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Hiebert, Nicholas N. (1874–1957)

Proper Title

Nicholas N. Hiebert fonds

Dates of Creation

1896–1934, 1942–1945, 1950, 1957

Physical Description

1 cm of textual records

Biographical Sketch

Nicholas N. Hiebert was born in Lichtfelde, Molotschna on July 29, 1874, to Nickolai C. Hiebert (1852–1923) and Maria Wiens (1850–1916). He came with his parents to North America in 1875. He grew up in the Mountain Lake area of Minnesota and was baptized into the North Mennonite Brethren Church of Bingham Lake, Minnesota in 1890. He pursued a teaching career and received his education in the Windom Normal School (Minnesota) and the McPherson College in Kansas. After his education was completed, he taught in various schools in Minnesota. He was ordained into ministry of the Mennonite Brethren church on June 4, 1899 by Abraham Schellenberg and Heinrich Voth. Only a few months earlier he had married Susanna Wiebe on May 28, 1899. This couple had twelve children born to them. In 1899, he and his young bride were the first Mennonite Brethren missionaries to India. After two years he became ill and was advised to return home, which he and his family did.

From 1901 to 1903 Hiebert worked in the German Bible and Preparatory school and was leader of the local Mennonite Brethren church in Mountain Lake, Minnesota. In 1930 the family moved south to Hillsboro, Kansas, where it was easier to attend college for his children. Other places they lived included West Salem, Oregon and Blaine, Washington where he continued to work for the church.

In 1947 Hiebert retired to the Mission Home in Hillsboro, Kansas and later to the Home for the Aged. On September 11, 1957 he died.

Custodial History

The material in this collection contains copies of material written by N.N. Hiebert. The copies were donated by his son, Waldo Hiebert, of Fresno, California in November 1972.

Scope and Content

The material in this collection consists of copies of diaries, autobiographies, sermons, and correspondence written by N.N. Hiebert. Many have been transliterated and/or translated. There is also a biography and an obituary of N.N. Hiebert. The material is a mixture of typed German, handwritten Gothic German, and typed English.


  • Volume 965.
  • Described by Conrad Stoesz December 3, 1999.
  • Accession nos.
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    • Photograph collection NP50–1–6,7,9.

File List

Volume 965

  1. N.N. Hiebert, “A Brief Survey of My Life.” – [ca. 1945].
  2. N.N. Hiebert, “Eine Kurze Lebensskizze.” – [ca. 1945]. – Note: this is a portion of the German version of above, “A Brief Survey of My Life.”
  3. N.N. Hiebert, “A Brief Review of the Year.” – 1896–1923, 1942–1945.
  4. N.N. Hiebert, excepts of “Geschlechtsregister...” – 1916–1934. – Note: The item contains family vital statistics, and diary entries.
  5. Sermons by N.N. Hiebert. – [192-?]. – Note: There is also a letter at the back of this item.
  6. Letter from N.N. Hiebert to D.D. Ediger. – May 23, [192-?].
  7. Letter from N.N. Hiebert to Voth. – August 19, 1918.
  8. Letter from N.N. Hiebert to Mrs. Hein. Voth. – April 3, 1919.
  9. Letter from N.N. Hiebert to Rev. Hein. Voth, Vanderhoof, B.C. – November 22, 1918.
  10. Obituary of N.N. Hiebert in Zionsbote, October 9, 1957.
  11. Paul Siemens, “The Biography of Rev. N.N. Hiebert.” – March 18, 1950.
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