Program Director, CBW, re: teaching Russian on radio
•September 20:Sonia Eckhardt-Gramatté, re: meeting
•September 20:Mrs. W.J. Wood (Cartwright), re: letter of 26 Aug
•October 27:J. P. Redekopp (Winkler), re: fine performance of Winkler Orchestra in Winnipeg
•November 14:Reynold Siemens, re: good to see familiar faces at Hart House Concerts
•November 15:Louis Applebaum (CBC TV), re: positive response to ‘Work-a-Day Music’
•November 22:Reynold Siemens from Norman Lucas (Senior Music Producer), re: Boyd Neel Orchestra
•December 08:Mr. Louis Applebaum, re: ‘Work-a-Day Music / Paul Hindemith’
•N.D.:Program Level Standards
•N.D.:Proposal for Ethnic Programs
5.Letters relating to Radio. –1961.
•January 23:M. Schaffner (Sam Goody Records), re: request copy of “Basic Library of Classical LPs”
•January 31:Carl Little (Producer, Toronto), re: script for ‘Music as a Popular Art’
•February 06:Dennis Barkman (CFAM), re: return of Christmas tape
•February 08:Anna Hovey (Winnipeg), re: tickets for Chamber recital
•February 26- March 04:CBC Times – Article on “Louisville Commissioned Works on Late Concert”
•N.D.:‘Louisville Commissioned Works’ on Late Concert, draft of article for CBC Times
•March 08:Bärenreiter: News Release on new works by Klaus Hubers and Günter Bialas
•March 08:Gladys Whitehead, re: broadcast
•March 23:Alex Gelhorn, re: Saratov Germans
•April 15:Bärenreiter, re: distribution of “Bärenreiter-Hinweise”
•May 03:Paul Hindemith (Zurich), re: ‘Work-a-Day Music’
•May 12:James Larson (KWFM), re: ethnic folk festival in Minneapolis
•May 24:James Larson (KWFM), re: folk festival; ‘Manitoba Mosaic’
•May 24:Program Director, CBWT, re: Manitoba Mosaic
•May 29:Program Director, CBWT, re: Trilogy [sic] of Indigenous Programs
•May 30:Filmer Hubble, re: Ecumenical Oratorio
•May 30:Gordon Dean (Fruitland, ON), re: attending broadcast of Sunday Chorale
•June 08:John Roberts (Toronto), re: request for “Composer’s Biographies ”
•July 01:Wilhelm Maler (Hochschule für Musik, Hamburg), re: application for David & Viola to study there, rather than Detmold
•July 25:Program Director, CBW, re: Jose Poniera Show
•July 28:Senior Music Producer, Winnipeg, re: a more systematic appraisal of record shows
•August 15:Breitkopf & Härtel, re: information on progress of ‘Work-a-Day Music’
•August 25:Breitkopf & Härtel, re: no reply from Hindemith
•September 13:K.W. Bartlett (B. Schott’s Söhne, Mainz), re: have forwarded proposal to Hindemith
•October 16:Dr. A. Volk (B. Schott’s Söhne), Hindemith too busy to answer personally
•November 16:Breitkopf & Härtel, re: renewed request for information on ‘Work-a-Day Music’
•December 29:Ken Black (Talks Dept), re: “Bible-Belt: A Choral Documentary of Western Canada”
6.Correspondence relating to Radio. – 1962.
•January 12:BH, “request for authorization of outside work” – conductor of NKMB choir
•February 02:Report on Song Album for Regional Program Conference
•February 12:Report on Late Concert for Regional Program Conference
•February 28:Bible Institutes / Choir Survey
•March 08:Regional Program Director, re: Bible-Belt Choir Series
•N.D.:BH notes on “Bible-Belt Choral Series” – detailed cost estimates, etc
•April 25:Ben Horch, “The Influence of Music in the Urbanization of Canadian Mennonites.”
•November 28:Leo Driediger, re: Urbanization of Canadian Mennonites.
7.Correspondence from Radio and Adjudication and the Canadian Mennonite. – 1963.
•February 02:Boris Brünn, re: personal letter
•April 03:Henry Engbrecht (Brandon), re: tape submitted
•April 03:Norah Needham (Brandon), re: 19 May recording of Wagner Wesendonck Lieder
•April 04:Bernard Naylor, re: “Presences, Five Poems by Mary Webb”
•April 08:Norah Needham (Brandon), re: 16 June as potential broadcast date for Song Recital
•April 16:Wayne Kines (Information Officer), re: have you ever adjudicated at music festivals?
•April 17:Philip Barnes, re: “assemble-it-yourself” organ kits program
•April 17:ACTRA: re members suspended
•April 24:Alfred Dahl (Saskatoon), re: recording of Spring Concert
•April 24:Dunc McKerchar (Edmonton), re: Parade of Choirs Report
•April 24:Bill Liska (Regina), re: Parade of Choirs Report
•April 24:Wayne Kines, re: Festival Adjudication
•April 25:Regional Operations Director
•April 25:Frank Epp (Canadian Mennonite), re: 19 Apr 1963
•April 30:Boris Brün, re: reply to letter of 2 Feb
•May 10:Mrs. Lucien Needham (Brandon), re: confirm 16 June Song Recital
•May 21:Bill Liska (Regina), re: Betty Grierson
•May 22:Inter Nationes (Bonn), re: “Medieval Music for Contralto and Viola”
•May 24:Geoffrey Wadington (Toronto), re: Analytical Report
•May 24:Doug McKerchar (Edmonton), re: Analytical Report
•May 24:J. M. Marcotte (Montreal), re: program of La Chorales des Intrepides
•May 27:Clyde Logan (BBC, London), re: visit of Dennis Woodrow to BBC London
•May 28:A. E. Parr, re: production assignments
•May 28:A. E. Parr, re: “The Choristers”
•May 30:Tom Taylor, re: Notes of Producers’ Meeting – Serious Music
•May 31:Jack Aistrop (BBC), re: he has replaced Clyde Logan
•June 05:Louis Applebaum, re: ‘Work-a-Day Music’
•June 11:Geoffrey Wadington, re: has no record of correspondence
•June 13:Tom Taylor et.al., re: Summary of Program Ideas
•June 14:Rev. Leboldus (Summer School of Liturgical Music)
•June 18:Archie Kliewer (Louisville), re: recording of Music Leadership Conference
•June 21:Archie Kliewer (Louisville)
•July 05:W. Liska (Regina), re: recording of choir
•July 19:K. Sadlemyer (Regina) re: Summer School Choir
•July 19:Rev. Leboldus, re: choir
•August 01:Sarah Udow (Winnipeg Beach), re: ‘Song Recital’
•September 06:Peter Thiessen (Pinewa School), re: teaching of music history
•September 11:Victor Feldbrill, re: ‘Work-a-Day Music’
•September 20:Peter Thiessen (Pinewa), re: request of 6 Sep
•October 09:James Monk (Calgary), re: appearance on “CBC Talent Festival”
•October 16:John Neufeld (Lena, MB), re: ‘Parade of Choirs’
•October 21:Eddie Biffart (Hillcrest Bible School, Medicine Hat), re: choir music; music dept
•October 23:John Searchfield (Calgary), re: ‘Parade of Choirs’
•October 24:Eddie Biffart (Medicine Hat), re: tape for ‘Parade of Choirs’
•October 28:John Searchfield (Calgary)
•October 28:John Searchfield, re: recording of Festival Chorus
•October 30:James Monk, re: ‘Song Recital’
•November 22:Gloria Ablonczy (Calgary), re: possibility of ‘Song Recital’
•December 06:Mrs. Morck (Tilley, AB), re: letter of appreciation
•December 06:Mr. Pedersen (Camrose, AB), re: Camrose Lutheran College Choir
•December 06:Dan Cameron, re: problem of ventilation fan noise and fatigue
•December 15:Shirley Penner (Treble Teens), re: recording for ‘Parade of Choirs’
•December 17:from A.E. Parr (CBC Winnipeg)
•N.D.:Letter of Reference for Jake Klassen
8.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1964.
•January 02:Helmut Janzen, re: performance of ‘Creation’
•January 07:Helmut Janzen (Clearbrook)
•N.D.:hand written notes by BH to Alf Parr
•February 25:J. R. Finlay, re: notice of salary increases
•March 31:John Wilson (Supervising Producer), re: 18 days leave for 1964/65
•April 02:J. Wilson, re: 18 days leave to be taken the last week in July and two weeks in August
•June 17:J. Wilson, re: request for change of holiday period to 20 Jul – 10 Aug
•June 30:accounting slips from trip to Edmonton on 8 June
•July 07:J. Wilson, re: Parade of Choirs remote at International Peace Gardens
•July-August:Accounting slips for above trip to Peace Garden
•August 27:C.G. Watt, re: notice of annual merit review / salary increases
•September 18:NKMB Choir recorded a ‘Kernlieder’ program for Ken Peacock
•October 10:Program: Haydn ‘Die Schöpfung’ with NKMB Choir
•December 02:Bruce Macpherson, re: salary increase to a rate of $8,500
9.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1965.
•January 21:BH drove to Brandon to record “Prairie Choirs”
•January 26:Bruce Macpherson (Operations Manager), re: 1 day of leave
•February 23:Carl Little (Toronto), re: Three Jazz-Oriented Programs
•March 16:Memo [no copy in file]
•April 09:Tom Taylor (Senior Music Producer, Prairies) to Regional Program Director
•April 27:Fred Wieler (Whitehorse), re: audition for Canada Council Grant
•May 05:Jeffrey Anderson (Producer, Public Affairs) to Regional Program Director
•N.D.:[May, 1964?] hand written notes by BH on above issues
•May 07:from to Dan Cameron,
•May 18:Peter Friesen (Elbing, KS), re: musical program from Berean
•May 21:Fred Wieler, conductor of Whitehorse Choral Society
•May 27:Duncan McKerchar (Edmonton), re: series of 2nd Vocation Musicians
•June 29:Supervising Producer, re: request for holiday leave from 9 – 27 August
•July 06:Notice re Canada Labor Standards of 1 Jul 1965
•August 05:Tom Taylor (Senior Music Producer, Winnipeg), re: brief resume
•October 14:from A.C. Renton (Personnel), re: salary increase
•November 01:Letter from BH to Elmwood MB Choir members
•November 25:Carl Little, re: tentative scheduling dates February 1 – 8 – 15, 1966
•December 10:Mother A. Lahey (Convent of the Sacred Heart, Charleswood)
•December 15:from Bruce Macpherson (Operations Manager), re: salary increase to $9,020.00
•December 30:to Supervising Producer, re: extra leave for 29 – 30 – 31 Dec
•N.D.:Position Questionnaire for Ben Horch
10.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1966.
•January 07:Bruce Macpherson, re: thanks for salary increase
•January 20:Henry Wiebe (Clearbrook), re: copy of tape
•January 24:Henry Wiebe (Clearbrook), re: tape
•February 01:accounting slips from Brandon Choral Workshop
•February 07:Henry Funk (Brandon), re: workshop
•February 08:Bill [Baerg], re: Victor Marten’s score
•February 08:Bruce Macpherson, re: expense claims
•February 25:Frank Epp, re: Hymn Sing Choir
•March 01:Corny DeFehr (Saskatoon), appreciation for NKMB Church choir
•N.D.:program idea re: plans for Centennial Folk Music Festival across Canada
•March 09:Mr. T. Tredwell, re: Romberg’s “The Lay of the Bell”
•March 09:Mother Murphy (Convent of the Sacred Heart), re: tapes of children’s choir
•March 10:Jim Stelter (Edmonton), re: MBBC
•March 13:Mother Murphy (Convent), re: thank you for tapes
•March 13:Card from Elizabeth Collins, “Music thrilled me last night”
•April 05:Bonnie Guenther, note of appreciation
•April 17:from Fred Wieler (Whitehorse)
•April 21:News Release from Nicholas Goldschmidt
•April 26:Elaine (Martens) Toews, appreciation for ‘Messiah ’ performance
•April 27:to Rev. Isaac Redekopp, appreciation
•May 02:Robert Sherrin (MTC), re: Britten’s opera ‘The Little Sweep’
•May 03:Guy Coderre, re: salary scales
•May 13:Bruce Macpherson, re: salary increase to $9,380.00
•June 02:Mike Baryluk, re: Paul Konoplenko (Zaporozetz)
•June 04:Mother Murphy, re: return of children’s choir tapes
•June 07:Mother Murphy, re: potential for “Prairie Concert” choral series
•June 08:Mr. Buryluk, re: audition for Paul Konoplenko
•June 10:Jim Stelter
•June 10:Wanda Becker, Winner of Young Artist’s Competition
•July 13:Richard Coulter (Producer, Toronto), re: recital broadcast for Viola in Toronto
•July 13:Paul Wohlgemuth (Tabor)
•July 16-17:Expense sheets for trip to International Peace Garden
•July 19:Paul Wohlgemuth
•July 19:Richard Coulter, re: Viola – “both feel their musical future lies across the border”
•September 05:Henry Wiebe (BC Conference), re: invitation to conduct Sängerfest
•September 13:Memo from C. Rourke, re: “Canadians All” Schedule for Fall 1966
•September 15:Vyrna Macartney (St. Vital), re: singing professionally
•September 21:Harry Welliver (Ann Arbor), re: request for broadcast of “Prairie Choirs”
•September 22:Internal Memo: CBC “Prairie Choirs Compete” – Centennial 1967
•October 01:A.K. Morrow, notice of additional 4% salary increase
•October 21:C.P. Matthies (Bethel Bible Institute, Abbotsford), re: Songfest ‘67
•November 29:C.P. Matthies (Bethel Bible Institute, Abbotsford), re: Songfest ‘67
•December 02:BH to Henry Wiebe (BC Conference) – accepting invitation to conduct Sängerfest
•December 12:W. Liska, re: merit increase
•December 19:Ruth McCutcheon (Homewood), re: request for violin instruction
•December 21:Ruth McCutcheon, re: has mistaken Ben for Mel Horch
•December 27:Dick Seaborn, re: has received post as Administrator in the public service
•December 30:BH to Dick Seaborn, re: congratulations on your new appointment
•N. D.:sheet on Per Diem Rates for travel and accommodations
•N.D.:Olga Friesen (Morden), re: “Sharps & Flats”
•N.D.:Letters of reference for Wanda Toews (piano), John Doerksen (cello), Henry Klassen (trumpet)
•N.D.:President Alphonse Oiumet’s statement to the Standing Committee on Broadcasting
11.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1967.
•January 11:John Roberts (Toronto), re: tape of O. Koshetz Choir
•January 13:Dick Seaborn (Department of Health)
•January 29:E. J. Peters (Wasco), request for article for Canadian Mennonite
•January 31:Henry Wiebe (Clearbrook), re: rehearsals for Sängerfest
•February 02:‘Request for Authorization of Outside Work’ – BH will be going to Vancouver
•February 03:Bernard Deaville, re: Manitoba Music Festival 1967
•February 06:Henry Wiebe, re: rehearsals for Sängerfest to prefers to use Prout edition of ‘Messiah’
•February 06:Art Wiebe, re: performance in Altona and meeting with BH in Winnipeg
•February 10:Henry Engbrecht (SMU, Texas), re: report on studies with Pfautsch
•February 13:Art Wiebe (Calgary)
•February 19:Gladys Whitehead (Bahamas Music Festival), re: accepting assignment
•February 21:Henry Engbrecht (Texas), re: request for employment
•February 22:Ed Peters (Wasco)
•February 23:M. Shatulsky (Bandurist Male Choir), re: publishers of music for recording
•February 24:Senior Music Producer, re: Centennial School choirs to replace ‘Prairie Choirs Compete’
•February 27:Gladys Whitehead (Kenora), re: adjudication assignment
•February 27:Frank Epp
•March 23:William Lisak (Supervising Producer Radio), re: Music Festival
•March 26:Sandra Stoesz (Steinbach), re: purchase of broadcast tape
•March 29:Richard Cooke (Men’s Music Club), re: Dirk Keetbaas
•March 30:Sandra Stoesz, re: CBC broadcast tapes
•April 06:Marguerite Grassby (Music Library)
•June 13:from Craig Oliver, re: Radio Producers association
•July 28:Tom Taylor, re: Program Suggestion – ‘Recital in Miniature ’
•August 10:letter of reference for John Schroeder
•September 27:Memo from BH to Choir Directors
•September 29:Lucien Needham, re: letter of reference for Dirk Keetbaas
•October 10:A.H. Ross, re: Winnipeg Producers’ Association
•October 18:Lucien Needham, re: letter of reference for Dirk Keetbaas
•October 25:Craig Oliver, re: letter of A.H. Ross; Producers’ Association
•November 03:Proposed Commission: ‘Ecumenical Oratorio’
•November 24:Howard Dyck (Detmold), re: application to Canada Council
•November 25:Jake Klassen (Detmold), re: letter of reference to Canada Council
•December 13:proposal for ‘Ecumenical Oratorio’ submitted to Peggy Sampson
•December 15:BH Memo, re: Prairie Choirs schedule for 4th Quarter
•December 19:accounting slips for trip to Brandon
•N.D.:handwritten notes on program suggestion “Tinker, Tailor. . . and Musician”
i.May 06: clipping from SR [Sound Recording]
ii.July 15: clipping from SR: “Has Jazz a place in the Church?”
iii.September: clipping from Christian Living “As CBS Saw Us”
iv.November: clipping from Christian Living “What CBS Saw”
12.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1968.
•January 24:Hugh Davidson, re: Transcription Recordings
•February 09:Memo from John Roberts, re: ACTRA negotiations with CBC
•February 15:J.S. Blancher (Regina), re: BH memo on copies of scripts
•February 16:Letter of reference to Canada Council for Jake Klassen
•February 21:R.P. Bayer, re: new forms for “Application for Leave”
•February:Cultural News from Germany [Vol IX, No. 2], p. 3: International Music Festival for Women Composers – BH made handwritten notes on three Canadian women
•March:Musicanada, p.10 – report by Keith Bissell on Canadian Music Council; p. 14 – Competitions
•March 12:Harold Wiens, re: Winkler Choristers
•March 22:BH to Tom Taylor, re: Prairie Choirs
•March 27:Memo re: CBC Concert parties for Canadian Forces
•May 10:B. Deaville, re: cancellation of recording of Moncton Male Choir
•May 13:John Roberts (Radio Network Supervisor), re: Ecumenical Oratorio
•June 14:E.C. Mutimer, re: “Mosaic vs. Melting Pot – A Study”
•July 05:Memo assigning B. Deaville to work with BH on research of Western Board Syllabus
•July 24:Memo to Program Director
•August 27:Canadian Mennonite issue – devoted to Kurt Thomas and Summer Music School
•October 20:David Falk (Goshen), to “Mom & Dad”
•N.D.:“State of Amateur Choral Singing, re Prairie Choirs to 1968”
•December 09:Lorne Watson, re: meeting with Dick Seaborn
•December 12:E.C. Mutimer (Program Director), re: producer-secretary relations
•December 12: F. Dickson to E. Mutimer, re: complaint on recording time
•December 16:Richard Seaborn (Toronto), re: cancellation of Brandon CFMS meeting
•December 18:Lorne Watson, re: above
•December 20:Postcard to BH and Jack Bingham from Pam
•December 23:Peter Klassen, re: confirm receipt of musicological analysis
•December 23:E. C. Mutimer, re: ‘Prairie Choirs’ recording of 6 Dec
•December 30:E.C. Mutimer, re: BH explanation re above complaints
•N.D.:various notes on 1) research 2) Folk Arts Festival 3) Gaylene Gabera 4) TV broadcast of choir.
13.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1969.
•February 22:article on “Music from the Conglomerates”
•February 28:George Goossen, re: observations on acoustics in Plaza Recording session
•March 13:CBC executives, re: Report – “Music-making in Canada’s Rural Communities”
•March 13:CBC executives, re: new programming for ‘Young Choral Societies’
•April 08:Application for leave from 10 – 16 Apr 1969
•April 09:Memo re: CMBC Choir / Becket & McDonald / Ada Bronstein / Chester Duncan
•May:Cultural News from Germany [Vol. XII, No.5], p. 3: International Music Festival for Women
•July 07:BH to Anne Campbell (Lethbridge), re: Let The People Sing
•August 17:Application for leave from 19 Aug – 9 Sep
•September 09:Memo re: WSO Broadcast schedule 1969/70
•September 26:Carl Little, re: schedule of orchestra broadcasts in 3rd Quarter
•N.D.:Elaine, re: Routine for Handling WSO Recordings 1969-70
•September 29:George Laverock, re: VSO broadcasts for 3rd quarter
•October 09:Carl Little, re: WSO broadcast program for 3rd Quarter
•October 17:Heather Hildebrandt, re: disgruntlement of radio producers in Prairie Region
•November 03:E.C. Mutimer (Program Director)
•November 03:Bill Baerg, re: letter of reference to Peabody Institute and Canada Council application
•November 08:Henry Engbrecht, re: upcoming MCI Choir concert
•November 29:Equipment Storage Requisition
•December 02:Helen Neufeld, re: First Mennonite Choir
•December 04:Script for TV production “Christmas Company”
•December 12:Request for Authorization of Extra Work
14.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1970.
•January 12:E.C. Mutimer, re: use of ‘Theme Music’
•January 14:Henry Engbrecht, re: 10 Feb concert in Winnipeg
•January 15:Henry Engbrecht
•January 19:Wilmer Swope (Ohio), re: Ben’s review of MB Hymnal
•January 21:Claudia Bruckner-Rüggeberg
•February 03:Barry Anderson, re: thank you for encouraging conversation!
•February 05:Memo from John Roberts, Radio Network Supervisor
•February 11:C.M. Cherland (Estevan), re: Norwegian Girl’s Chorus
•February 12:E.C. Mutimer, re: Morning Concert Idea
•February 13:Henry Engbrecht, re: congratulations on concert
•February 17:BH, “Three Levels Choir Training”
•February 18:Memo to Helmut Kallmann, requesting info on publisher
•February 25:Gisela Depkat (New York), re: visit after concert
•February 26:Dido Mendl, re: program archives
•March 03:CBC Program Policy Memo
•March 06:Dido Medl (Program Archives)
•March 08:Card from Charles H. Herrick, re: wrecking broadcasts
•March 11:Sharon Marcus (Program Archives), re: archive tapes
•March 15:Adeline Willms (Detmold), report on studies and Canada Council
•March 18:Bruce McPherson, re: A F of M negotiations
•March 19:Charles Merrick, re: critical note
•March 25:Rick Klassen (Clarinet, Toronto)
•March 31:Richard Klassen (Toronto)
•March 31:Adeline Willms (Detmold), re: request for Canada Council grant
•April:Script: Christine Mather – New Records, April 1970
•April 02:memo from Jack Bingham (Producer) to Program Director
•April 06:Douglas Kuhl (MBBC), re: CBC Talent Festival
•April 07:to Wanda Toews from New York
•April 07:to Irmgard Baerg from Canada Council
•April 08:Eloise Dyck (niece, Fresno)
•April 12:Joan Davies, thanking Ben for his kindness
•April 17:Carl Gerbrandt (Director of Admissions, Peabody), former student in Reedley
•April 20:from Jack Bingham, re: “country Holidays”
•April 27:Program: “A Mosaic of Music”
•May 06:Shannon Stum, re: invitation to attend open house
•May 12:Shannon Stum, re: decline invitation to open house
•May 19:Siegfried Enns, re: invitation to continue as conductor
•May 24:Letter of thanks from Leonard Mayoh
•May 28:Joan Davies (London), re: lost cheque
•May 29:from Jack Bingham, re: programs produced for April-May-June
•May 30:Claim for Auto Mileage expense for trip to Steinbach
•June 04:Application for Leave from 29 Jun – 6 Jul
•June 23:Larry Kehler (Canadian Mennonite), re: Erwin and Elfrieda
•June 26:Siegfried Enns, re: invitation to continue on as conductor
•July 09:from Jack Bingham, re: “Country Holiday”
•July 13:George Wiebe, re: performance of “War Requiem”
•July 13:June Graham (Editor), re: CBC Winnipeg Orchestra concerts for Aug-Sep
•July 14:Tom Taylor, re: introductory remarks at concert in Brandon
•July 16:John Roberts (Toronto), article from Globe and Mail
•July 22:from D.L. Bennett (Director, Prairie) to all staff
•July 28:Application for Leave from 17 – 29 Aug
•July 29:from J.R. Phillips, re: “Air of Death” program
•July:CBC Program Policy on Party Political Broadcasts
•July 31:Norman Symonds (Toronto), re: poem on hearing “The Nameless Hour”
•August 10:Laurie Thompson(Senior Producer), re: Programs for Aug-Sep
•August 11:Helen Marsh (Dauphin), re: CWNA convention
•August 14:Carl Gerbrandt (Peabody), reply to letter of 17 April
•August 14:J. R. Finlay (CBC London), re: LP recording of Dick Seaborn
•September 01:Leonard Isaacs, re: various matters on education of youth
•September 08:memo from John Roberts
•September 09:H. R. Baerg (President, Winkler Bible Institute), re: history of WBI
•September 10:from Jack Bingham, re: “CBC must cut out the yack or die!”
•September 17:memo from Tom Taylor, re: “school broadcasts assignments”
•September 18:June Wilson (Brandon), reply to hear undated note of appreciation
•September 30:Carl Gerbrandt (Director of Admissions, Peabody), re: doctoral work
•N.D.:List of upcoming shows TBB during October
•October 06:Esther Wiebe, re: request for reference letter to Canada Council
•October 06:Card from Bill and Irmgard Baerg
•October 14:Peter Braun (MBCI), re: return of audition tape
•October 15:George Wiebe, re: “Choirs in Concert”
•October 21:Leonard Stone, re: cheque for broadcast rights
•October 24:Alma Brock-Smith, re: TV presentation of Beckett & McDonald
•November 02:Bill & Irmgard Baerg, reply to card
•November 05:Chester Duncan, re: “Think a Prayer” chain letter
•November 16:Canada Council, reference for Esther Wiebe
•November 18:WSO Priority Seating, re: tickets
•November 19:Henry Engbrecht, MCI, re: thank you
•November 19:Memo from George Davidson, President
•November 20:George Cleve
•November 20:William Reimer (Hannover), re upcoming Brahms Requiem
•November 24:from Joyce Redekopp-Fink (Nieblum), re: receipt of disc
•November 26:Sonia Eckhardt-Gramatté, re: ‘Manitoba’ Sym phony
•November 30:Bill DeFehr, re: comments on Christian business men’s meeting
•December 17:memo from BH to shipped two audition tapes
•December 20:Program: Anne Campbell Singers
•December 22:Carl Litte, re: CBC Transcription Recording of Mennonite Children’s Choir
•N.D.:Ben Horch, ‘A Choral Synopsis of ‘Messiah’ by G. F. Handel’
•N.D.:BH, draft notes on “Serious Music Programming”
•N.D.:“Moses Revisited” – with note from J.B.
•N.D.:letter from Ernst Schlaefli in appreciation of ‘Hymn Sing’ program
•N.D.:various hand written notes [which BH kept in his 1970 file]
•N.D.:set of memos relating to Jack Bingham productions
15.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1971.
•January 06:from A.A. Lavis (Simcoe United Church) to CBC Winnipeg
•January 07:from E.C. Mutimer, re: request for assessments of announcers
•January 08:George Cleve, reply to his card of 20 Nov 1970
•January 14:Rev. A.A. Lavis
•January 14:E.C. Mutimer, re: Ben’s assessment of announcers
•January 29:Tom Taylor, re: Canadians All – CBC Folk Arts Orchestra
•February 04:William Reimer (Hannover), reply to Letter of 20 Nov 1970
•February 11:Music Schedule, First Quarter 1971/72
•February 12:Letter of recommendation from Ben for pianist Wanda Toews
•February 24:Peggie Sharpe (Brandon) from Tom Taylor
•March 03:BH to Carl Little, re: production of new Mennonite Children’s Choir recording
•April 03:Letter from Bill? in New York
•April 05:W. Poetker (Lena), re: invitation to direct Sängerfest
•April 08:CBC Script: ‘Music from the Prairies’
•April 12:Dick Seaborn, re: letter and costing sheets
•April 14:Carl Little, re: Mennonite Children’s Choir
•April 18:from to Joan Davies coming to Winnipeg
•April 26:Joan Davies, re: visit to Winnipeg on 2 May
•April 26:to W. Poetker (Lena), re: request to direct Sängerfest
•April 27:BH to Laurie Thompson, shows in April-May
•April 27:Jack Bingham, shows broadcast during April and May
•April 28:from Peter Meggs, re: broadcast recordings / budget
•April 29:Jack Peach, re: enquiry about ‘Prairie Choirs’
•May 03:Joan Davies, re: sorry not to contact you
•May 06:Joan Davies, re: phone was removed
•May 10:Albert Loewen, re: Derksen’ s ‘biased’ editorial
•May 13:Duncan McKerchar (Edmonton), re: audition tape of Goshen College Choir
•May 19:from Jack Bingham to Doug Macdonald
•May 20:from Bill Macdonald to Program Archives
•May 21:from to K. Appleton, re: using live/advance recorded music
•May 26:from Sharon Marcus (Archives) to Reynold Siemens
•June 03:from Jack Bingham, re: programs completed in April & May
•June 04:Don R. McLaren, re: Canadian Content Chart
•N.D.:CBC Winnipeg Orchestra
•June 08:Hand DeCuypere (Winnipeg), re: programs completed
•June 08:Harry Enns (MLA), re: Derksen – Dumaine matter
•June 11:D.L. Bennet (CBC), re: example of “Mosaic action”
•June 14:Peter Meggs (Radio Program Director), re: Three Studies
•June 21:Dave Cruickshank, re: ‘ Japan Prize 1971’
•June 21:Jack R. Miller (Montreal), re: Glanllyn Singers
•June 22:Harry Enns (MLA)
•June 25:Jack R. Miller, re: no broadcast opening available
•June 25:all Staff: when flying do not book First Class
•N.D.:Priority Production Clearance before July 5th
•July 08:Jack Bingham to Bruno Gerussi, re: Sarah Pierce
•N.D.:Jack Bingham, re: Production Schedule for July – August – September
•July 19:Roy Vogt to Glenn Gould, re: Mennonite project
•July 22:from Bernard Deaville, re: Ukrainian Festival
•July 22:from Jean Mackay to Dave Cruickshank, re: request for Ben Horch to do School Broadcasts
•July 25:Bill DeFehr, re: request to respond to “The Need for Spiritual Roots”
•July 26:Robert Solem (Saskatoon), re: info on ‘Let the People Sing’
•July 28:memo from J.R. Phillips to Carl Little, re: Prairie Choirs
•July 29:from Tom Taylor to Robert Solem, re: info enclosed; send tapes to Ben Horch
•N.D.:Glen Pierce, re: raising sight-singing standards in schools
•July 30:BH shipped tapes of Bill Aide broadcast recording to Dirk Keetbaas
•August 03:request for names and addresses of 9 persons interviewed by Glen Gould
•August 04:BH sent required information; also sent records of Treble Teens
•August 04:Carl Little, re: there is growing interest for children’s choir
•August 05:Glen Gould, re: Mennonite Project
•August 06:Carl Little, re: music programming 3rd Quarter
•August 13:Carl Little, re: will consider matter at meeting of A & R Committee
•August 16:A.F. of M. rates for radio
•August 24:from Jack Bingham to June Wilson, re: secretarial job
•September 03:Dave Cruickshank, re: availability of Ben Horch
•September 10:D. Nelson (Program Director, TV), re: looking for new program ideas
•September 17:John Roberts, re: requests for “This Country in the Morning”
•September 21:Carl Little, re: Gould tapes shipped in July
•September 28:Joan Davies (Pevensey Bay), re: possible recording
•October 05:article by Shaun Herron, “The Kinder Garten”
•October 08:Joan Davies, re: no response from Toronto
•October 14:Richard Burleson, re: invitation to concert
•October 18:Richard Burleson, re: invitation to Concert on 20 October
•October 20:from Carl Little, re: Broadcast Recordings with children’s choirs
•October 22:Bill Bessy (Broadcast Recordings), re: “distortion was evident throughout”
•October 28:John Roberts, re: Broadcast Recordings
•November 01:Ben’s reply to memo of 22 Oct
•November 02:Bill Bessy, “Covering memo”
•November 03:from Jack Bingham to Cruickshank
•November 05:from R. Horley to all, re: Imperial Relations Trust Bursary
•November 09:J.S. Blancher, re: “I have also had the dubious pleasure…”
•November 10:Peter Meggs, re: planned station contributions
•November 22:Glen Gould, re: sends copies of Roy Vogt’s Mennonite Mirror
•November 24:Bill Bessy, re: “standards of evaluation”
•November 24:from Carl Little, re: new proposals for A & R Committee
•November 29:Tom Taylor, re: auditions for serious music performers
•December 06:Glen Gould, re: address of Frank Epp
•December 07:Bill Bessy, re: master tapes
•December 07:Peter Meggs, re: “too much is still originating from Toronto”
•December 08:Tom Taylor, re: formation of Winnipeg A & R Committee
•December 21:Dave Cruickshank, re: Canadian Content and National A & R Committee
16.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1972.
•January 05:Dirk Keetbaas, re: Broadcast Recordings
•January 07:from R. Pascoe (Accountant), re: CBC not required to pay federal sales tax on studio rental
•January 07:Frank Epp, Canadian Mennonite, re: request for short biographies
•January 10:Notes from General Meeting of Serious Music Dept.
•January 13:David Falk, re: request for letter of reference
•January 18:from BH – thoughts on “A & R Committee for Standards of Evaluation”
•January 19:Dr. Jess Casey (Winthrop College), re: letter of reference for David Falk
•January 24:Alice Enns, re: “obtaining concert engagements”
•January 25:Frank Epp, re: best-known musicians
•January 26:Dave Cruickshank, re: Prairie Choirs
•January 28:Carl Little, re: Broadcast Recordings – Mennonite Children’s Choir
•January 31:Indiana University, re: letter of reference for David Falk
•January 31:Alice Enns, reply to letter of 24 Jan
•N.D.:Memo re: Program ideas – TV Folksong and Dance show
•February 02:BH request for leave from 9 – 15 Feb
•February 03:BH, “A & R Committee for Standards of Evaluation”
•February 07:Don Bennet, re: summary of correspondence
•February 07:Dave Dueck: response to letter of 21 Jan 1972
•February 09:Carl Litte, re: request for ‘Wanted – Two Music Pilots ’
•February 14:Dave Cruickshank, re: CBC Broadcast recordings
•February 14:from R.L. Horley (Manager), re: NABET statements
•February 14:from H. Sinclair (Public Relations), re: Anne Campbell singers
•February 15:from Dave Cruickshank to Bill Bessy,
•February 28:report on evaluation committee meeting of 25 Jan 72
•March 03:Carl Little, re: music schedule for 1st Quarter
•March 03:from Eldon Wilcox, re: Jack Bingham’s Memo
•March 07:Merton Utgaard (International Music Camp), re: recording
•March 15:Memo re 13th Annual CBC Talent Festival Finals
• March 21:Dave Cruickshank, re: organize Winnipeg Recording Committee
•March 24:Dave Cruickshank, re: Mennonite Children’s Choir recording
•March 27:BH, “Regional Musical Distinctives and the Toronto A & R
•March 29:Dave Cruickshank, re: Broadcast recording of Mennonite Children’s Choir
•N.D.:Ralph Horley, Summation of meeting
•March 30:Script of ‘Prairie Chamber Music’
•April 03:Walter Unger, re: proposed Christmas ’72 program
•April 04:Walter Unger, re: Winnipeg Record Committee
•April 06:Roy Vogt, re: CBC Archive of record in the Prairie Region
•April 08:Dave Cruickshank, re: CBC Broadcast Recording Policy
•April 08:Shirley Penner, re: invitation to Spring Concert
•April 13:Shirley Penner, re: tickets for Spring Concert
•April 13:from R.L. Horley, re: Broadcast recording of Mennonite Children’s Choir
•April 17:from K. W. Dalziel, re: Broadcast Recordings Proposals
•April 18:from David Cruickshank to Jeanette Brisbourne
•April 18:Norm Cowan, re: resume of speech by E.S. Hallman
•April 21:Dirk Keetbaas, re: Broadcast Recordings
•April 24:Dirk Keetbaas, re: Organist in Recital
•April 24:Dave Cruickshank, re: meeting to discuss the A & R committee
•April 24:Dave Cruickshank, re: carryover of annual leave
•April 25:Joan Davies, re: in Winnipeg doing master classes
•April 28:Dirk Keetbaaas, re: CBC Broadcast Recordings
•May 03:from Dave Cruickshank, re: A & R Committee
•May 05:Dave Cruickshank, re: two Beckett & Macdonald recordings
•May 08:Bill Bessy, re: A & R Meetings
•May 10:K.H. Appleton, re: new rates for CBC/ACTRA
•May 11:Walter Unger, re: establishment of Winnipeg Record Committee
•May 12:N. Cowan to all staff, re: new staff members
•May 17:Walter Unger, re: reply to memo of 11 May
•May 18:BH to Carl Little, re: tapes of school choirs performing with small orchestra
•May 24:Carl Little, re: recording of three school choirs
•May 25:Dave Cruickshank, re: recording of school choirs
•May 30:Bill Bessey, re: broadcast recordings
•June 02:Dave Cruickshank, re: CBW budget planning
•June 06:Dave Cruickshank, re: broadcasting half-hour concerts from Art Gallery
•June 06:Walter Unger, re: National A & R Committee Meeting
•June 13:Norma Crawford (London), re: try CBC Saskatoon for your suggestions
•June 23:Don Bennet to all staff, re: Lister Sinclair appointed as Vice-President of CBC
•June 28:BH to George Fiala, re: request to consider writing a Ukrainian Symphony
•June 28:N. Cowan, re: radio promotions
•June 29:Bill Baerg, re: reference for employment at Peabody
•June 29:Dave Cruickshank, re: Assignments completed/pending projects
•July 03:K.H. Appleton, re: increase in talent fees
•July 06:Bill Bessey, re: broadcast recordings – revised set of guide lines
•July 11:from E.S. Hallman – Announcement re: Regional reorganization
•July 11:from Don Bennet, re: announced regional reorganization
•July 11:Helen Sinclair, re: music at noon concerts at Art Gallery
•July 11:Don Bennet, re: CBC/NABET Contract – new four year contract
•July 12:Ken Winters, re: Association of Canadian Orchestras
•July 12:K.H. Appleton, re: increase in talent fees
•July 12:Don Bennet, appointment of Lionel Forest
•July 13:from Dirk Keetbaas, re: SM Series new recordings
•July 21:Jake Marks, re: Festival brochures
•July 25:Band 5 (Analysis Recording)
•July 28:BH to VD, re: bid for “Bible-Belt” Piano Concerto
•N.D.:Verlag B. Schott, re: ‘ The World of Music’
•August:CBC News Release – ‘The Bible Belt’ Documentary
•August 01:Carl Little from Dave Cruickshank
•August 04:from EUB – notice for ‘Let the Peoples Sing 1973’
•August 07:Anne Campbell, re: successful European Tour of Anne Campbell Singers
•August 10:BH to David Cruickshank – Ukrainian Symphony granted
•August 11:Dirk Keetbaas
•August 11:Leonard Mayoh (Brandon), re: Brandon University Chorale
•August 14:Dirk Keetbaas, re: broadcast recording – three school choirs
•August 14:Dirk Keetbaas, re: master tape for school choirs
•August 14:Lew Chambers, re: Ohio State Awards
•August 16:Jack Bingham, re: color coded lists of Canadian Artists
•August 23:David Cruickshank, re: submissions for Ohio State Awards
•August 24:Revised Music Schedule, 3rd and 4th Quarters, AM Network
•August 24:Revised Music Schedule, 3rd and 4th Quarters, FM Network
•September 11:Tom Taylor, re: “Music West” series
•September 14:Memo, re: ‘Quadraphonic Programs
•September 15:Memo, re: Talent Relations
•September 19:Leonard Mayoh, re: broadcasts for Brandon Univ. Chorale
•September 20:Leonard Mayoh, re: “Music West” series
•September 20:Verlag B. Schott, re: ‘The World of Music’
•September 21:J. McCombe (Accountant), re: Capital Asset Manual
•September 25:from H. de Cuypere, re: bookings for announcer services
•September 25:Leonard Mayoh
•September 29:Dave Cruickshank, re: recital of graded piano music
•N.D.:hand written notes on ‘Folk music’ and ‘Canadians All’
•N.D.:Notes on Program Research
•October 05:BH to D. Cruickshank re: Piano Concerto
•October 05:BH to VD, re: copy of submission to Cruickshank
•October 10:BH to George Fiala, re: outline of Ukrainian symphony
•October 11:BH writes letter of reference for Jeanette Brisbourne
•October 13:Betty Neufeld, request for letter of reference
•October 15:Letter of reference to Canada Council on behalf of Esther Wiebe
•October 16:Leonard Stone, re: WSO broadcast recording of Carmina Burana
•October 16:George Fiala to BH, re: positive response to Ben’s idea of a Ukrainian symphony
•October 19:BH to Dave Cruickshank, re: Ukrainian Symphony
•October 19:from D.L. Bennett, re: report on Staff Announcers
•October 23:letter of reference to Canada Council on behalf of Betty Neufeld
•N.D.:letter of reference to Canada Council on behalf of Wanda Dick
•October 23:from A.C. Renton, re: summer hours for staff
•October 23:BH to John Roberts, re: Two Commissioned Works
•October 23:Leonard Stone, re: WSO
•October 24:BH to VD, re: MPC
•October 24:Bud Renton (Personnel), request to extend retirement
•October 25:from Carl Little, re: invitation for Mennonite Children’s Choir
•October 25:from Jan Van der Gucht (U of Saskatchewan), re: recording of “Dichterliebe”
•October 27:Leonard Stone (WSO), re: ‘War Requiem’
•N.D.:Dave Cruickshank, re: WSO file
•October 31:from Dita Vadron to Dick Seaborn, re: use of ‘Canadians All’
•November 01:Elizabeth Benson-Guy, re: references for Adeline Willms and David Falk
•November 02:Leonard Isaacs, re: three music students
•November 07:Dick Seaborn replies to Dita Vadron, re: production of more ‘Canadians All’
•November 08:Rev. John Neufeld (First Mennonite), re: membership application
•November 09:Dirk Keetbaas, re: “Canadians All”
•November 09:Yvonne Goudreau (Canada Council), re: letter of 1 Nov to Benson-Guy
•November 13:Lawrence Ritchey, re: RCCO recital series
•November 14:Yvonne Goudreau, re: Canada Council application for David
•November 14:David Falk,
•November 17: Dave Cruickshank, re: Interim Desk Clearing
•November 22:Leonard Isaacs, re: ‘Tonmeister’ students
•November 23:Walter Unger, re: RCCO series
•November 27:Leonard Isaacs, re: Radio Production course
•November 28:Rev. William Neufeld (NKMB), re: transfer
•November 30:Dave Cruickshank, re: services as contract producer
•December 04:Dave Cruickshank, re: Organists in Recital on FM Network
•December 12:Dave Cruickshank, re: Official retirement as of 1 December
•December 13:Rev. William Neufeld, re: transfer
•December 14:Leonard Isaacs, re: 3rd year course on Studio Microphone Technique
•December 18:Dave Cruickshank
•December 20:Morna-June Morrow,
17.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1973.
•January 06:Peter Klassen re: declining invitation to conduct the MBBC Alumni
•January 08:Peter Klassen, re: Alumni
•January 08:Leonard Isaacs, reply to letter of 14 Dec 1972
•January 10:Dave Cruickshank, re: Western Canadian Bible-Belt
•January 12:Leonard Isaacs, re: course on Studio Microphone Techniques
•January 17:Leonard Isaacs, re: tape analysis session
•January 18:Gertrude McCance, re: school broadcast proposals
•January 22:Gertrude McCance, re: ‘sensory motor sight-singing’
•January 30:Leonard Isaacs, re: public school sight-singing skills
•January 31:Bud Renton (Personnel), re: Manitoba Health premiums
•February 02:Leonard Isaacs, re: sight-singing
•February 06:George Wiebe to Bernie Fast, re: conversation regarding honorary doctorate for Ben.
•February 13:Bruce Macpherson (CBC Windsor), re: best wishes for retirement
•February 20:Dr. Bernie Fast to Dr. Duckworth (President of U of W), re: honorary doctorate for Ben
•February 21:Bruce Macpherson (Windsor), re: best wishes on Ben’s retirement
•February 22:Walter Unger, re: thoughts on new position
•February 22:Dr. Duckworth to Dr. Bernie Fast, re: will present Ben’s name for consideration to Honorary Degrees
•February 27:Dr. Bernie Fast to George Wiebe, re: update on Ben’s candidacy
•February 28:Gladys Whitehead to Dr. Bernie Fast, re: letter of support for Ben
•March 05:Bill Baerg (MBBC), re: performance of ‘St. Matthew Passion’
•March 06:Albert Redekopp, re: his performance of ‘Pilate’
•March 09:Eckhardt-Gramatté to Bernie Fast, re: letter of support for Ben
•March 09:Letter from Walter Unger to V.D. rejecting commission
•March 16:BH to Bernie Fast, re: Bible Belt Concerto commission
•March 17:Gisela Depkat, invitation re broadcast of “The Ararat Trio”
•March 19:Richard Seaborn, re: choral music – Japanese, Latvian, Hungarian, Polish
•March 20:Richard Seaborn
•March 20:Bernie Fast to BH, re: response to letter of 16 March
•March 22:BH to Leonard Stone, re: commission of Piano Concerto
•March 23:Walter Unger, from Richard Seaborn, re: multi-lingual choral music arrangements
•April 06:Letter from Leonard Stone to BH
•April 10:Letter from BH to VD, re: WSO performance of Piano Concerto
•April 13:Gertrude McCance, re: Ben’s work on school broadcasts
•April 19:Bert Kroeker, re: Community Choir performance of Easter cantata
•May 01:George Enns, re: Kelvin Choir recording
•May 04:Gertrude McCance, re: Ben’s work on school broadcasts
•May 11:Gertrude McCance, thank you for kind wishes
•May 16:George Enns, re: Kelvin Choir recording
•May 16:BH to Leonard Stone, re: performance of Piano Concerto
•May 22:Leonard Stone, re: use of WSO
•May 24:Dr. Bernhard Fast, re: meeting with Leonard Stone
•May 25:Bernie Fast to Gerhard Lohrenz, re: commission for Piano Concerto
•June 15:George Enns, re: meeting with Rene Chartier
•June 21:Gerhard Lohrenz, re: “Bible Belt Piano Concerto”
•June 30:Marilyn Ross
•July 04:Press release on Encyclopedia of Music in Canada
•July 10:Gerhard Lohrenz, re: 1974 Centennial Symphony Concert
•August 09:BH to Gerhard Lohrenz, re: Centennial Concert
•September 03:Howard Dyck
•September 14:Larry Warkentin (Fresno), re: performance of ‘The Word of God’ choral cantata
•September 20:Memo from Ted Friesen
•September 21:Memo from Ted Friesen, re: sponsors for Mennonite Centennial Concert
•October 05:Frank C. Peters (WLU), re: appreciation
•October 24:Martin Erlichman, re: request to join Search Committee at U of M
•October 28:Leonard Isaacs
•November 01:Martin Erlichman, re: notice of meeting of Search Committee
•November 13:David Falk, re: application to School of Music
•November 21:Lawrence Klippenstein to Bernie Fast, re: sponsorship of Piano Concerto
•November 21:Lawrence Klippenstein, re: “ green light” on proposed piano concerto
•November 26:Bernie Fast to to members of Fast Family
•December 06:Robert Pugh, manager, Festival Singers of Canada
•December 16:Martin Schroeder, re: letter of reference for Douglas College
•N.D.:BH to Bernie Fast, re: funding for Piano Concerto
18.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1974.
•N.D.:Draft Agreement between V.D. and Fast Family
•N.D.:Draft Outline of MPC [Mennonite Piano Concerto]
•N.D.:Memo from BH requesting meeting to decide on program for October Centennial concert
•January 02:Bernie Fast to Lawrence Klippenstein, re: initial cheque for Commission
•January 08:Medical ‘Treadmill Test Report’
•January 08:from to Dr. Bernie Fast, re: commission of Mennonite Piano Concerto
•January 08:Glen Harrison, re: concert tour of Festival Singers
•January 08:Douglas College, re: letter of reference for Martin Schroeder
•January 08:Leonard Isaacs, re: George Fiala 4th symphony
•January 14:Frank C. Peters (WLU), response to letter of 5 Oct 73
•January 19:BH to VD, re: meeting with Bernie Fast
•January 20:Larry Warkentin, re: score of ‘Word of God’ cantata
•January 21:Peter [Klassen, MBBC], re: Symposium for Mennonite Composers
•January 24:Robert Pugh, re: Festival Singers
•January 25:Walter Unger, re: Fiala’s 4th Symphony
•January 25:Larry Warkentin, re: defense of Menno cantata
•January 28:Gerhard Lohrenz, re: Fast family and commission of Piano Concerto
•February 02:Stuart Barber (Edmonton), re: new radio station
•February 04:George K. Epp, re: thumbnail sketches of ‘Kurseleiter’
•February 05:Stuart Barber, re radio station
•February 10:Ernie Enns to Victor Davies, re: list of selected hymns
•February 10:Tom Hiebert (Boston), re: coming to Winnipeg
•February 12:Peter Penner (Mount Allison Univ), re: violin teacher for son Robert
•February 13:Tom Hiebert (Boston), re: travel on CN Rail
•February 15:Peter Penner (NB)
•February 19:Eloise [?], re: Hiebert reunion
•March 03:Dr. Helmut Kallmann
•March 04:Leonard Stone to Gerhard Ens re: WSO for 23 Oct concert
•March 12:Ukrainian Canadian Committee, re: Hanna Kolesnyk
•March 19:Harold Redekopp (CBC), re: broadcast of Mennonite Centennial Program
•March 20:Tom Hiebert, with comments on George Wiebe’s Oratorio performance
•N.D.:Steve Falk
•March 30:Esther Leni Falk, re: visit from Tom Hiebert
•April 01:Official ‘Letter of Agreement’ between Victor Davies and Fast Family
•April 05:Bernie Fast to VD, re: Letter of Agreement
•April 05:Walter Unger (CBC), upcoming premiere of MPC
•April 06:Paul Wohlgemuth (Tabor), re: potential choral workshop
•April 07:Roy Just (President, Tabor), re: Doreen Klassen’s interest in music anthropology
•April 08:Walter Unger, re: proposal to have CBC take over piano concerto premiere
•April 08:from Lawrence K. to Ernie Enns, re: piano concerto
•April 09:Erwin Hiebert (Boston), re: Mennonite Mirror article
•April 09:Lawrence Klippenstein to Mo Renaud, re: budget for October concert.
•April 10:Lawrence Klippenstein to B.B. Fast, re: Agreement
•April 10:VD to Bernie Fast, re: signed Letter of Agreement
•April 11:from Mo Renaud to Lawrence K. re: request for funding
•April 12:letter from Bill Baerg to Breitkopf
•April 13:Tom Hiebert (Boston)
•April 18:Al Reimer, re: “Mosaic Programming” and “elitist vernacular” on CBC
•April 25:Minutes of Symphonic Concert Committee
•May 10:from Lawrence K. to Mo Renaud, acknowledging grant
•May 20:Larry Warkentin, re: cantata
•May 22:Doreen Klassen, re: letter of recommendation for studies in Bloomington
•May 25:Bill DeFehr
•May 27:H. E. Duckworth, informing Ben of the Honorary Doctorate degree
•June 10:Gladys Whitehead (Hamilton), re: CBC Broadcast ‘Song of Winnipeg’
•June 14:Ben’s response to Dr. Duckworth regarding degree
•June 18:Gladys Whitehead, re: positive response to interview
•July 09:Merton Uitgaard, re: (1) Paul Wohlgemuth
•July 09:Lorraine [?], studying with Joan Davies in London
•N.D.:response to Lorraine and greetings to Joan Davies
•July 15:Dick Seaborn, re: commissioned work for Youth Orchestra
•July 25:Tom Hiebert
•July 29:Tom Hiebert, re: decision to study at Bethel College
•August 28:Tom Hiebert
•September 04:Peter Penner
•September 14:Gladys Whitehead, card of thanks re: ‘Song of Winnipeg’
•September 17:Tom Graff (Vancouver), re: “Discipleship Music-Making”
•September 19:Esther Leni and Jonathan Falk
•September 23:Bernie Fast to Eckhardt-Gramatté; Bernie Fast to Gladys Whitehead; Bernie Fast to BH, re: informs Ben that letters of recommendation were written by Sonia & Gladys.
•September 30:Bill Baerg, re: proposed programme for Centennial Concert
•October 03:Ted Friesen, re: Ben commits himself to sponsor deficit for 24 Nov Concert
•October 10:Walter Unger: copy of CBC Broadcast Recording
•October 13:from Rudy Regehr to John Walton
•October 15:Budget for Mennonite Centennial Sängerfest
•October 16:BH to Bill Baerg, re: Projected Mennonite Centennial Symphony Concert
•October 16:Walter Unger: Telex from Peter Meggs re Mennonite Children’s Choir record
•October 22:Ted Friesen, re: Centennial Sängerfest
•October 25:Lorne Watson (Brandon), re: congratulations on honorary doctorate
•October 28:[PL File] to Peter Letkemann, re: research on Bach ‘Frömmigkeit’
•October:Mennonite Mirror:Lloyd Siemens, “Ben Horch: Dean of Mennonite Conductors,”
•November:Mennonite Mirror:Lloyd Siemens, “On being professional without being elite,”
•November 07:Doreen Klassen, re: notes on ethnomusicology and IMC
•November 12:from Rudy Regehr, re: complimentary tickets for Centennial Sängerfest
•November 13:from Rudy Regehr, re: Concerto not completed
•November 14:Peter Letkemann
•November 20:[PL File] to Peter Letkemann, re: Bach and Pietism
•November 21:Lorne Watson (Brandon), re: honorary doctorate
•November 24:Program: Mennonite Centennial Sängerfest
•November 25:Bernie Fast to BH, re: disappointment
•November 27:Elfrieda Hiebert,
•November 30:Ronald Gibson
•N.D.:Theo Lindenbaum, re: Peter Allen
•December 06:Regehr to Mo Renaud, thanking Winnipeg Centennial Committee for sponsorship
•December 13:Holda Fast, re: declines invitation to participate in Sängerfest in BC
•December 16:Ted Friesen, re: sponsorship for deficit
•December 18:Gladys Whitehead, re: honorary doctorate
•N.D. Xmas card from Gisela Depkat
19.Honorary Doctorate Correspondence. – 1974.
•photos, letters, cards
20.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1975.
•January 06:Bernard Naylor (Victoria), re: dissertation of Bill Baerg
•January 20:draft letter to George Wiebe and Bill Baerg,
•January:BH to Ernie Enns, re: another Sängerfest for ‘75
•February:issue of [MB Herald?] – Peter Klassen response to editorial of 27 Dec 1974
•February:issue of AMBS Window – article by C.J. Dyck on 450th anniversary of Anabaptists
•February 09:Program: B.C. Mennonite Centennial Thanksgiving Service
•February 14:Ted Friesen, re: thanks for sponsorship of Centennial Sängerfest
•February 25:Lawrence Klippenstein, re: Manitoba Mennonite Centennial Committee
•March 04:Rudy Regehr to VD – Contract for MPC
•March 16:Sister M. Eustelle, thanks for ‘Messiah’
•March 18:Tom Graff (Vancouver), re: ‘Reconciliation’
•March 19:Chester Duncan, with text of his ‘Messiah’ review
•N.D.:Draft to Chester Duncan [and Peter L.], thank you for the review
•March 21:Kenneth Hanna (WBC) to George Wiebe
•March 23:David Falk, re: Reviews
•March 24:Rudy Regehr, re: honorarium for ‘Messiah’
•March 26:[PL File] from to PL (Herford), re: Bach & Judaism
•March 27:Rudy Regehr, re: ‘Messiah ’
•April 02:Victor Dirks
•April 05:Letter of congratulation for ‘Messiah’ performance
•April 17:Revised contract for MPC – from VD collection
•April 22:Tom Graff
•May 03:Tom Graff
•May 15:PL, reply to letter of 26 March
•May 22:George Wiebe, re: evaluation of two choral motets
•June 05:BH to VD
•June 08:BH to David Friesen (Qualico), re: fundraising for WSO
•June 09:Rudy Regehr to VD & Bernie Fast
•June 24:copy of letter from Clarence H. to Bill Baerg
•June 25:Ron & Marlene Horch
•July 04:Ron & Marlene Horch, reply to above letter on family history
•July 12:from George Wiebe to Larry Warkentin
•July 13:Peter Klassen (MBBC), re: commission of motets
•July 19:Leonard Isaacs, re: participation on Committee of Canadian Music Comp
•July 21:Rudy Regehr (Manager, Sängerfest ’75) to Victor Davies
•July 21:from Rudy Regehr to Albert Horch
•July 31:Cornelius [Neil] Warkentin (DEW Line), re: reply to letter
•N.D.:Helen Litz, re: participation in 450th Anniversary Sängerfest
•August 06:Albert Redekopp, re: agrees to sponsor commission
•August 11:Jack Thiessen , re: EMC articles on John Konrad
•August 13:George Wiebe, re: participation in 27 October Sängerfest
•August 13:George Wiebe, re: performance of Larry Warkentin’s ‘The Word of God’
•August 14:George Wiebe to Larry Warkentin, re: performance of his ‘Word of God’
•August 20:Larry Feil (Tabor), re: involvment with inter-term course
•August 22:Ted Friesen to Jack Thiessen, re: funding
•September 04:Franz Zeidler (Delmas),
•September 15:Theodor Toews, re: David Toews Memorial Festival
•September 30:Len [Ratzlaff?], re: workshop; ideas on church music in Anabaptist tradition
•October 05:Larry Warkentin, re: upcoming performance of ‘The Word of God’
•October 06:Leonard Isaacs, re: letter of 19 July
•October 08:Theodore Toews, re: evaluation of compositions
•October 23:Larry Feil (Tabor), re: reply to letter of 20 Aug
•October:BH to Bernie Fast, re: MPC dedication
•N.D.:November Mennonite Mirror
•N.D.:Four draft letters to Roy Vogt, re: Al Reimer’s review
•N.D.:Peter Paetkau (Sperling), letter to Mennonite Mirror
•N.D.:AJS (Allan J. Siebert?) Letter to MB Herald
•October 30:Herb Buller, re: sponsorship for Sängerfest
•November 01:Annual Meeting of the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society
•November 03:Allan Moffatt, re: rejected further two-year term on WSO Board
•November 04:Lawrence Klippenstein to Bernie Fast, re: request for final payment
•November 09:Text of Sermon preached on 9 Nov 1975
•N.D.:Dr. Helmut Huebert, re: response to letter you received from Walter Unger
•December 01:Bernie Fast to VD, re: MPC
•December 04:Harold Jantz, MB Herald,
•December 08:Copy of letter to Erwin Hiebert
•December:Style Guide for proposed Encyclopedia of Music in Canada
21.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1976.
•January 02:Doreen Klassen
•January 15:BH to Larry Warkentin, re: comments of Sängerfest ’75
•January 15:Lawrence Klippentein, re: deficit left by Sängerfest ‘75
•January 16:Doreen Klassen
•January:Lawrence Klippenstein
•January 20:Peter Friesen (Calvary Bible College, Kansas City)
•January 2-:Peter Friesen, with comments on meetings
•January 26:Tom [Hiebert?]
•January 31:Victor A. Dirks, Ph.D. (Kingsville), re: need to collect Mennonite classics.
•February 05:Lawrence Klippenstein
•March 11:Mabel Laine, re: articles on K.H. Neufeld
•March 19:Mabel Laine, accepting assignment to write these two articles
•March 19:Abe & Gerry [ ? ], re: “Schwäbisch ethnic roots”
•April 21:Dr. W.E. Dyck (Dentist, Fresno), re: dental work done on Ben’s bridge
•May 07:Clarence Hiebert, re: gift of R.K. Hohman’s dissertation
•May 10:Letter of recommendation for Tim Gonzales
•May 11:Agreement between EMC and Ben Horch
•May 31:Peter van Kampen
•June 04:Victor Davies, re: recording fees for MPC
•June 08:Copy of to Doreen Klassen to Dr. Sweet
•June 15:Lawrence Klippenstein, re: Sängerfest ’75 financing
•July 15:Victor Dirks, re: to Al Reimer on “elitist” vernacular on CBC
•August 05:EMC, re: article on Mennonite Children’s Choir
•August 09:J. Harold Moyer, re: “Müde kehrt ein Wanderer zurück”
•August 24:Ken Winters, editor EMC, re: Ben’s articles for EMC
•August 30:Peter Barkman (Seinbach): re Alfred Dahl
•August 31:J. Harold Moyer (Newton), re: request for information
•September 03:Ken Winters, EMC, re: additions to K.H. Neufeld article
•September 09:Mabel Laine, EMC: acknowledging letter of 3 Sep
•September 10:J. Harold Moyer, re: “Müde kehrt”
•September 15:Susie Penner (Winkler), re: Ben’s speaking at fund raising banquet
•September 19:Mabel Laine, EMC, re: information on Mennonite hymnbooks
•September 20:John Dyck (Brandon) re: church music
•September 21:Larry Warkentin, re: Arthur Polson
•September 25:Richard Horch Jr. re: Edmonton band performance
•September 30:Larry Warkentin, re: grateful response to letter of 21 Sept.
•October:Issue of Mennonite Mirror.
•October 01:Larry Warkentin to Arthur Polson, re: pending performance
•October 04:John Dyck (Brandon), re: upcoming church music workshop
•October 06:Helmut Huebert, re: LP recording of MPC
•October 10:Helmut Huebert, re: invitation to speak at ‘house colloquium’
•October 11:Mabel Laine, EMC, re: information on Mennonite hymnbooks
•October 12:J. Harold Moyer, re: “Müde kehrt” folksong
•October 12:DAYS INN, re: reservations for Winter holiday in the south
•October 13:reference for Jake Klassen, re: financial assistance
•October 15:[PL File] from PL to BH, re: report on summer
•October 17:Program: copy of ‘Vesper Service’
•October 22:John Dyck, re: workshop and especially Rev. Baerg’s opening discourse
•October 31:Program: Doreen Klassen recital for Congregation and Organ
•November 01:John Dyck, re: Ben’s concerns growing out of workshop
•November 13:Clarence Hiebert (Tabor), re: Esther’s manuscript
•November 16:Harold Redekopp, CBC, re: LP recording of MPC
•November 28:BH to David Falk, re: get score for MPC
•December 01:Henry Braun (Herbert), re: invitation to music workshop
•December 03:Henry Braun: declines invitation
•December 04:Curt & Olga Claassen, evangelist, re: pending visit from Ben
•December 12:[PL File] from BH to PL, re: PL preaching/playing at George St. Church
•December 16:to Henry Braun, re: choral workshop in early April
•December 26:Wanda and Jerrol Becker
•December 29:Brigitte Fieguth: thank you for Xmas greetings
•N.D.:Dr. Frank Peters, President WLU, re: university guest room
•N.D.:10-page draft of notes on music history book by [Hans] Graf
•N.D.:Operating Budget and Financial Report of WSO
•N.D.:Draft notes: Sängerfests – future
•N.D.:Draft notes: ‘An Anabaptist View of The History of Music in the Western Church’
22.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1977.
•January 11:Larry Warkentin
•N.D.:BH to Larry Warkentin, re: copy of CBC
•January 31:Larry Warkentin, re: CBC recording of composition
•February 07:Jeral Becker (studying in Detmold)
•February 09:Wanda Becker (Detmold)
•February 28:Holda Fast (Vancouver), re: invitation to come to Vancouver
•March 14:Holda Fast, re: turns down offer to come to Vancouver
•N.D.:Holda Fast, acknowledging Ben’s rejection
•March 15:Wesley Berg, re: planning research project on Mennonite musical activities
•March 24:Wesley Berg, reply to above letter
•April 07:Jonah Kliewer (Tabor College)
•April 08:Lon Sherer (Goshen), re: recordings of Mar 19 and 25 concerts
•April 23:Jack [Dueck, Goshen?], re: Victor Davies’ “rock” opera
•April 24:Jonah Kliewer, re: “sorry to miss concert in Wpg
•May 17:Wesley Berg, requesting a meeting with Ben
•May 23:Henry Braun (Herbert), re: Choral workshop in October
•May 28: Holda Fast, re: invitation to Vancouver for Spring 1978
•May 30:Margaret Loewen Reimer, Mennonite Reporter
•N.D.:Holda Fast, re: invitation
•N.D.:Holda Fast
•June 03:David Friesen (Altona), re: 30 May issue of Mennonite Reporter
•June 08:Henry Braun, confirming participation in choral workshop in Herbert, SK
•N.D.:Virginia Mininer, re: performance of MPC
•June 17:Clarence Hiebert,
•June 22:Virginia Mininger, re: performance of MPC
•June 24:Henry [Braun], re: CBC broadcast of choral music
•June 26/27:Henry Braun, re: workshop and Sängerfest
•June 29:Mabel Laine, re: article on K. H. Neufeld
•August 02:Miss Mabel Laine, EMC, with answers
•August 09:Horch Family History – request for information
•August 25:Alice Enns (pianist), re: application for Major Arts Grant
•N.D.:Rosemary Wyse, Mennonite World Conference
•September 09:Irene Dirks to B&E in response to visit
•October 06:Larry Warkentin, re: commission for symphonic work for MWC
•October 21:Rosemary Wyse, re: translations
•October 26:Lon Sherer (Goshen), re: letter of 8 Apr
•October 27:Jonah Kliewer (Tabor), re: receipt of records
•November 04:to Jack & Elinor [Dueck?], re: tape recording of MPC
•November 08:Len Enns
•N.D.:Len Enns, with answers to questions re sacred music library
•November 13:Doreen Klassen, re: “ Mennonite protest songs”
•November 15:BH to Larry Warkentin, re: “retirement”

Volume 1235 (Box 09)
1.Correspondence Personal and Professional. – 1978. (File #23)
•January 13:Bob McGifford, manager, WSO
•March 23:Résumé of Doreen Klassen
•May 09:Peter Barkman (Barkman Concrete, Steinbach)
•May 12:Peter Barkman (Steinbach), re: bible schools, MCO, Garry Froese
•June 12:Clarence Hiebert (Tabor College), re: CBC documentary on Holdeman
•October 06:Gisela Depkat (cellist)
•November 14:Peter Klassen (Flin Flon)
•December 07:Gisela Depkat
2.Personal Correspondence and 45 RPM Vinyl Record. – 1979. (File #24)
•May 30:Roy Jackson, producer ‘The Sun Jets Band’
•May 31:Mary Oyer (Goshen), re: Handbook for Mennonite Hymnal
•June 11:Mary Oyer, response to above
•June 17:Mary Oyer
•N.D.:Mary Oyer, re: Notes on “So lange Jesus bl eibt der Herr”
•July 07:Mary Oyer, re: draft of article
•July 19:Mary Oyer, response
•August 21:Abe & Irene Neufeld (Vienna), re: Dirigentenkurse among Umsiedler
•N.D.:Abe & Irene, response to above
•September 11:Frederick Hall (McMaster Univ.)
•September 21:Frederick Hall
•October 05:United Church Observer – request for subscription
•October 27/28:Mennonite Community Orchestra program
3.Personal Correspondence. – 1980. (File #25)
•January 11:[PL File] BH to PL, re: OT Music
•January 11:Esther Dyck (Salmon Arm)
•February 25:BH to Bernie Fast, re: meeting of MMHS
•March 17:Bernie Fast to BH, re: regrets
•May 07:Bertha Klassen, re: MCO
•August 08:Herb Belyea, re: new publication of song cycles
•September 29:J.B. Toews (Fresno), re: BH working on paper
•October 08:from J.B. Toews secretary
•October 10:clipping from MB Herald re: message by J. B. Toews
•October 15:Membership list of Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society
•October 22:Herb Belyea, thanking him for copies of his published song cycles
•October 31:Lorne Watson (Brandon), regrets at not attending MCO concert
•November 13:to Lorne Watson, re MCO Concert
•N.D.:BH to Dr. Henry Krahn (President, MBBC), re: draft of letter about role of composer
•November 15:Naomi Kroeker (niece)
•December 04:from J.B. Toews, re: visit with BH in Fresno
•December 17:Shirley Blanchard, ‘The Macdowell Colony’
•December:MBBC College Bulletin: report on Nov 21-22 MBBC Symposium
•December 29:Abe & Mary Stobbe
4.Personal Correspondence. – 1981. (File #26)
•January 22:J.B. Toews, re: response to letter of 4 Dec
•N.D.:Cornelius Klassen, re: questions about ‘Dreiband ’ and ‘Liederperlen’
•February 09:Membership list of Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society
•February 11:Letters requesting catalogues from various nurseries
•February 12:J.B. Toews, re: thank you for letter of 22 Jan
•February 22:Peter Friesen (Kansas), re: Thesis topic
•February 25:Lorne Watson (Brandon), re: series of recitals
•March 02:Wally Dirks, MCO, re: grant application for recording of MPC
•March 05:MCC, re: Research Project to Investigate the State of Folkloric Performing Arts
•March 10:Levy-Coughlin Partnership
•March 20:Bert Kroeker, re: CMEA [Canadian Music Educators] Convention
•April 03:BH to Steven Levy, re: “folkloric arts groups”
•April 21:Program: MBBC – Recital of New Music
•May 02:John DeFehr (Clearbrook)
•June 16:Mabel Laine, administrator, Encyclopedia of Music in Canada
•N.D.:Folk Arts Council, with copy of Autumn edition of ‘Troubador’
•September:Henry Brucks, re: MB churches in Quebec
•N.D.:Henry Brucks, response to above
•September 25:Susie Penner (Winkler), re: Sängerfest
•September 27:card from Esther to PL, re: funeral of Laura Falk
•October 12:Steve Falk, re: course with Mary Oyer
•October 25:Ben & Esther, re: studies at U of T
•October 30:Bernie [Fast?], re: ‘Messiah’
•November 02:Ken Reddig, re: invitation to B&E Horch Appreciation Evening
•November 05:Larry Warkentin, re: Ben & Esther being honored
•November 05:Leonard Isaacs, regrets
•November 09:Erwin Hiebert to B & E
•N.D.:Bertha Klassen, “Rediscovering the joys of singing,” MB Herald
•November 16:Peter & Mary Enns, re: Appreciation Evening
•November 17:John & Katie Epp, re: Appreciation Evening
•December 09:Larry Warkentin, re: history of “Nun ist sie erschienen”
•December 13:Elisabeth Peters
•December 18:Larry Warkentin, re: “Nun ist sie erschienen” and ‘Kernlied’
•December:Poem by Ben “To Patricia”
5.Personal Correspondence. – 1982. (File #27)
•January 07:A.W. Johnson, re: CBC 50 th Anniversary
•January 08:Elmer Hildebrand (CFAM), re: 25th Anniversary
•January 09:Henry DeFehr
•January 11:Peter Letkemann
•January 14:U of Winnipeg, re: Gladys Whitehead
•January 30:George Wiebe, re: Gladys Whitehead
•January 31:PL to BH, re: response to letter of 11 Jan
•February 10:Barbara Clarke (CBC), re: George Cleve Tapes
•February 24:Don R. McLaren, re: George Cleve Tapes
•March 01:Barbara Clarke, explaining request for tapes
•March 27:Peter Letkemann, re: response to letter of 31 Jan
•May 13:Carol Ann Weaver (WLU), re composition of “Die Zeit ist kurz”
•May 17:Carol Ann Weaver, re: “Die Zeit ist kurz”
•June 12:Steven Levey
•August 23:Carol Ann Weaver, thanking her for “Die Zeit”
•September 02:John DeFehr (Clearbrook)
•October 02:John DeFehr, response to above request
•October 03:Peter Letkemann – request for information
•October 14:PL, reply to letter of 3 Oct
•October 15:BH to PL, re: 1st reply to PL letter
•November 15:Peter Letkemann, re: Mennonite music history
•November 16:BH to PL, re: final and shorter version of above
•November 20:Peter Letkemann, re: thanks for letters of 14 Oct and 19 Oct
•December 02:Collision Report from Ben Horch to MPIC
•December 17:BH to PL, re: upcoming drive to K-W
6.Personal Correspondence. – 1983. (File #28)
•N.D.:Larry Warkentin, ‘Evangeline’s Carol’
•N.D.:Notice of ICTM Conference in New York on Aug 8-16, 1983
•January 11:Clarence Hiebert, re: ‘What Shall it Profit ’
•January 19:John Goertz (Kitchener), re: cassette recording of ‘Kernlieder’ recital
•February 08:to David & Pat Falk
•February 19:PL to BH, re: List of Mennonite Sources
•March 02:Note to Harold [Redekopp]
•March 09:Sue Mallet (LSO) to VD, re: Recording of MPC
•March 15:Lorie Davies to Ken Reddig and MMHS
•March 15:Chester Duncan, re: recording of songs
•March 16:BH to PL, re: response to my letter of 19 February
•March 16:George Fiala, re: 4th Symphony
•April:BH to Ken Reddig
•May 16:BH to Dave Dueck re: Recording
•July:Letter from VD re: re-release of his rock opera Beowulf
•August 19:Holda Fast, re: John DeFehr
•October 02:Invitation from Bertha Klassen to Concert in Elmwood MB Church
•October 03:PL to BH, re: “Inter-Mennonite Relations in Music ”
•October 07:Transcription of Ken Reddig’s interview of Ben Horch
•October 11:Ken Reddig and Doreen Klassen to to Dave Dueck
•October 13:from Boris Brott to VD, re: MPC
•October 13:BH to PL, re: Fiala #4 and Multi-Culturalism
•October 14:Note to Doreen Klassen, re: Carol Ann Weaver
•October 17:copy of letter from R. Murray Schaefer to Pierre Juneau
•November 09:Harold Redekopp, re: George Fiala 4th Symphony
•November 14:Bill Reimer (Hannover), re: request for “Die Zeit ist kurz”
•November 17:Clarence Hiebert, re: BH
•November 22:Harold Redekopp, re: Fiala 4th Symphony
•November 23:Bert Friesen, re: article on ‘Hymnology’
•November 24:Program – Dedication Showing of “And When They Shall Ask”
•December 03:Bill & Lydia Reimer (Hannover)
•December 09:BH to PL, re: response to my paper at Symposium
•December 09:J. B. Toews, Fresno, re: refers to my lecture at MB Symposium
•December 12:Draft notes for Interview with Linda Mazurat
•December 17:Minutes of the Arts and Interdisciplinary Committee of the MMHS
•December 17:Friesen (Winnipeg), re: response to questionnaire of 23 Nov
•December 19:photo copy of Xmas letter from BH to Victor Davies
•December 28:J. B. Toews (Fresno), response to letter of 9 Dec 1983
7.Personal Correspondence. – 1984. (File #29)
•January 10:Card from Margaret Pask, with newspaper clipping on BH
•January 12:BH to VD, re: Japanese commission
•January 16:Christine Little (Canadian League of Composers)
•January 20:Margaret Pask
•January 23:Bill Redekopp (Kitchener)
•January 27:Lori Davies to BH, re: response to request for cost estimates
•January 30:Albert Petrak (Telarc) to VD, re: radio response
•March 02:J.B. Toews (Fresno), re: response to letter of 28 Dec 1983
•March 11:Peter Letkemann, re: upcoming research trip to Europe
•March 27:Leonard Enns, re: teaching position for Carol Ann Weaver
•March 28:to J.B. Toews, re: BH response to letter of 28 Dec 1983
•April 05:Leonard Enns, re: reference for Carol Ann Weaver
•[April 18]:Harold Redekopp, re: MPC response
•April 19:Richard Horch, re: Carol Ann Weaver’s “Die Zeit ist kurz”
•April 19:Peter Letkemann, re: research trip to Europe
•April 25:Harold Redekopp, CBC Radio Music,
•April 26:J.B. Toews (Fresno), re: copy of PL letter
•April 27:Peter Letkemann
•May 16:J.B. Toews (Fresno), re: outline of musical development
•May 21:Doreen Klassen to VD, re: MPC and MMHS composers’ competition
•May 25:Ken Reddig, re: grant from Multiculturalism Directorate for Doreen Klassen
•May 30:J.B. Toews (Fresno)
•June 02:Collection of written responses to MPC recording and the film
•June 06:Adrian Papanek, re: recommendation for Doreen Klassen
•June 15:[‘A Survey of MB Church Music: Six Periods of Marked Change, 1860 – 1984’]
•June 18:J. B. Toews (Fresno), re: ‘The MB Church, A History of its Musical Development’
•June 25:John & Hilda Thiessen
•June 29:J.B. Toews re: return of cassette tapes
•July 18:J.B. Toews (Fresno), re: initial response to Ben’s Abstract
•July 31:John Hiebert, re family gathering in USA
•August 04:Holda Fast, re: performance of MPC in Clearbrook
•August 17:Frank DeFehr (Palliser), re: funding for Mennonite Music Commissions
•September 14:copy of card from Mary (?) to BH to re: MPC
•October 01:Lorne Watson (Brandon), re: sends copy of ‘Abstract’
•November 06:The Mennonite, – “MCC Canada Board apologizes to Japanese Canadians”
•November 12:Esther Leni & John Fast, re: Round-Table discussion
•November 14:Ray Lutke (BIOLA), re: Christian International Directors Conference
•November 16:MB Herald, p.12 – “A start to righting an old wrong”
•N.D.:Ron Friesen, “Mennonites feel for exiles plight”
•November 16:PL, re: Esther’s surgery
•November 18:Peter [Klassen? Penner?]
•November 26:Funding Submission – Commissioning of a New Classical Symphony
•November 26:Joanne Ariza (MTC), re: assistance with Amish melodies
•December 03:from Ken Reddig to Waldo Neufeld, MCC, re: commissioning of Japanese ‘Reconciliation’ Symphony
•December 12:John H. Redekopp to Ken Reddig, re: Japanese Symphony
8.Personal Correspondence. – 1985. (File #30)
•N.D.:Spring, 1985: Review of MPC recording
•January 15:Lori Davies to Tony Martens, re: review of MPC
•January 15:David Falk & Pat, re: “Quiet in the Land” as libretto for opera
•January 28:Frank DeFehr (Palliser), re: funding for ‘Symphony’
•January 30:Reynold Siemens, re: religious verse / hymn poetry
•N.D.:Reynold Siemens, with comments on hymn poetry
•February 01:Randy Barnard, CBC Producer, re: Recording of Brahms ‘German Requiem’
•February 06:Donald DeGrow, Chairman, Manitoba Arts Council
•February 06:Patricia [Falk], re: ‘Reconciliation’ Symphony
•N.D.:Draft of memo to Dr. Jacob Isaac and Dr. Bernard Fast
•February 15:Jake Neufeld (Rowanoake), re: ‘Abstract’
•February 16:Bill Janzen (Kitchener), re: ‘Abstract’
•February 25:Henry Engbrecht, re: copy of Marvin Johnson anthem
•March 05:to Dave Dyck (MCC) to Ken Reddig requested MCC involvement in commissioning ‘Reconciliation’ Symphony
•March 21:Pat [Falk], re: “Mennonite opera” of Urie Bender
•March 22:Urie Bender, re: Mennonite opera
•N.D.:Urie Bender, re: response to letter of 22 March
•April 09:BH to Dr. Bernie Fast, re: funding for new commissions
•May 16:BH to Victor Davies, re: Japanese Commission
•June 18:Victor Neufeld, re: reference for Peter Friesen
•June 21:Dave Dueck, re: review of Amish Adventure
•July 14:Victor Davies to BH, re: reply to letter of 16 May
•July 15:Bill Janzen, with attached Menno Singers program
•July 30:Barbara Bunko, Folk Arts Council, re: History of Folklorama
•July 31:Ted [ ? ], re: memories of working at BIOLA Book Store
•N.D.:BH to VD, reply to letter of 14 July
•September 23:VD to BH, acknowledges receipt of letter
•October 02:BH to VD, re: “Umsiedler” commission
•October 20:Gerhard Wall (Abbotsford), re: return of ‘Abstract’
•October 25:Victor Davies to BH, re: “Umsiedler” commission
•November 04:Elfrieda Hiebert (Harvard), re: ‘Contemplating Music’
•November 05:VD to BH, re: Umsiedler symphony
•November 14:David Falk, re: article “Equality Now”
•November 14:BH to Art Miki, re: Symphonic Variations on Japanese Poetry
•November 19:Commission #2
•November 29:BH to VD, re: “Umsiedler” commission – disagreement
•December 15:Boris Brünn (Hagen)
•December 16:BH to Art Miki, re: Japanese Commission
•December 24:Victor Dirks, re: Xmas Letter/Poem
•N.D.:Victor Dirks: response to above letter
•N.D.:Draft of to Ken Reddig, re: Mennonite / Ukrainian Concert
•N.D.:Materials from ICTM
9.Personal Correspondence. – 1986. (File #31)
•January 09:BH to Victor Davies, re: “Umsiedler” commission
•January 19:J.B. Toews (Fresno), re: ‘Table of Contents’ of PL dissertation
•January 23:Larry Warkentin, re: PL Dissertation
•January 23:Victor Doerksen, re: commissioning of new works
•N.D.:memo from BH to Ken Reddig
•January 27:J.B. Toews (Fresno), – “outline of Letkemann’s thesis”
•January 31:BH to Peter Letkemann
•February 04:Bill & Margaret Fast, re: new commission from Victor Davies
•February 04:Larry Warkentin (Fresno), re: performance of his works by MCO
•February 07:Victor Doerksen, reply to BH letter of 23 Jan
•N.D.:Various drafts of letter to Victor Doerksen
•February 21:Larry Warkentin, reply to letter of 4 Feb
•March 03:Memo to Ken Reddig, re: Christian Rock
•N.D.:Draft notes to Harold [Jantz], MB Herald, re: Christian Rock
•March 09:Elfrieda Hiebert (Harvard), re: thanks for Eckhardt-Gramatte book
•March 17:BH to VD: re – “Japanese” Symphony and “Revelation”
•April 10:Sam Willms (Hepburn), re: ‘Abstract’ of MB musical development
•April 30:Harry Loewen
•May 16:VD to BH: re – “Japanese” Symphony, Revelations
•May 17:Program: ‘Spring Program – Wenn Liebe scheint’
•June 05:BH to VD: re – Revelation / Addendum re: Japanese Symphony
•June 17:Elfrieda Hiebert,
•June 18:Gerhard Wall (BC), re: orchestra in Filadelfia, Paraguay
•June 20:Letters to Arthritis Foundation
•June 23:Jake Klassen
•June 27:Gerhard Wall, response to letter of 18 June
•June 27:Mennonite Brethren Herald – letters on ‘Rock Music’
•July 03:Gerhard Wall
•July 15:Gerhard Wall
•July 23:John Coutanche, re: CBC 50 th Anniversary
•August 06:Boris Brün (Hagen)
•August 14:Boris Brün, reply to above letter
•August 19:John Coutanche, re: CBC 50th Anniversary
•September 07:Rev. Henry Born (Mission, BC)
•September 21:Theo Lindenbaum (Detmold)
•September 23:Audrey Nutter, MCA – re: Choral Journal
•September 24:Manfred Wiebe (Stuttgart), re: ‘Mennonite Your Way’
•September 26:Audrey Nutter
•October 3-5:Detmold Treffen: Program
•October 10:Prof. Hajo Hinrichs, with copy of his “Festrede”
•November 22:Hajo Hinrichs in German
•November 22:Report on Annual Meeting of the Mennonite Media Society, Inc.
•November 28:Rev. Henry Born – response to letter of 7 Sep
•December 01:Xmas Card from Bill & Lydia Reimer
•December 03:Copy of letter from Katie Funk Wiebe to Dave Dueck
•December 03:BH to VD: re – “Essay for Guitar and Orchestra”
•December 05:BH to VD, re discussion of an option to the ‘Umsiedler’ symphony
10.Personal Correspondence. – 1987. (File #32)
•N.D.:BH to Bill Baerg, re: Commissioning Agenda
•N.D.:Notes on Mary Oyer Festival Quarterly, Spring 1987
•February 02:ICTM, re: 29th World Conference in East Berlin
•February 09:BH to Bill Baerg: memo re repertoire for “Essay”
•N.D.:BH to VD: memo
•February 12:Dave Dueck to Dr. B.B. Fast, re: funding for proposed commission
•N.D.:BH to David Dueck, reply to above letter of 12 Feb
•February 13:Letter to Peter Dyck, St. Catherines, re: “Essay”
•February 25:Peter J. Dick (St. Catherines), response to letter of 13 Feb
•February 26:Gerhard Wall, re: Orchestral programs in Paraguay
•March 11:Bill Baerg to BH
•March 27:BH harmonization of “Stille Sein” – Orchestral Variations
•March 28:Memo to Baerg, re: “Stille Sein”
•March 31:Bill Reimer, re: Detmold Reunion
•April 10:George Fiala
•April 11:John Fast
•April 17:Dave Dueck to Clarence Hiebert
•April 20:Linda Willems Fast, re: request to write a report on BH
•May 16:Ernie Enns, re: work with Umsiedler conductors
•May 23:Linda Willems Fast, re: Brotherfield Mennonite Church history
•May 27:Victor & Dorothy Martens
•May 28:Esther Horch writes to Mary & Ed [Barkman]
•June 03:Letter from Linda Willems Fast, re: Brotherfield Book
•June 16:Mary Barkm
•August 04:Dr. Allan Katzberg, with C.V. included
•August 28:Erwin Hiebert, re: “Einstein Tonight”
•September 02:Reply from Elfrieda on behalf of Erwin
•October 01:Editors, EMC, re: Supplement to 1981
•October 13:Jake Schroeder (Waldheim), re: 80th Birthday Celebration
•October 14:Carol Ann Weaver from Barb McLean, WSO
•October 15:Ron Colby, Radio WCPE, Dave Dueck, re: MPC
•October 19:Draft to Audrey Nutter, MCA
•October 29:Don Thiessen, WBC, re: thank you for birthday greetings
•November 13:BH to Chester Duncan – re: Review of MPC
•November 15:L.W. Fast to B & E, re: Brotherfield Books
•November 24:Doreen Millin re: Prix Manitoba Award
•November 28:Program: ‘Messiah’ conducted by Henry Engbrecht
•December 10:Clarence Hiebert, re: Reply to letter of 17 March 1987
•December 27:to Joyce Redekop-Fink, re: Xmas greetings
11.Personal Correspondence. – 1988. (File #33)
•N.D.:Jochen and Carolyn Eggert, re: Orchestration
•January 20:Victor Davies to Bill Baerg
•January 20:VD to Mennonite Media Society
•January 24:Winnipeg Free Press
•January 25:Ben & Lydia Enns (Winkler), re: recital of Norma Enns
•February 10:Rita Menzies, re: Esther won two season tickets to Man. Chamber Orchestra
•March 14:Judy Wasylycia-Leis, re: thanks for recording
•March 14:David Ewert (President, MBBC), re: proposed course on Music and Multiculturalism
•March 25:Judy Wasylycia-Leis, re: Commissioning Projects
•March 29:David Ewert, re: positive reply to proposal on multiculturalism course
•April 13:Bill Baerg, re: Course on Music and Multiculturalism
•April 18:Victor Davies, re: “Essay for Guitar and Orchestra”
•April 22:BH: “About Commissioning Ethno-Canadian Folk Song Roots”
•April 25:Clarence Hiebert, re: MPC not to be performed by Wichita Symphony
•May 03:Bert Friesen, re: pictorial history of Mennonites
•May 04:V. Davies to BH, re: “Essay”
•June 21:Gladys Whitehead, re: contribution to MBBC Music Department
•June:Letter from John Laing re: “Gladys Whitehead Scholarship”
•July 07:Reminder from Manitoba Ukrainian Arts Council
•July 30:Karen Klassen (violin), re: Continental Ministries Orchestra Tour
•August 9/12:drafts of two letters to Karen Klassen
•August 15:John Laing Singers, re: grateful response to Ben’s contribution
•September 30:Notice from Ukrainian Arts Council
•October 01:Lionel Ditz, Ukrainian Arts Council
•October 12:Joyce Redekop-Fink, with attached programs and reviews
•October 26:Joyce Redekop-Fink
•November 16:Franz (Zeidler), re: proposal to create Performing Arts centre in North Battleford
•November 24:Victor Davies to BH, re: Revelation
•December 03:Steve and Jonathan Falk
•December 10:BH to Larry Warkentin, re: new piano concerto in G
•December 15:Brian Gingerich, re: Jazz and Rock
•December 19:Walfried Dirks, re: Question of Pipe Organ for 1 st Mennonite Church
12.Personal Correspondence. – 1989. (File #34)
•January 03:Joyce Redekop-Fink, re: Xmas greetings
•January 15:Memo to Roy Vogt, re: Joyce Redekop Fink
•January 19:Joyce Redekop-Fink, reply to letter of 3 Jan
•January 28:Four Grandsons
•March 02:Victor Davies to BH re: “Revelation”
•March 15:BH to Victor Davies thoughts on “Revelation”
•April 05:Victor Davies to BH, re: Revelation
•May 26:David Falk
•June 16:Allan A. Katzberg [former teacher at WBI]
•June 21:Joyce Redekop-Fink
•July 03:Joyce Redekop-Fink, re: upcoming recital in Winnipeg
•July 20:Irmgard Penner, re: death of former chorister Brigitte
•July 21:Gerald D. Harder, student at Univ. of Western Ontario
•July 23:Miriam
•August 11:Gerald D. Harder, re: response to letter of 21 July
•August 14:Letter of PL to Gerald D. Harder
•September 01:Allan & Betty Katzberg
•September 22:Franz Zeidler
•October 17:Larry Warkentin, re: performance of piano concerto
•October 29:Gerald D. Harder
•November 13:Doreen Klassen, to “Dear Uncle Ben”
•December:Larry Warkentin, re: Xmas greetings
•N.D.:BH to Larry Warkentin
•December 12:Joyce Redekop-Fink
•December 23:Larry Warkentin
13.Personal Correspondence. – 1990. (File #35)
•January 10:James Pankratz (President, MBBC), re: MPC
•January 15:Joyce Redekopp, re: History of ICTM
•January 16:Joyce Redekopp
•January 17:Elfrieda Hiebert, re: History of ICTM
•February 22:Larry Warkentin + draft
•March 02:John Fast
•March 04:Program: Harpsichord Recital by Joyce Redekopp-Fink
•March 09:Leo Driediger, re: copy of Mennonites in Winnipeg
•March 16:Audrey Nutter
•March 19:Audrey Nutter, re: membership in Manitoba Choral Society
•March 22:Gerhard Wall
•March 27:Jack Dueck
•April 04:Larry Warkentin, re: thanks and appreciation to BH
•April 20:to Harold Fehderau (Kitchener), re: Sermon at 1st Mennonite Church
•April 22:Joyce Redekop-Fink, re: recital in Winnipeg
•April 23:Handwritten note about commissioning works
•May 04:Martha & Peter N. Pauls
•May 17:Martha & Peter N. Pauls (Glenbush, SK)
•May 17:Jack Dueck
•May 17:Joyce Redekopp & Karl Fink, re: Harpsichord Recital in Winnipeg
•June 27:Harold Fehderau – response to Ben’s letter of 20 April
•July 04:Lori Davies to BH, re: reviews of MPC
•August 01:Holda Fast, re: Kernlieder Cycle
•August 22:John & Esther Fast
•August 31:Doreen Klassen
•November 11:Ken Reddig
•November 15:Victor Doerksen, re: Kernlieder Cycle
•December 11:Esther Wiebe
•December 11:Howard Dyck, re: performance of MPC in Kitchener
•December 19:Victor Davies
•December 27:Howard Dyck, re: performance of MPC; plans for 1991
•December 31:Victor Davies; handwritten notes on “Revelation ”
14.Personal Correspondence. – 1991. (File #36)
•January 02:Elfriede Schroeder to Larry Warkentin, re: piano concerto
•January 10:Abe Dueck, re: Kernlieder Cycle
•January 21:Albert DeFehr
•January 26:Lori Davies to BH, re: Victor and his struggle with “Revelation”
•February 06:Peter Penner
•February 12:Howard Dyck – re: music of Larry Warkentin
•March 18:Larry Warkentin
•April 06:Victor Davies to Fast Family
•April 16:Larry Warkentin [includes draft of lengthy letter]
•April 18:John Martens
•April 19:Larry Warkentin
•April 21:Memo to John Neufeld, CMBC
•April 29:Anne & Harold Rink
•May 13:George K. Epp – returning John Fast’s thesis
•May 13:Discussion Paper to John Neufeld
•N.D.:Martha Janzen – re: Discussion Paper of 13 May 1991
•May 14:Harold and Anne Rink (Vancouver)
•June 06:Larry Warkentin, re: response to lengthy letter
•June 27:Victor Davies to BH, re: Revelation
•August 14:Harold and Anne Rink (Vancouver)
•September 05:Julia Eszlinger Jensen, re: Eszlinger Reunion of July 1991
•September 12:memo to Abe Dueck, re: MPC & KC
•September 18:Larry Nickel
•September 24:Sara Wyse-Wenger (Boston)
•October 24:Reynold Siemens re: sale of his cello
•November 06:Sara Wyse-Wenger re: Elfrieda’s presentation on MPC and Kernlieder
•November 10:Sara Wyse-Wenger, re: copies of letters on MPC
•November 13:Elfrieda Hiebert, re: Kernlieder Cycle and MPC
•December 12:Card from Wanda Becker
•December 20:David Falk, re: Premiere of Kernlieder Cycle
•December 20:Peter Klassen
•December:Letter and Xmas Card from Ruth Watson Henderson
•N.D.:Memo to Abe Dueck
15.Personal Correspondence. – 1992. (File #37)
•January 03:David Falk – re: works of Larry Warkentin
•January 03:Wanda Becker – address of Victor Davies
•January 14:Dr. Bernie Fast
•N.D.:Ruth Watson Henderson, reply to Xmas Card and Letter
•January 19:Ruth Watson Henderson
•January 21:Alvin Reimer
•January 21:Allan K[atzberg] – story of “Great-Grandma and Napoleon the Great”
•N.D.:BH to Allan & Betty K[atzberg]
•January 22:Ted Friesen, re: 35th Anniversary of Altona Community Choir
•February 10:Jochen Eggert – includes to David Falk of Jan 03
•February 17:Doreen Klassen – reports on her pending trip to Zimbabwe
•March 04:Audrey Nutter – thanks for donation of $50.00 to Manitoba Choral Assoc
•April 20:Victor Davies, re: ‘Revelation’
•May 12:Reynold Siemens
•May 14:George Wiebe – re: Tour of Faith & Life Choir to Ukraine
•May 19:Howard Dyck – re: 70th Birthday celebration for George Fiala
•May 20:Esther & John Fast – re: Reynold Siemens cassette
•May 21:Victor Davies to BH, re: Revelation
•May 24:David Falk, re: KC – Thomas Jahn
•N.D.:Holda Fast – re: CD of Larry Nickel “Songs My Father Taught Me”
•June 21:Program: Summer Festival of Music on the Red
•September 14:Boris Brün [friend in Germany] to Esther
•September 19:Peter Letkemann from Joyce Redekop-Fink, re: recital in Kiev
16.Funeral Programs, Certificates and Obituaries. – 1932, 1992-1994. (File #38)
•Ben Horch – death certificate, funeral program, obituary from Free Press
•Esther Horch – funeral program
17.Undated Correspondence. -- [ca 198-?]. (File #39)
•Al [?]- draft of letter
•Paul [?] – re: his review of John Redekop
•Barkmann, Menno (Steinbach)
•Enns, Mary M. (Winnipeg – Mirror), re: material gathered on Cornelius Klassen
•Falk, Steve (Grandson), re: personal maters
•Fast, Holda (Abbotsford), re: her involvement in new MB Hymnal committee
•Morrison, Ian, response to appeal for support from Pierre Berton
•Oyer, Mary (Goshen College), re: visit to Goshen in mid-1970s
•Pauls, Herb
•Redekopp, Harold (CBC Toronto), re: MPC and ethno-oriented commissions
•Schwarz-Trivett, Linda (MBBC), re: response to “High Church”
•Watson, Lorne (Brandon Univ), re: 90th Birthday celebration for Ferdinand Eckhardt
•Weaver, Carol Ann (MBBC).Notes on Carol Ann
•[Wiebe], Esther & George

Subseries 2.2: Ben Horch and CFAM Radio.
18.Correspondence in regards to CFAM. – 1956-1959, 1967, 1989. (File #40)
•1956 November 19:BH to John P. Martens, Secretary MSO
•1956 November 29:BH to Southern Manitoba Broadcasting Co.
•1956 December 26:BH to D.K. Friesen, re: reply to offer of 18 Dec
•1957 January 22:BH to D.K. Friesen; re: record library for CFAM
•1957 January 22:BH to Walter Kroeker; re: record library for CFAM
•1957 February 11:Document 1249: The Annual Report of the University Radio-Television Committee for the Year1956
•1957 April 17:BH: “Relative to the question of HIT PARADE”
•1957 November 11 – December 09:Correspondence re: Louisville Orchestra Recordings
•1957 N.D.:Brochure: Folkways Records, Number 1 – 1957
•1957 N.D.:Program Analysis – CFAM “Your Good Music Station”
•1957 N.D.:Red River Valley Echo, “Music Director Places Emphasis on Classics”
•1958 June:Letter to D.K. Friesen – re differences of opinion about “Western” and “Barbershop”
•1958 July 15:Letter from Dick Lazenby, Quality Records
•1958 October 14: Letter from James Larson, Program Director KWFM
•1958 November 08:Letter from Peggy Sampson
•1958 November 13:BH to Dick Lazenby, Quality Records
•1958 November 18:BH to Peggy Sampson
•1958 November 19:BH to Management
•1958 November 19:BH to Werner Jorgensen
•1958 December 06:Letter of Carmen-Litta Magnus
•1958 December 08:Letter of Dr. E. Lanwer, German Consul
•1958 December 16:BH to Dr. E. Lanwer, German Consul
•1958 December 23:Xmas Card from Dan E. Cameron, CBC
•1959 January 08:Letter from John Doerksen to BH
•1959 January 22:Letter from Clyde Logan, BBC Transcription Service
•1959 January 23:Letter from Jean Sadler, Union Zionist Council
•1959 January 29:BH to Prof. Paul Yuzyk, UofM
•1959 February 17:Letter of Paul Yuzyk to BH
•1959 March 17:BH to Clyde Logan, BBC
•1959 March 25:Letter of Dr. Lanwer to BH re: recordings
•1959 April 01:Classical Record Library
•1959 April 02:Program Policy – CFAM
•1959 April 13:From Clyde Logan, BBC Transcription Service
•1959 June 05:BH to Paul Yuzyk
•1967 April 18:Article in Canadian Mennonite
•1989 July 25:Letter from A.J. Thiessen to BH
•1959 August 21:BH to A.J. Thiessen
•N.D.:Letter to Ted [Friesen] re: CFAM and Southern Manitoba Choral Society – 35th Anniversary
19. – Correspondence to CFAM. – 1957. (File #41 “Fan Mail/RSVP.”)
Letters to Ben Horch in response to his Request show on CFAM from fans mainly within Southern Manitoba.
20. – Mail in regards to CFAM. – 1958. (File #42)
Letters to Ben Horch in response to his Request show on CFAM from fans mainly within Southern Manitoba. Includes thirteen letters from early 1959.

Subseries 2.3: Ben Horch and the CBC.
Volume 1236 (Box 10)
1.CBC File for Late Concert. – 1959-1962. (File #43)
•Memos to Norm Cowan and later Ken Murphy CBC Information Services, for publication in CBC Times
2.CBC File for Clockwatcher. – 1959. (File #44)
3.CBC File for Music in Miniature. – 1959-1960. (File #45)
4.CBC File for Prairie Schooner. – 1959-1961. (File #46)
5.CBC File for Sunday Chorale. – 1959-1961. (File #47)
6.CBC File on Jazz and Modern Composers. – 1965-1966. (File #48)
7.Scripts for CBC Radio Show “World of Music”. – [1959-1973]. (File #49)
8.Scripts for CBC Radio Show “World of Music”. – [1959-1973]. (File #49)
9.Scripts for CBC Radio Show “World of Music”. – [1959-1973]. (File #49)
10.Scripts for CBC “World of Music” Choral Series. – [1959-1973]. (File #49)
11.Scripts for CBC “World of Music” Specials including War Requiem. – 1965. (File #49)
12.Scripts for CBC “World of Music”. – [1959-1973]. (File #49)
13.Correspondence for “World of Music”. – 1967-1968. (File #49)
14.Correspondence and Scripts from “Centennial School Choirs”. – 1966-1967. (File #50)
15.Correspondence regarding “Let the People Sing”. – 1967-1973. (File #51)
16.Correspondence and Scripts regarding “Music from the Prairies, Keyboard Artists”. – 1969. (File #52)
17.Correspondence and Scripts regarding “Music from the Prairies, Keyboards Artists”. – 1969-1970. (File #53)
18.Correspondence and Scripts regarding “Organists in Recital”. – 1970-1971. (File #54)
19.Correspondence regarding “Prairie Choir Series”. – 1965-1966. (File #54)
20.Prairie Centennial Choir Competition Correspondence. – 1966-1967. (File #54)
21.Prairie Choirs Correspondence. -- 1967-1968. (File #54)
22.Prairie Choirs Correspondence. – 1968-1969. (File #54)
23.Correspondence regarding Young Choral Societies from the Prairies. – 1969-1970. (File #54)Volume 1237 (Box 11)
Alphabetical List of Prairie Choirs recorded, includes CBC scripts, correspondence, music and photos.
01. – Bandurist Male Choir. – 1967. (File #60)
02. – Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral Choir. – 1967. (File #61)
03. – Brandon Choral Workshop. – 1967-1968. (File #62)
04. – Briercrest Chorale, Aikinhead. – 1968. (File #63)
05. – Calgary Festival Chorus. – 1968. (File #64)
06. – Canadian Bible College. – 1963-1968. (File #65)
07. – Canadian Mennonite Bible College. – 1966-1970 (File #66)
08. – Chidori Kai/Japanese Community Choir. – 1968. (File #67)
09. – Dalton Singers, Choral Bells. – 1966-1968. (File #68)
10. – Da Camera Singers. – 1967-1968. (File #69)
11. – Greystone Singers. – 1965-1970. (File # 70)
12. – International Music Camp. – 1963-1969. (File #71)
13. – Kelvin Graduates Choir. – 1968. (File #72)
14. – Killarney Glee Club. – 1966. (File #73)
15. – La Chorale Des Jeunesses Musicale. – 1968. (File #74)
16. – L’Ensemble Vocal. – 1968. (File #75)
17. – Les Chorale des Intrepides. – 1968. (File #76)
18. – Lethbridge Teen Clefs. – 1968-1970. (File #77)
19. – Mennonite Brethren Bible College. -- 1966-1970. (File #78)
20. – Mennonite Children’s Choir. – 1966-1972. (File #79)
21. – Polish Sokol Choir. – 1968. (File #80)
22. – Prairie Bible Institute. – 1962-1969. (File #81)
23. – Saskatchewan School of the Arts. – 1968. (File #82)
24. – Schola Cantorum. – 1966-1968. (File #83)
25. – Solo Deo Gloria Choir. – 1969. (File #84)
26. – Steinbach Treble Teens. – 1966-1969. (File #85)
27. – Summer Music School Choir. – 1968. (File #86)
28. – Ukrainian Male Chorus. – 1966-1967. (File #87)
29. – Ukrainian National Federation Choir. – 1966-1972 (File #88)
30. – University of Alberta. – 1968. (File #89)
31. – Brandon University Singers. – 1967-1968. (File #90)
32. – University of Manitoba Choir. – 1967-1968. (File #91)
33. – Western Manitoba Philharmonic Choir. – 1966-1968. (File #92)
34. – Winkler Choristers. – 1967-1968. (File #93)
35. – Winnipeg Girls Choir. – 1966-1968. (File #94)
36. – Winnipeg Ladies Choir. – 1966-1968. (File #95)

Volume 1238 (Box 12)
01. – Correspondence between CBC and Winnipeg Symphony. – 1969-1970. (File #96)
Brochure Listing Concerts for 1969/70 Season
Correspondence: May 6, 1969 – May 1, 1970
1969 September 09:Tom Taylor to Leonard Stone: Confirmation to broadcast 57 minutes from the first 10 concerts
1969 October 09: Third Quarter Broadcasts
October 04: The first broadcast
October 24: Letter to Keith MacMillan
October 18: Orchestral Concert
November 01:Isaac Stern
November 15:Walter Susskind, conductor and pianist
December 06:Richard Goode
1970 January 08: Fourth Quarter Broadcasts
January 10: Gisela Depkat, performs Dvorak Cello Concerto
February 10: Juan Pablo Izquierdo
March 03: Andres Segovia – played only solo works
March 17: George Cleve and Orchestra
March 31: Jan Peerce
Payment sheets to WSO
02. – Correspondence between CBC and Winnipeg Symphony. – 1970-1971. (File #97)
Brochure Listing Concerts for 1970/71 Season
Correspondence: Feb 23, 1970 – Mar 5, 1971
1971 January 20: John Roberts to Jack Phillips
1971 January 26: Tom Taylor to John Roberts
1971 February 01: John Roberts to Tom Taylor
Loose Correspondence: Aug 06, 1970 – Apr 22, 1971
Payment sheets to WSO
Shipping Orders
03. – Scripts and Production Notes for Winnipeg Symphony Concerts on CBC. – 1970-1971. (File #98)
Scripts for 1970/71 Season
George Cleve, conductor / Richard Goode, pianist
George Cleve, conductor / Gita Karasik, pianist: Beethoven Bicentenary Concert
Piero Gamba, conductor / Morley Meredith, baritone: premiere of Eckhardt-Gramatté “Manitoba Symphony”
Arthur Fiedler, conductor / William Aide – piano
Lawrence Smith, conductor / Henryk Szeryng, violin: Sibelius Concerto
Alfredo Bonavera, conductor / Byron Janis, piano: Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2
Brian Priestman, conductor
Richard Dufallo, conductor / Edith Peinemann, violin (Prokofiev): Bartok, Concerto for Orchestra
Victor Feldbrill, conductor / Arthur Polson (Adaskin Concerto): Schubert No. 5
Clifford Evans, conductor / Van Cliburn, piano
04. – Correspondence between CBC and Winnipeg Symphony. – 1971-1972. (File #99)
Bound Correspondence: Jul 28, 1971 – Feb 21, 1972
Loose Correspondence: Sep 17, 1971 – Dec 16, 1971
05. – Scripts and Production Notes for WSO Concerts on CBC. – 1971-1972. (File #100)
Scripts for 1971/72 Season
Program of Recorded Music, including Eckhardt-Gramatté
Piero Gamba, conductor; Philharmonic Choir – Beethoven 9th Symphony
Piero Gamba, conductor; Karin Redekopp, piano, Beethoven No. 1
Piero Gamba, conductor; Vladimir Ashkenazy, piano, Mozart K. 466 & Rachmaninoff “Paganini”
Boris Brott, conductor; Beckett & McDonald, duo-pianists
Xmas Special with Arthur Polson, WSO and Philharmonic Choir
Piero Gamba, conductor; Garrick Ohlsson, piano, Chopin No. 1
Piero Gamba, conductor; Beckett & McDonald, Robert Turner Concerto
Piero Gamba, conductor; Itzhak Perlman, violin, Prokofiev No. 2
Piero Gamba, conductor; Rostropovich
Scripts for Orchestral Concert
06. – General Correspondence from CBC; School Broadcasts and Program Development. – 1968-1970. (File #101)
General Correspondence from 16 Jul 1968 – 10 Mar 1970
1968 August 14: L.E. Thompson, re: Assignments for School Broadcasts 1968-69
Tuneful Tales 13, 27-minute music broadcasts
Let’s Sing Together 15, 27-minute music broadcasts
Merry Music 11, 15-minute music programs
1968 August 30: Gertrude McCance, re: Ben’s new assignment as producer of school broadcasts
1968 September 10: Gertrude McCance, re: Let’s Sing Together 1968-69 season
1968 September 25: BH to Gertrude McCance
1969 March 12: BC School Broadcast Recitals
1969 June 30: Gertrude McCance to Jean Mackay, re: School Broadcasts
1969 July 14: L.E. Thompson, re: Assignments for School Broadcasts 1969-70
1969 September 15: BH: Agenda for School Music Broadcasts, 1969-70
1969 October 22: correspondence re: production of Winnipeg Youth Orchestra recording with Polson / Aide
1970 March 10: Glen Pierce, et.al, re: agenda for Sight Singing
07. – Correspondence and Scripts for “Band 5”. – 1971-1972. (File #102)
Correspondence from 18 Mar 1971 – 27 Apr 1972
1971: Scripts for five (5) 15-minute Broadcast Programs
1972: Scripts for six (6) 15-minute Broadcast Programs
08. – Correspondence and Scripts for “Band 5”. – 1972-1973. (File #103)
Correspondence from 30 May 1972 – 01 Mar 1973
1973: Scripts for five (5) 15-minute Broadcast Programs
09. – Correspondence and Scripts for “Tuneful Tales”. – 1972-1973. (File #104)
Correspondence from 25 Sep 1972 – 14 Feb 1973
Scripts for 13 Broadcast Programs
Copy of Tuneful Tales song sheet for 1972-73
10. – Curriculums for Music 101, 201, 301, 100, 200, 300. – 1976.
11. – Manitoba School Broadcasts Booklets. – 1972-1973.
Radio and Television Broadcasts – Music, October 1972 – May 1973
Radio and Television Broadcasts – Ages 6-8
Radio and Television Broadcasts – Ages 9-12
Radio and Television Broadcasts – Ages 13 and up
Radio and Television Broadcasts – French
12. – Calendar for TV and Radio Programs at the CBC. – 1972-1973.Volume 1239 (Box 13)
1. Correspondence between Arthur Polson, William Aide and Ben Horch. – 1967-1968. (File #105).
2. Correspondence between Peggy Sampson, Joyce Redekopp and Ben Horch. – 1969. (File #106).
3. Correspondence between the Mennonite Children’s Choir and Ben Horch. – 1968-1972. (File #107).
4. Correspondence between the Kelvin Choir and Ben Horch. – 1972-1973. (File #108).
5. Correspondence between Ben Horch and Dick Seaborn regarding Canadians All. – 1968- 1970. (File #109).
6. Correspondence between Ben Horch, Garth Beckett, Boyd McDonald and the CBC. – 1971. (File #110).
7. Internal Correspondence at the CBC. – 1963-1968. (File #111).
8. Schedule and Scripts regarding “Christmas Company”. – 1969. (File #112).
9. CBC Research Report. – 1970. (File #113).
10. Internal Files from CBC. – 1970-1971. (File #114).
11. Miscellaneous papers regarding CBC. – 1970-1972. (File #115).
12. Miscellaneous CBC documents. – 1970-1972. (File #116).
13. Association of Canadian Orchestras. – 1972. (File #117).
14. Correspondence between the CBC and the Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists. – 1971-1973. (File #118).
15. Catalogue of Foreign Radio Recordings. – 24 February 1969. (File #119).
16. Correspondence Regarding Program Development at CBC. – 1963-1971. (File #120).Subseries 2.4: KFAC Radio.
17. Programs Guides for KFAC. – 1940-1943. (File #121).
18. Music Bulletin Distribution List. – 1971-1972.
19. The Canadian Collection Volume I & II. – [19--].

Subseries 2.5: Public Service Files.
Volume 1240 (Box 14)
1. Correspondence between the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Ben Horch. – 1973-1974. (File #122)
2. Correspondence between the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Ben Horch. – 1974-1975. (File #123)
3. Correspondence regarding Winnipeg Centennial Celebrations. – 1973-1974. (File #124)
4. Grant Applications for Winnipeg Centennial. – 1974. (File #125)
5. Music Commissions for Winnipeg Centennial. – 1974. (File #126)
6. Hugh Bancroft Commissions. – 1974. (File #127)
7. Herb Belyea Commissions. – 1974. (File #128)
8. Chester Duncan Commissions. – 1974. (File #129)
9. Marcien Ferland Commissions. – 1974. (File #130)
10. Neil Harris Commissions. – 1974. (File #131)
11. Boyd McDonald Commissions. – 1974. (File #132)
12. Daryl Torchia Commissions. – 1974. (File #133)
13. Bruce Carlson Commissions. – 1974. (File #134)
14. Correspondence between the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada and Ben Horch. – 1973-1988. (File #135)
15. Steinbach Community Orchestra. – 1974. (File #136)
16. Correspondence regarding the Mennonite Community Orchestra. – 1976-1978. (File #137)
17. Correspondence regarding the Canadian Folk Music Society. – 1968. (File #138)

Subseries 2.6: Personal Files.
Volume 1241 (Box 15).
01. – Victor Davies. – 1986-1996.
02. – Original Score, Mennonite Piano Concerto by Victor Davies.
Water damaged.
03. – Original Score, a Shore Symphony for Winnipeg by Victor Davies. – 1974.
04. – Unrevised Sore, Celebrations by Victor Davies. – 1969.
05. – Variations for Orchestra by Victor Davies. – 1964.
06. – From Harmony by Victor Davies. – 1968.
07. – Three Songs by Walter Whitman by Victor Davies. – 196-?
08. – George Fiala. – 1972-1992.
09 A/B. – Original Score, Symphony No. 4 (Ukrainian), by George Fiala. – 1973.
10. – Elfrieda Hiebert and the International Council for Traditional Music. – 1988-1990.
11. – Correspondence with Reynold Siemens. – 1984-1992.
12. – Correspondence with Franz Zeidler. – 1975 – 1989.
13. – Correspondence with Bill Reimer. – 1987-1990.
14. – Correspondence and scores regarding Kernlieder cycle. – 1991-1994.
Includes a copy of the score and original photos used in the recording cover.Volume 1242 (Box 16).
01. – Photos, tickets and tourist paraphernalia from holidays to the USA, Jamaica and Canada. – [197-?]

Subseries 1.6: Esther Horch Diaries and C.N. Hiebert work.

02. – Obituary and funeral program for C.N. Hiebert, correspondence, reviews and letters regarding publishing of “C.N. Hiebert Was My Father” and thanks from readers. – 1975.
03. – Manuscript “C.N. Hiebert Was My Father.” Corrected by Erwin Hiebert. – 1976.
04. – Highlights by Esther Horch. – [1---]
Four notebooks listing the days of the year and important events which happened on those days in Esther and Ben and their families life.

Subseries 2.6 resumes
05. – Programs of Manitoba Music Competition Festival. – 1929, 1931, 1933-1938, 1957.
06. – Seven Scribblers written by Ben Horch. – 1993.
Writings on Ben’s personal philosophy and articles on things Ben was interested in.
07. – History of Two Mennonite College Music Departments, correspondence and drafts of discussion paper. – 1991.
08. – History of the Mennonite Brethren Church’s Musical Development, Rough Drafts and Responses. – 1984.
09. – Ben Horch’s Philosophy and History of Music. – 1958-1991.
10. – “In Contact.” Newspaper. – 1990-1993.
11. – Ben’s Multicultural Activities. – 1983-1992.
12. – Ben’s Multicultural Activities. – 1959 - 1973

Volume 1243 (Box 17).
01. – John C. Klassen’s recollections of Ben Horch. – 2008
Presented at Morning Out for Seniors Meeting.
02-13 from Shoebox Notes.
02. – Ben’s Notes on the Role of Rock.
Written on the backs of old letters, cards, napkins and photographs.
03. – Ben’s Notes on the Ethnic Commissions.
04. – Ben’s Notes on Hymnology.
05. – Ben’s Notes on Anabaptist Music.
06. – Ben’s Notes on his Personal Life.
07. – Ben’s Notes on Lay Music.
08. – Ben’s Notes on his Radio Career.
09. – Ben’s Views on the Organ in Worship.
10. – The Connection between Music and Human Rights.
11. – The History of Music.
12. – Philosophy of Music.
13. – Shoebox Notes.

Series 3: Audio Recordings.
Interview: Ben & Esther Horch by Peter Letkemann, Author: Ben and Esther Horch, 19 January
1987, Ben Horch Research, Winnipeg, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 06 June
2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical Description: .
Interview: Ben & Esther Horch by Peter Letkemann, Author: Ben and Esther Horch, 27 January
1987, Ben Horch Research, Winnipeg, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 06 June
2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical Description: .
Interview: Ben & Esther Horch, Author: Ben and Esther Horch, 27 May 1987, Ben Horch Research,
Winnipeg, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 06 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical
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Interview: Ben & Esther Horch, part 1, Author: Ben and Esther Horch, 30 December 1982, Ben
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Interview: Ben & Esther Horch, part 2, Author: Ben and Esther Horch, 30 December 1982, Ben
Horch Research, Winnipeg, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 06 June 2008.Mitsui Gold
CDt: Physical Description: .
Interview, George Wiebe, Author: George Weibe, January 1987, Ben Horch Research, Winnipeg,
Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDr: Physical Description: .
Interview, Eduard Horch, Part I, Author: Eduard Horch, 19 March 1987, Ben Horch Research,
Winnipeg, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical
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Interview, Eduard Horch, Part 2, Author: Eduard Horch, 19 March 1987, Ben Horch Research,
Winnipeg, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical
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Interview, David Falk, Author: David Falk, April 21, 1987, Ben Horch Research, Winnipeg,
Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical Description: .
Messiah, Third Annual Performance, Author: MBBC Oratorio Choir, Mennonite Symphony
Orchestra, 29 March 1948, King Memorial United Church, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD
on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical Description: .
Messiah, Author: North Kildonan MB Choir, Joyce Redekop, 22 April 1962, North Kildonan MB
Church, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical
Description: .
Messiah, Part I, Author: Mennonite Oratorio Choir, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, 13 March
1975, Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June
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Messiah, Part 2, Author: Mennonite Oratorio Choir, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, 13 March
1975, Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June
2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical Description: .
Kernlieder, Author: MBBC A Cappella Choir, 31, May 1951, Mennonite Brethren Bible College,
Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical Description: .
Kernlieder, Author: [1960?], Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold
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Interview, Eduard Horch Part I, Author: Eduard Horch, 24 February 1987, Ben Horch Research,
Winnipeg, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical
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Interview, Eduard Horch Part 2, Author: Eduard Horch, 24 February 1987, Ben Horch Research,
Winnipeg, Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical
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Ben Horch 80th Birthday Sangerfest, Author: Mennonite Mass Choir, 2 October 1987, Winnipeg,
Tranfered gold CDR from Consumer CD on 11 June 2008.Mitsui Gold CDt: Physical Description: .
Ben Horch Dictation of Letter to Peter Letkemann, Author: Ben Horch, 1983, 13-16, 10-13, This
CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
So Did We Then Sing, Author: Esther Horch, 1981 January 25, CMBC/MBBC Church Music
Conference, Winnipeg, This CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
MCD-07-121 Side
Ben and Esther Horch Appreciation Event, Author: CMBS, [198-?], Winnipeg, This CD Needs to
be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
MCD-07-132 Side
Ben and Esther Horch Appreciation Event, Author: CMBS, [198-?], Winnipeg, This CD Needs to
be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
"Equality Now", Author: Ben Horch, , Also on Reel to reel tape #003.This CD Needs to be
transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Ben Horch - A Celebration of Life, Author: 1992-07-06, First Mennonite Church, Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada, This CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Horch Family Recordings, Author: Horch Family, Viola Horch, Emmanuel Horch, 1943-1952,
Winnipeg, This CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
CFAM Broadcasts, Author: Ben Horch, Peter Letkemann, Ron James., , Altona, This CD Needs to
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Interview: Gerhard Wall, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-08-31, Clearbrook, BC, From the Ben
Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Gerhard Wall, Interview: Peter J. Dick, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-08-31/10,
Clearbrook, BC, St. Catherines, Ont., From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be
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Interview: Peter J. Dick, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-08-10, St. Catherines, Ont., From the Ben
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Interview: Victor Martens, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-08-06, Waterloo, Ont., From the Ben
Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Victor Martens, part 2, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-08-06, Waterloo, Ont., From the
Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Nikolai Fehderau, part 1, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-08-06, Kitchener, Ont., From
the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Nikolai Fehderau, part 2, John Goerz, part 1, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-08-06/07,
Kitchener, Ont, St. Catherines, Ont., From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be
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Interview: John Goerz, part 2, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-08-07, Kitchener, Ont, From the Ben
Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: William Reimer, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1985-01-28, Hannover, From the Ben Horch
Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Ben and Esther Horch, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-06-26, Winnipeg, From the Ben
Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Ben and Esther Horch, Author: Doreen Klassen, 1984-06-26, Winnipeg, From the Ben
Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Immanuel Academy Choir, Author: Jacob Hamm, conductor, Larry Warkentin, piano, , From the
Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Immanuel Academy Choir, Author: Paul Ratzlaff, conductor, , From the Ben Horch Audios
CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Medley Anthems - Umsiedler Commission, Author: Bill Baerg, conducting, 1987-04-06, From the
Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Kernlieder Recording, Kenneth Peacock, Author: North Kildonan M.B. Church Choir, Ben Horch,
conductor, 1962-09-18, Winnipeg, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be
transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Kernlieder Zyklus, Thomas Jahn, Author: David Falk, baritone, Elvera Froese, piano, 1992-05-03,
From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Ben Horch, Author: Ken Reddig, , About the Mennonite Piano Concerto, From the Ben
Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Christ Lag in Todesbanden by JS Bach, Author: Mennonite Oratorio Choir, WSO, Robert Shaw,
conductor., 1985-01-25, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to
Mitsui Gold Disk. Soloists: Henriette Schellenberg, soprano, William Reimer, baritone.
Ein Deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms, Author: Mennonite Oratorio Choir, WSO, Robert
Shaw, conductor., 1985-01-25, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be
transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk. Soloists: Henriette Schellenberg, soprano, William Reimer, baritone.
Interview: A.A. Kroeker, Author: Harold Jantz, , From the Ben Horch Audios Collectionmp3 disc:
Physical Description: This CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Ben and Esther Horch, Author: Bert Friesen, , From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis
CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Ben and Esther Horch part 1, Author: Hilda Dueck, 1982-11-15, From the Ben Horch
Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Interview: Ben and Esther Horch part 2, Author: Hilda Dueck, 1982-11-15, From the Ben Horch
Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
Song Album, Author: Voila Falk, contralto, Nancy Noonan, piano, 1961-05-08, Hugo Wolf-Morike
Lieder, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
CBC Music West, Author: David Falk, Baritone, Irmgard Baerg, piano, 1973-11-04, Francis
Poulenc, 4 Songs to Poems by Apollinaire, Edmund Rubbra, 3 Psalms,, (continued from event) Hugo
Wolf Coptisches Lied 1&2, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered
to Mitsui Gold Disk.
CBC Between Ourselves, Author: Gladys Whitehead, Eric Friesen, 1974, Produced by Harold
Redekopp, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold
CBC Sunday Chorale, Author: CBC Choristors, Filmer Hubble, conductor, 1962-02-25, Ben
Horch, Producer, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui
Gold Disk.
CBC Sunday Chorale, Author: CBC Choristors, Filmer Hubble, conductor, 1962-03-25, Ben
Horch, Producer, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui
Gold Disk.
CBC Thursday Chorale, Author: CBC Choristors, Filmer Hubble, conductor, Stewart Thomspson,
Piano, 1962-06-29, Soloists: Phillis Thompson, Joan Maxwell, Franz Schubert, From the Ben Horch
Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
CBC Sunday Chorale, Author: CBC Choristors, Filmer Hubble, conductor, Ben Horch, Producer,
1962-07-29, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold
CBC Thursday Chorale, Benjamin Britten Rejoice in the Lamb, Bernard Naylor, three 8-part motets.,
Author: CBC Choristors, Filmer Hubble, conductor, Ronald Gibson, organ, 1962-07-19, From the
Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
CBC Prairie Schooner, Author: CBC Folk Arts Orchestra, Ben Horch, Producer, 1960-05-14,
70-06-14, Bert Whitemann, Glen Harrison, Dick Seaborn, conductors and arrangers, From the Ben
Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
CBC Prairie Schooner, Author: CBC Folk Arts Orchestra, Ben Horch, Producer, Dick Seaborn,
conducto, 1969, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui
Gold Disk.
CBC Jazz and the Modern Composer #1, Author: Chester Duncan, piano and commentator,
Constant Lambert, 1966-02-01, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be
transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
CBC Jazz and the Modern Composer #2 & #3, Author: Chester Duncan, piano and commentator,
1966-02-08 & 15, Performers: #2 Boris Blacher, Norman Lloyd, #3 Bela Bartok, Darius Milhaurd,
From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
CBC Oragnists in Recital, Author: Conrad Grimes, Don Hadfield, 1971-05-19 & 06-16, Works by
John Bull, Jan P. Sweelinck, Hugo Distler, Paul Hindemith, JS Bach, From the Ben Horch Audios
CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
CBC Larry Warkentin, String Quartet, Author: Festival String Quartet, 1976, From the Ben Horch
Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.
The Quiet in the Land, Author: Glenn Gould, 1971, From the Ben Horch Audios CollectionThis CD Needs to be transfered to Mitsui Gold Disk.NA-19-150
"Messiah" Handel, Author: North Kildonan MB Church Choir, Ben Horch Conductor, 1962, April
22, NKMB Church, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
Kernlieder Retrospective, Author: [North Kildonan MB Choir?], Ben Horch, Conductor, 1963, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
Interview with Ben Horch on "Equality Now", Author: [198-], Ben and Esther Horch Music
Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
CBC Song Album, Songs of Hugo Wolf, 6 Morike Lieder, Author: Viola Horch, Nancy Noonan,
1961, May 8, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
CBC Music West, Author: David Falk, Irmgard Baerg, 1973, November 04, Ben and Esther Horch
Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Suggested Script included in tape box.
Reifeprufung, Author: David Falk, 1964, Detmold Musik Akademie, Ben and Esther Horch Music
Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
Bach, "St. Matthew Passion", Author: Goshen College Choir, David Falk, conductor, 1969, April
12, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel, 2 tapes: Physical Description: .
Mozart, "The Magic Flute", Author: David Falk, 1968, Goshen College, Ben and Esther Horch
Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: David Falk sings Papagano in The Magic Flute.
Grandchildren, Author: Ben Horch, [19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel:
Physical Description: .
20 Anthems and Kernlieder, Author: Bill Baerg, Conductor, 1987, Ben and Esther Horch Music
Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Preparation for "Umsiedler Symphony".
CBC Sunday Chorale, Author: Winnipeg Choristers, Filmer Hubble, conductor, 1962, Feb. 25, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
CBC Sunday Chorale, Author: Winnipeg Choristers, Filmer Hubble, conductor, 1962, March 25,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical
Description: .
CBC Thursday Night, Choral Music of Schubert, Author: Winnipeg Choristers, 1962, May 29, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Stewart Thompson, Piano,
Filmer Hubble, Conductor.
CBC Thursday Night, Benjamin Britten - Bernard Naylor, Author: Winnipeg Choristers, 1962, July
19, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Ronald Gibson, organ,
Filmer Hubble, conductor.
CBC Sunday Chorale, Author: Winnipeg Choristers, Filmer Hubble, conductor, 1962, July 15, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
CBC "Prairie Schooner", Author: Bert Whiteman, Richard Seaborn, conductor and arranger, 1960,
May 14, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
CBC Polka Party, Author: 1960, June 04, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel:
Physical Description: .
CBC " Prairie Schooner", Author: Glen Harrison, soloist, Richard Seaborn, conductor & arranger,
1970, July 14, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
Canadians All, Author: CBC Folk Arts Orchestra, Richard Seaborn, conductor and arranger, [197-],
Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
CBC Tuesday Night, Jazz and the Modern Composer, Author: Chester Duncan, piano &
commentator, 1966, February 01, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical
Description: Music: Constant Lambert, Sonata.
CBC Tuesday Night, Jazz and the Modern Composer, Author: Chester Duncan, piano &
commentator, 1966, February 08, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical
Description: Music: Boris Blacher & Norman Lloyd.
CBC Tuesday Night, Jazz and the Modern Composer, Author: Chester Duncan, piano &
commentator, 1966, February 01, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical
Description: Music: Bartok & Milhaud.
Prairie Choirs Audition, Author: University of Saskatchewan Chamber Singers, Robert Solem,
Conductor, 1966, August 04, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical
Description: Beckett & Macdonald, piano.
CBC Prairie Choirs, Author: Greystone Sings, Duane Nelson, conductor, 1968, February 09, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Music of Vittoria.
CBC Prairie Choirs, Author: University of Manitoba School of Music Chorus, 1968, June 04, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Robert Irwin, Conductor, Music
of Naylor, Handl, Gabrieli.
CBC Prairie Choirs, Author: CMBC A Cappella Choir, George Wiebe, conductor, 1968,
November, 29, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Music of
Canadian Composers.
CBC Prairie Choirs, Author: International Peace Gardens Choirs, Weston Noble, Conductor, 1968,
December 15, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
M.M.E.A. Brandon Workshop, Author: Harry Robert Wilson, conductor, [19--], Brandon,
Manitoba, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Rehearsal of
Copland, Wilson (Manitoba Music Educator's Association).
CBC Recording SM-171, Author: Mennonite Children's Choir, Helen Litz, conductor, 1971, June
28, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Musical arrangements of
Richard Seaborn.
CBC Recording SM-171, Author: Mennonite Children's Choir, Helen Litz, conductor, 1971 June
29, Christmas Program, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description:
Barry Anderson, Organ.
CBC Recording, Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten, Author: Mennonite Children's Choir,
Helen Litz, conductor, 1972 November 28, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel:
Physical Description: Regina Watson, harp, four tapes.
Mennonite Children's Choir, Helen Litz, conductor, [19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music
Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Possibly from CFAM Back to the Bible show, broadcast
June 8?.
CBC SM-219, Author: Kelvin High School Choir, John Standing, conductor, 1972 June 14, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
CBC SM-219, Author: Kelvin High School Choir, John Standing, conductor, 1973 Feb. 09, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Stewart Thompson, piano.
CBC recording - residuals, Author: Kelvin High School Choir, John Standing, conductor, 1972, Feb.
17, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Stewart Thompson,
piano. Two reel to reel tapes.
CBC Schoools Broadcast, Author: Kelvin High School Choir, John Standing, conductor, 1973
March 28, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Stewart
Thompson, piano.
CBC: Tuneful Tales, Author: 1970 March 20, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel
12.5 cm: Physical Description: Songs: "The Hand of Spring," "Dream Angus," "The Sirens," and
"Marie's Wedding.".
CBC: Let's Sing Together, Centennial Sing Song, Author: Glen Harrison, conductor, Mitch Parts,
piano, 1970 June 02, Centennial Concert Hall, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel:
Physical Description: .
CBC: Christmas Special, Author: Kelvin High School Choirs, 1970 Dec. 23, Ben and Esther Horch
Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Also Edmund Partridge Junior High Choir, Harrow
Elementary Choirs, and Neil Harris Instrumental Ensemble, 3 copies.
CBC: Tuneful Tales, Author: River East School Division Choir, Host, Gertrude Lowry, 1972 May
24, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Donna Jasper,
conductor, Ruth Gordon, piano.
CBC Projected 45 EP Recording, Author: Harrow Elementary, Edmund Partridge Junior High Choir
(side 2), 1972, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Christmas
Music, Harrow Elementary on side one.
The Winnipeg Song, Author: Darryl Torchia, arranged by Neil Harris, 1974, Ben and Esther Horch
Music Collectionreel to reel, 12.5 cm: Physical Description: .
CBC: Organists in Recital, Author: Conrad Grimes, 1971 May 19, First Presbyterian Church, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Music: Bull, Sweelinck, Distler,
CBC: Organists in Recital, Author: Dpm Jadfoe;d, 1971 June 16, All Saints Anglican Church, Ben
and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Music: Bach.
CBC Transcription Record, Idioms for Two Pianos, Author: Beckett & McDonald, 1971 March 20,
Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Four reel to reel tapes.
Creation by Haydn, Scottish Songs by Beethoven, Author: Winnipeg Philharmonic, Lucien Needham,
conductor, 1956 & 1963, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description:
Haydn recorded 1956 Dec 12, Beethoven recorded 1963, Jan 28.
CBC Song Recital, Songs of Leslie Mann, Author: Peter Koslowsky, tenor, Irene Mann, piano,
[19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description:  NA-19-197
CBC Distinguished Artist, Music of Chopin and Debussy, Author: William Aide, piano, 1971, May
17, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
CBC: Music of Eduard Lalo, Hugo Wolf, Author: Winnipeg Orchestra, Eric Wild, Conductor, Glen
Harder, baritone, 1969 June 05, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical
Description: .
3rd Annual WSA Christmas Special, sponsered by CJOB and 7up, Author: Winnipeg Philharmonic
Choir, Stewart Thompson, conductor, [197-] Dec 11, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to
reel: Physical Description: .
WSO Live Broadcast, Sibelius Violin Concerto, Author: Henryk Szering, violin, Lawrence Smith,
conductor, 1970 Dec 05, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
WSO Live Broadcast, Ruy Blas Overture by Mendelssohm, Piano Concerto by Tchaikovsky,
Author: Van Cliburn, piano, Clifford Evens conductor, 1971 March 27, Ben and Esther Horch Music
Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
George Fiala, Symphony #4 Premiere performance, Author: Orchestra of the Canadian Ukrainian
Opera Association, 1982 Nov 21, Roy Thomson Hall, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to
reel: Physical Description: Woodymyr Kolesnyk, conductor. Three copies.
The Quiet in the Land, Author: Glenn Gould, [19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to
reel: Physical Description: .
in Conversation with Mennonites, Author: Glenn Gould, 1971 July, Peter Klassen (3 tapes), Helen
Litz (2 tapes), Wanda Dyck Toews (1 tape), Reverend Toews (1 tape) Roy Vogt (2 tapes). From the
Benreel to reel: Physical Description: 16 tapes of Glenn Gould speaking to Howard Dyck (2 tapes),
Victor Friesen (2 tapes), Clarence Hiebert (2 tapes), Esther Horch (1 tapes)cont in comment.
Plautdietsche Leeder - Low German stories, songs and poems, Author: Rev. D. Klassen
(Homewood), [19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
Mennonite Piano Concerto, Author: Davies, [19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to
reel: Physical Description: .
Larry Warkentin, Quartet, Author: Festival Quartet, 1977, Ben and Esther Horch Music
Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
Mennonite Festival Chorus, Author: Robert Shaw, conductor, 1985, Jan 25, Ben and Esther Horch
Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: Tape 1- Bach Cantata "Christ lag," Tape 2-
Brahms, Ein deutsches Requiem, #1-5, tape 3-Brahms Ein deutsches Requim, #6-7.
Bales "Te Deum Laudamus" and "Psalm Cantata" [Fanfare], Author: Gerald Bales, 1965 June 01,
Cathedral Church of St. Mark, Minneapolis, USA, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to
reel: Physical Description: 2 tapes.
Future Broadcast as Conductor or Organist, Author: Gerald Bales to CBC Producer Tom Taylor,
1966 April, Letter, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
Program of Part Songs, Author: Winnipeg Singers, [19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music
Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: .
Summer School of Music, Author: [19--], Waterloo, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to
reel: Physical Description: 2 tapes.
Spring Concert, Author: Goshen College Orchestra, Lon Sherer, Director, 1977 March 25, Winners
of the Annual Concerto - Aria Competition, Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel:
Physical Description: .
St. Matthew Passion, Author: Schutz, Heinrich, [19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel
to reel: Physical Description: Sung in English.
Symphony #88, Author: Haydn, [19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical
Description: .
Documentary: Teenagers' Questions about Love, Life and Sex, Author: [19--], Ben and Esther
Horch Music Collectionreel to reel: Physical Description: transfer from records.
Dein Licht Komme, Author: Drissler, Johannes, [19--], Ben and Esther Horch Music Collectionreel
to reel 13 & 15 cm: Physical Description: does not run at correct speed for North American
NPH-87Ben Horch Record Collection
NPH-87-01Niverville M.B. Maennerchor: Gottes Volk Darf Nie Ermueden und andere Geisliche Lieder. – [197-?]. – 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-02Immanuel Academy Choir: Jesus on the Water Side and Jesu, Word of God Incarnate. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (25 cm). 78 rpm.
NPH-87-03Immanuel Academy Choir: The Heavens Resound and Stand up for Jesus. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (25 cm). 78 rpm.
NPH-87-04Immanuel Academy Choir: A Mighty Fortress is our God and Almighty God of our Fathers. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (25 cm). 78 rpm.
NPH-87-05Immanuel Academy Choir: Let Their Celestial Concerts Unite and I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (30 cm). 78 rpm.
NPH-87-06Immanuel Academy Choir: Chorus and Hymn Medley and I Would Be True. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (30 cm). 78 rpm.
NPH-87-07Immanuel Academy Choir: Cast Thy Burden upon the Lord and Jesus is passing this way. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (30 cm). 78 rpm.
NPH-87-08Immanuel Academy Choir: Hallelujah Chorus and Glorious is the Father. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (30 cm). 78 rpm.
NPH-87-09Immanuel Academy Choir: The Beatitudes and Eternal Life. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-10Hillsboro Gospel Quartet: “Preaching Christ in Song”. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-11Waldandacht: Frühorgens, wenn die Hähne kräh’n. – [1938?]. – 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-12Tokyo Chapel Center Choir: Onward, ye People. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (25 cm). – cracked.
NPH-87-13The Twenty-Third Psalm and the Beatitudes. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (30 cm). – Broken.
NPH-87-14Moody Chorale and Orchestra: “Yuletide Carols”. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (25 cm). 33.3 rpm.
NPH-87-15I Know A Name: Viola, Piano, for Ben Horch. – 1943. – 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-16Horch Family Party. – 1945. –1 disc. (25.5 cm).
NPH-87-17Viola’s Festival Songs, Junior Class. – March 1952. – 2 discs. (25.5 cm each.)
NPH-87-18A Capella Chorus of the MB Bible College: Was Kann Es Schoneres Geben, Ben Horch, Conductor. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-19A Capella Chorus of the MB Bible College: Auf Ewig Bei Dem Herrn, Ben Horch, Conductor. – [19--]. – 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-20A Capella Chorus of the MB Bible College: So Lange Jesus Bleibt Der Herr, Ben Horch, Conductor. – [19--]. 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-21A Capella Chorus of the MB Bible College: Wie Suss Tont Sabbatglockenklang, Ben Horch, Conductor. – [19--]. 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-22A Capella Chorus of the MB Bible College: Es Ist Ein Reis Entsprungen-Praetorious, Ben Horch, Conductor. – [19--]. 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-23Immanuel Horch and Anna Toews: “Dort Ueber Jenem Sternemeer” and “Befiel Du Deine Wege.” – [19--]. 1 disc. (25 cm).
NPH-87-24The MB Bible College Mixed Choir: “Hallelujah Amen”. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-25The Kings Four: “I’m willing to Leave All with Jesus”. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-26The Gospel Light Hour Choir: Lob Der Guete Gottes. – [19--]. 1 disc. (25 cm). 78 rpm.
NPH-87-27The Gospel Light Hour Quartet: Zionsglocken. – [19--]. 1 disc. (25 cm). 78 rpm.
NPH-87-28Yarrow MB Church Youth Fellowship, “I’ll go with God”. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-29The Great Cantatas of J.S. Bach, Cantata #21: Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra the Heinrich Schütz Choir of Heilbronn. – 1963. 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-30Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #147 & #160: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Sudwestfunk Orchestra. – [196-?] 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-31Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #51 & # 104: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Southwest Radio Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-32Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #110 & #8: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-33Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #157, #55 & #151: Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra and Choir. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-34Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #76: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-35Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #80 & #87: Heinrich Schütz Chorale, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm).
NPH-87-36Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #82 & #56: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm). 33 rpm.
NPH-87-37Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #131 & #149: Beinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm). 33 rpm.
NPH-87-38Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #19, #40 & #50: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm). 33 rpm.
NPH-87-39Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #11 & #104: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm). 33 rpm.
NPH-87-40Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #140 & #85: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm). 33 rpm.
NPH-87-41Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #182 & #43: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm). 33 rpm.
NPH-87-42Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #103 & #25: Stuttgart Motet Choir, Heidelberg Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-43Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #68, #98 & #53: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-44Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #57 & #32: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-45Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #147 & #90: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-46Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #70 & #180: Heinrich Schütz Choir, Instrumental Ensemble of Heilbronn. – [196-?]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-47Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #23 & #159: Krankfurter Kantorei, Deutsche Bach-Solisten. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-48Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #36 & & 64: Westphalian Kantorei. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-49Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #75: Fankfurter Kantorei, Bach-Collegium. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-50Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #45 & #176: Gächinger Kantorei, Bach Collegium. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-51Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #88 & #150: Gachinger Kantorei, Figuralchor der Gedachtnisckirche, Bach Collegium, -- [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm). 33 rpm.
NPH-87-52Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #13 & #166: Kantorei St. Nikolai, Bach Orchestra. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-53Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #63 & #151: Frankfurt Kantorei, Bach Collegium. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-54Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #127 & #171: Southwest German Chamber Orchestra, South German Madrigal Choir. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-55Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #100 & #175: Kantorei of the Hauptkirche St. Jacobi, Hamburg Chamber Orchestra. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-56Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #84 & #49: Wephalian Kantorei. – [19--]. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-57Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #109 & #155: Gächinger Kanotrei, Bach Collegium. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-58Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #33 & #95: Bremen Cathedral Choir, Bremen Bach Orchestra. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-59Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #29 & #135: South German Madrigal Choir, Deutsche Bachsolisten. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-60Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #81 & #187: Gächinger Kantorei, Bach Collegium. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-61Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata #205: Figuralchor of the Stuttgart Gedachtniskirch, Bach Collegium. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-62Favorite Selections from Immortal Masterworks: Tchaikovsky, Nutcracker Suite. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-63Columbia Masterworks: Mozart. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-64Music Appreciation Record: Schumann. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-65Columbia: Haydn. – [19--]. 1 disc. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-66Columbia Instrumental: Helvorsen, Grieg. – [19--]. (30 cm.) 33 rpm.
NPH-87-67Music Treasures of the World: Mozart, Haydn. – [19--]. (30 cm). 33 rpm.
NPH-87-68“The Singing Quakers,” Scarlatti & Kalinikoff. – [19--]. (25 cm).
NPH-87-69“The Singing Quakers,” Mascagni. – [19--]. (25 cm).
NPH-87-70Franz Winkler Quartet, “Folk Song”. – [19--]. (25 cm).

Series 4: Ben and Esther Horch Music Collection.
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Symphony Tone Poems
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Volume 1143: BOX 3
Choral/Orchestral Miniature Scores:
1. Bach, J.S.Cantata #4, "Christlag in Todesbanden"Broude Bros.[19--]
2. Bach, J.S. Cantata #4 "Christlag in Banden" Ernst Eulenburg[19--]
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7. Brahms"Schicksalshied" Wiener Philharmonischer[19--]
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16. Schutz"Auferstehungs Historie"Ernst Eulenburg[19--]
II. Orchestral Miniature Scores: (non choral)
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National Conference; Los Angeles, California,

Volume 1144: BOX 4

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Missing pages 1-16
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Christ Lay in Death’s Dark Prison
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Jesus Christ on the cross.
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Manuscript copy.
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Volume 1145: Box 05

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02. Haydn, JosephDie Jahreszeiten C.F. Peters [ca 1952]
03. Haydn, JosephDie Schoepfung C.F. Peters. [ca 1954]
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Volume 1146: BOX 6

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Urie A. Bender.
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Eine Sammlung von Chor Gesaengen.
Reihe A, Blatt 2 (2 copies)
Reihe A, Blatt 11 (2 copies)
Reihe A, Blatt 19
Reihe A, Blatt 20
Reihe A, Blatt 61
Reihe B, Blatt 1 (2 copies)
Reihe B, Blatt 17
Reihe B, Blatt 20 (2 copies)
Reihe B, Blatt 31 (2 copies)
Reihe B, Blatt 46
Reihe E, Blatt 6
Reihe F, Blatt 13.
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Collection, No.1
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C.F.W. Siegel.
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BOX 7, Volume 1147

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BOX 8, Volume 1148

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File 03
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File 04
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File 05
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File 06
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File 07
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File 08
08.01. Lewandowski, LouisHalalujoh, halalu el b'kod'sho G. Schirmer Inc.[19--]
08.02. Schubert, F. HallelujahE.C. Schirmer Music1932
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File 09
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File 10
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File 11
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Werk 25, Songs 1 20
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File 12
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12.20. Sizola, BozidarLife and Deeds of the Holy Brothers, the[19--?]
Handwritten Manuscript
12.21. Sibelius, JeanLift up your hearts (2 copies)Arthur P. Schmidt1940
12.22. Eville, VernonLight of Life, the (Anthem)Boosey & Co.1919
12.23. Diggle, RolandLighten our darknessClayton F. Summy1938
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12.31. Grier, Gene & Everson, LowellLittle tiny childHeritage Music press1982
12.32. NeanderLobe den Herren, den maechtigen no publisher[19--?]
Koenig der Ehren!
12.33. Ippolitof-IvanofLobe den Herrn, O meine Seele handwritten manuscript [19--?]
12.34. Emig, G.Lobgesang Ehre sei Gott Emil Ruh[19--?]
12.35. Roberton, Hugh S.Loch Leven love lamentJ. Curwen & Sons1915
12.36. Churchill, StuartLolly Tu DumBelwin Inc.1955
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12.41. Thompson, C. A.H.Lord is in his holy templethe Composer1918
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12.43. Wilson, Harry RobertLord, make me an instrument of Thy peaceRobbins Music 1957
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12.56. Smith, JuanitaLowlandsHandwritten Manuscript[19--]
12.57. Wilson, Harry RobertLullaby of Mary (Christmas carol)Robbins Music Corp.1957
File 13
13.01. Gohle, EmanuelMach Mich ReinerNo Publisher[19--?]
13.02. Stanford, C.V.MagnificatStainer & Bell Ltd.1909
13.03. AnonymousMahnruf an mein Volk Handwritten Manuscript[19--?]
13.04. Kriens, ChristiaanMake a joyful noise unto GodM. Witmark & Sons1913
13.05. Whitehead, AlfredMake us to love Thee, O LordArthur P. Schmidt Co.1940
13.06. Holst, GustavMan born to toilG. Schirmer Inc.1927
13.07. Wiebe, EstherMaranatha (2 copies)Handwritten Manuscript1975
13.08. Lassus, OrlandoMatona, lovely maiden G. Schirmer Inc.[19--?]
13.09. Taylor, DeemsMay Day carolJ. Fischer & Bro.1948
13.10. Higgins, Catharine S.May Day CarolMills Music Inc.1965
13.11. Schuetky, Fr. Jos.May now Thy SpiritWillis Music Co1936
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13.13. Stanford, C.V.Meg MerriliesJ. Curwen & Sons1914
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13.17. Hale, Adam de laMinneliedBearbeitung[19--]
13.18. Lotti, AntonioMiserere Mei Boosey & Hawkes Inc 1953
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13.20. Weaver, PowellMoon marketingG. Schirmer Inc.1924
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13.37. House, L. MargueritteMy music boxBelwin Inc.1955
13.38. Kliewer, Jonah C.My song is love unknownGentry Publications1975

BOX 9, Volume 1149

OCTAVOS (Folders N-Z)
File 01
01.01. Brahms, JohannesNaechtens (Nightly)G. Schirmer Inc1953
01.02. Lang, HansNachtigall, ich hoer dich singen (2 copies)Kistner & Siegel1936
01.03. Haydn, F.J.Native land, God keep Thee freeEdward B. Marks1963
01.04. Buxtehude, DietrichNeugebor'ne Kindelein, DasBärenreiter Ausgabe[19--?]
01.05. Campian, ThomasNever weather beaten sailStainer & Bell1925
01.06. Respighi, OttorinoNevicataG. Ricordi & Co.1939
01.07. Weaver, MaryNew Mexican lullabyBelwin Inc.1955
01.08. Clokey, Joseph W. Night songSummy-Birchard1923
01.09. Schumann…et al.Nine class songsNovello & Co.1923
01.10. Burleigh, H.T. Nobody knows de trouble I've seen (3 copies)G. Ricordi1924
01.11. Williams, R. V.Nothing is here for tearsOxford University1936
01.12. Nagle, William S.Now is the hour of darkness pastTheodore Presser1936
01.13. Morley, ThomasNow is the month of maying (2 copies)Novello[19--]
01.14. Morley, ThomasNow is the month of mayingG. Schirmer1890
01.15. Bach, J.S.Now let every tongue adore Thee!E.C. Schirmer1946
01.16. Howorth, W.Now let me flyBelwin Inc.1955
01.17. Quilter, RogerNow sleeps the crimson petalBoosey & Co.1941
01.18. Chambers, H.A.Now thank we all our GodWestern Music Co.1937
01.19. Murray, J.R.Nun ist sie erschienenRichert, Herbert C.[19--?]
01.20. Purcell, HenryNymphs and shepherdsNovello & Co.[19--]
File 02
02.01. GretchaninoffO be joyful, all ye landsNeil A. Kjos Music1937
02.02. Anderson, W.H.O brother manTheodore Presser1950
02.03. Shaw, MartinO clap your hands together, all ye peopleNovello & Co.1939
02.04. Margetson, EdwardO come, let us singJ. Fischer & Bro.1935
02.05. Ambrose, PaulO come to my heart, Lord JesusOliver Ditson Co.1905
02.06. Gounod, CharlesO Divine Redeemer (2 copies)G. Schirmer Inc.1940
02.07. Hartkopf, ErichO du geweihte, heilige Nacht!Emil Ruh[19--?]
02.08. Carissimi, GiacomoO Felix Anima (Christmas motet)Bourne Co.1962
02.09. Leisring, VolckmarO Filii et FiliaeR.D.Row Inc.1935
02.10. Foster, Myles B.O, for a closer walk with GodBelwin Inc.1955
02.11. Kastalsky, A.D.O Gladsome Light (2 copies)J. Fischer & Bro.1914
02.12. Tye, ChristopherO God, be mercifulOxford University 1934
02.13. Croft, WilliamO God, our help in ages pastClayton F. Summy 1941
02.14. Watson, Charles R.O God our Father in heavenNovello & Co.1962
02.15. Cashmore, DonaldO God the King of gloryNovello & Co.1962
02.16. Voris, W.R.O God, whose presence glows in allArthur P. Schmidt1933
02.17. Adam, AdolpheO Holy NightG. Schirmer Inc.1881
02.18. Berwald, W.O Holy Saviour, Friend unseenG. Schirmer Inc.1908
02.19. Barnby, JosephO how amiable are Thy dwellingsG. Schirmer Inc.[19--?]
02.20. Tye, ChristopherO Jesu, King most wonderfulBelwin Inc.1955
02.21. Franck, Johann W.O Jesus, grant me hope and comfortHall & McCreary Co.1939
02.22. Stainer, JohnO Lamb of God (Agnes Dei)G. Schirmer Inc.1908
02.23. Marks, J. ChristopherO Light, whose beams illumine allArthur P. Schmidt1941
02.24. Neidlinger, W.H.O little town of BethlehemG. Schirmer1894
02.25. Nevin, Geo. B.O little town of Bethlehem G. Schirmer Inc.1898
02.26. Tallis, ThomasO Lord, give Thy Holy Spirit (2 copies)Novello1898
02.27. Barnby, J.O Lord, how manifold are Thy worksHWGray Co.[19--?]
02.28. Gibbons, OrlandoO Lord, increase my faithH.W. Gray Co.[19--?]
02.29. Schredor, KonstantinO Lord, our GodBourne Inc.1952
02.30. Hollett, NormanO Lord, support usHarold Flammer Inc.1941
02.31. Bach, J.S.O Lord, we worship TheeSummy-Birchard Co.1941
02.32. Thompson, Van DenmanO Love divineH.W. Gray Co.1939
02.33. Matthews, H. AlexanderO Love invisibleOliver Ditson Co.1921
02.34. Sealy, Frank L.O love that wilt not let me goNovello & Co.1909
02.35. Shelly, Harry RoweO love that wilt not let me goG. Schirmer Inc.1934
02.36. Matheson, Rev. Geo.O Love that wilt not let me goBelwin Inc.1955
02.37. Clement, ClareO loving SaviourHarold Flammer Inc.1940
02.38. Lynn, GeorgeO magnify the Lord with meTheodore Presser Co.1949
02.39. Victoria, Tomás Luis deO magnum mysteriumG. Schirmer Inc.1932
02.40. Jeep, JohannO music, thou most lovely artFrank Music Corp.1963
02.41. Bach, J.S.O praise and bless the LordJ. Fischer & Bro.1933
02.42. Tchaikovsky, P.I.O praise ye GodG. Schirmer1909
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File 03
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File 04
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File 05
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File 06
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File 07
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File 08
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File 09
09.01. Scarlatti, AlessandroViolet, theHawkes & Son Ltd.1928
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File 10
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File 11
11.01. Berwald, W.Ye fair green hills of GalileeG. Schirmer Inc.1924
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File 12
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12.02. Sargent, MalcolmZither carolOxford University1958
12.03. Brahms, JohannesZum schlussG. Schirmer Inc.1953
File 13: SHEET MUSIC ("over sized")
13.01. Beyer, FerdinandAngyel from "Fleurs Melodiques P. Jurgenson [1909?] de la Russie"
13.02. Beyer, FerdinandBkhal kazakza doonae P. Jurgenson[19--?]
13.03. Oppel, A.Boorya.. (A storm on the Volga)V. Grosse[19--?]
13.04. Smity, SydneyChanson russeB. Schott’s Söhne[19--?]
13.05. Ducommun, L.Enfant GatéS. Bernarda[19--?]
13.06. SchubertErlkönigEinzel-Ausgabe1918
13.07. Waldteufel, EmilEstudiantina. ValseP. Jurgenson[190-?]
13.08. Gilbert, J.Herr Meier, Herr MeierThalia Theater1912
13.09. Rubinstein, AntonKamennoi OstrowCentury Music Pub.[19--?]
13.10. Wely-Lefebure Les cloches du monastere A. Gutheil[19--?]
13.11. Petroff, L.Mn Zheal Tyebyah (I pity you)Besseda[19--?]
13.12. Schubert, F.Moment MusicalP Jurgenson[19--?]
13.13. Feldmann, C.W.Nuits Egyptiennes. Valse.Hugo Friedhander[19--?]
13.14. Beyer, FerdinandNye Bli Snge (No Snow)P. Jurgenson[19--?]
13.15. Heydenburk, DavidOffertory in E Flat MajorDavid H. Heydenburk1939
Signed by composer
13.16. Lange, G.Pod OknomP. Jurgenson[19--?]
13.17. Waldteufel, EmilPomona Valse (Pomone Walzer)P. Jurgenson[19--?]
13.18. Hermann, FlorianRêverie RusseA. Gutheil[19--?]
13.19. Smith, SydneySouvenir de SpaAugener & Co.[19--?]
13.20. Haydn, JosephSchoepfung, DieBreitkopf & Härtel[19--?]
13.21. Faust, CarlTheresen walzerA. Gutheil[19--?]
13.22. Tchaikovsky, P.Eugène OnéquineP. Jurgenson[19--?]
13.23. AnonymousVéritable Quadrille AnglaisP. Jurgenson[19--?]
13.24. Peshna, JosefZa Balkan Marsh P. Jorgenson[19--?]
13.25. Shahkskovskavo, V.Zironka Vals (Zeronka Waltz)A. Venarde[19--?]
13.26. Waldreufel, EmilZolotoye Dozhed Vals P. Jurgenson[1909?]
File 14: MISCELLANEOUS SHEET MUSIC (mainly unpublished material)
14.01. AnonymousBehold that star
14.02. Klassen, FrankChoral music: Eight selections [ca 1982]
14.03. Warkentin, LarryCome unto me1976
14.04. Rubinstein, AntonDie träneWhaley, Royce & Co.[19--?]
14.05. Keller, WilhelmDrei Motetten1957
14.06. Schubert, FranzDreimäderlhaus[19--]
14.07. Klassen, FrankEaster Fantasia1982
14.08. AnonymousEin lieben nur[ca 1983]
14.09. Keymann, ChristianFreut euch ihr Christen alle[19--?]
14.10. Klassen, PeterI will lift up mine eyes unto the hills..[19--?]
14.11. Siemens, A.In the beginning was the word[19--?]
14.12. Schubert, FranzLied[19--?]
14.13. Šizola, BožidarLife and Deeds of the holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius[19--?]
Edwin F. Kalmus
14.14. Kliewer, J.C.O Christ, my Lord[19--?]
14.15. AnonymousOeffnet die tuer fuer die kinder[19--]
14.16. Briggs, C.S.Sei Du mit mir[19--?]
14.17. Schubert, FranzStändchen[19--?]
14.18. Stolbert, C.Trost in Leiden[19--?]
14.19. Warkentin, LarryWord of God1973
14.20. Rombert, SigmundYou will remember Vienna[19--]
14.21. Regher, J.Build us protecting stones[19--]
14.22. Wiebe, MargaretO Steinbach Bibelschul[19--?]
14.23. Spohr, LouisHeil dem Erbarmer[19--?]
14.24. Klassen, FrankOrgan chorale prelude[19--?]
14.25. Klassen, FrankWedding suite[19--?]
14.26. AnonymousSäe Liebe[19--?]
14.27. Dyck, AnnaUntitled collection[19--?]
14.28. Fast, GeorgeUntitled collection[19--]
15.01. Russian "Evangeliumslieder". – hymn texts only, published by J.G. Oncken Nachf., Kassel, 2 volumes bound together, poor condition with 10 pages missing at the beginning.
15.02. Lieder Echo für die Sonntag Schul.
15.03. Sanges=blüten. Heft 1.
15.04. Sanges=blüten. Heft 2.
15.05. Hundert Weihnachtslieder. – published by Enßlin & Laiblins Berlagsbuch handlung
15.06. K.H.N [eufeld] collection of 10 songs (title page missing)

File 16: B. OCTAVOS
16.01. AnonymousAm Hochzeitstag[19--?]
16.02. Mergier, FrAuf, mein Herz! des Herren Tag!Friedrich Hänßler[19--]
16.03. Nägeli, H.G.Aufstanden ist der Herr!Friedrich Hänßler[19--]
16.04. Janssen, E.Aug Adlers Flügeln Getragen[19--]
16.05. Scheue, E.B.Befiehl du dein Wege[19--]
16.06. Stein, G.Bis hieher hat der Herr geholfen[19--]
16.07. Richert, H.C.Centennial Days[19--]
16.08. Wüst, K.Danket dem Herrn[19--]
16.09. Palmer, Chr.Das is ein köslich DingFriedrich Hänßler[19--]
16.10. UnknownDein Wort, Herr, ist die rechte Lehr'[19--]
16.11. J.S. BachDir, dir, Jehova, will ich singenEmil Ruh[19--]
16.12. Ruh, EmilDrei BegleiterEmil Ruh[19--]
16.13. UnknownDu redest Herr zu mir[19--]
16.14. Root, Geo. F.Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe1947
16.15. UnknownElternhaus, Das[19--]
16.16. Lützel, J.H.Es sollen wohl Berge weichen[19--]
16.17. UnknownFühr' mich, o mein Heiland[19--]
16.18. Lauterburg, FranzGebetslied[19--]
16.19. Ruh, EmilGlockengeläuteEmil Ruh[19--]
16.20. Albert H.Gott des Himmels und der Erden1947
16.21. UnknownGott hat uns lieb[19--]
16.22. Richert, H.C.Gott ist die Liebe1939
16.23. UnknownGott ist die Liebe? [19--]
16.24. E. RuhGottes Volk darf nie Ermüden[19--]
16.25. Ruh, E.Harre auf Gott!Emil Ruh[19--]
16.26. Hänzsch, O.Herr, der du meine bangen Schmerzen stillest[19--]
16.27. Molk, H.Herr ist groß, Der [19--]
16.28. Engel, D.H.Herr ist König und herrlich geschmückt, Der[19--]
16.29. Mendelssohn, F.Herr, zu Dir will ich mich retten[19--]
16.30. UnknownHier auf Erden[19--]
16.31. UnknownI'm not aloneHandwritten Manuscript[19--]
16.32. UnknownIch bin das A und O[19--]
16.33. UnknownIch hoffe darauf[19--]
16.34. Pugh, O.F.Ich werde kein Fremdling dort sein[19--]
16.35. F. SilchenJahresendeHandwritten Manuscript[19--]
16.36. UnknownJesus der Heiland ist da[19--]
16.37. Hänßler, F.Kreuz von Golgatha, DasFriedrich Hänßler[19--]
16.38. Thoma, R.Lasset uns frohlocken[19--]
16.39. Grell, E.Lasset uns frohlocken[19--]
16.40. UnknownLiebe Gottes, Die[19--]
16.41. UnknownLieber, lieber Christtag..[19--]
16.42. Ippolitof-IvanofLobe den Hernn, o meine Seele[19--]
16.43. Grell, E.Lobe der Güte Gottes? Emil Ruh[19--]
16.44. Ritter, PeterLobgesangAmbrofianifche Hymne[19--]
16.45. UnknownMach' Mich Reiner[19--]
16.46. UnknownMan weisz nicht die Stund[19--]
16.47. UnknownMein Heimatlied[19--]
16.48. Sawatzky, Aron G.Mein letztes Lied1935
16.49. Handel, G.F.Missionslied[19--]
16.50. UnknownNeuer Fruehling[19--]
16.51. Albertini, J.B.v.Nun ruhen alle Wälder1948
16.52. Weichert, A.O leg' aufs Haupt mir[19--]
16.53. UnknownOeffnet die Tuer fuer die Kinder[19--]
16.54. Scheve, Ed.Schau mit hellen Glaubensblikken..[19--]
16.55. Weiss, C.A.Seht wie der Heiland[19--]
16.56. Klein, B.Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied[19--]
16.57. UnknownVerlass uns nicht[19--]
16.58. Bach, J.S.Wachet auf! ruft uns die Stimme[19--]
16.59. E. GelderblomWeihnachtliedEmil Ruh[19--]
16.60. UnknownWer pflanzte die Bluen ins grüne Feld?[19--]
16.61. Schubert, F.Wie gut bist du![19--]
16.62. Silchen, F.Wie heilig ist diese Stätte[19--]
16.63. MendelssohnWirf dein Auliegen auf den Herrn[19--]
16.64. Breidenstein, H.F.Wo die Liebe weilet[19--]

File 17: MUSIC FROM ACCESSION NO. 1996 065
17.01. Dück, B.B.Mennolied Octavo[19--]

01. Twenty first annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1939 Official Syllabus.
02. 28th Annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1946 Official Programme.
03. 29th Annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1946 Official Programme.
04. 30th Annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1948 Official Programme.
05. 31st Annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1949 Official Programme.
06. 32nd Annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1950 Official Programme.
07. 33rd Annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1951 Official Programme.
08. 19th Annual Southern Manitoba Musical Competition Festival Official Program 1951.
09. 34th Annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1952 Official Programme.
10. 35th Annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1953 Official Programme.
11. 36th Annual Manitoba Musical Competition Festival 1954 Official Programme.
12. 10th Aldenburgh Festival of Music & the Arts, 1957 program.
13. 40th Annual Manitoba Musical Festival Competition 1958 Official Programme
14. 41st Manitoba Musical Festival Annual Competition 1959 Official Programme.
15. 42nd Annual Manitoba Music Competition Festival 1960 Official Programme.
16. 43rd Annual Manitoba Music Competition Festival 1961 Official Programme.
17. 45th Annual Manitoba Music Competition Festival 1963 Official Programme.
18. 46th Annual Manitoba Music Competition Festival Official Programme 1964.
19. 47th Annual Manitoba Music Competition Festival Official Programme 1965.
20. 48th Annual Manitoba Music Competition Festival Official Programme 1966.
21. 52nd Annual Manitoba Music Competition Festival Official Programme 1970.
22. 53rd Annual Manitoba Music Competition Festival Official Programme 1971.
23. 55th Annual Music Competition Festival 1973 Official Programme.

Ben and Esther Horch Hymn Book collection finding aid on index cards.

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