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Dueck, Abram J. (1937– )

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Abe J. Dueck fonds

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Physical Description

40 cm of textual materials

Biographical Sketch

Abram J. Dueck or Abe Dueck (GRANDMA ID: 474015) was born (September 4, 1937) and raised on a farm near Coaldale, Alberta. His parents were Frank and Tina (Nikkel) Dueck. Abe confirmed his Christian faith through baptism (July 31, 1955) and joined the Mennonite Brethren (MB) church in Coaldale. While a student at Mennonite Brethren Bible College (MBBC) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he met Katherine Reimer (GRANDMA ID: 471608). Abe and Kathy were later married in the Kitchener MB Church (August 21, 1965) in Kitchener, Ontario.

After seminary studies (Goshen Biblical Seminary, Goshen, Indiana), Dean David Ewert invited Abe to return to MBBC in 1966 to teach on a contract basis. After two years, Abe and Kathy left for Durham, North Carolina, where Abe enrolled in doctoral studies. In 1971, he earned a PhD from Duke University in historical theology. Recruited by President Victor Adrian for a faculty position, Abe and Kathy moved back to Winnipeg in 1971. Abe taught taught church history and Anabaptist Studies at MBBC, the institution where he spent the majority of his career as an academic. In Winnipeg, Abe and Kathy raised their three children, actively participating in the life of River East MB Church.

Starting in 1991, Abe became the Director of the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies (CMBS) in Winnipeg, the archival and historical research service of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.

While professor and academic dean at MBBC and then later as director at CMBS, Abe carried forward a productive writing ministry, publishing books, chapters, essays, and book reviews on topics related to Mennonite Brethren church history, Anabaptism, Russian Evangelicalism, and church history in general, especially on Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism.

A gifted teacher, known for his carefully planned courses/lectures, even-handed treatment of complex topics, and insightful analysis of the issues, he was regularly invited to make presentations at academic conferences, denominational board meetings, and congregational settings.

Custodial History

In 2022, Abe Dueck donated his research files for preservation and description at CMBS.

Scope and Content

The Abe J. Dueck fonds consists of correspondence, research notes, manuscripts, articles, book reviews, and photocopied articles and newspaper clipping related to Abe's professional career and scholarly publications as an academic (Reformation studies, Anabaptist studies, and church history) and archives administrator. The fonds documents the assumptions, motivation, vision, and everyday life of one Mennonite academic, Abe J. Dueck, and the particular organizational culture of the Mennonite Brethren church and the Mennonite educational institutions in which he served.


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  • Accession number: 2022-02.
  • Volume Nos.: 1525–1526
  • Finding aid consists of a description and a file/folder list.
  • Description created by Jon Isaak, May 2023.
  • No restrictions to access.
  • Language: English, Russian, and German.

File List

Volume 1525

  1. Curriculum vitae for Abe J. Dueck. -- 2022.
  2. Correspondence related to “An Unpublished Letter Pertaining to Developments Prior to the Colloquy between Bucer and Melanchthon, December 1534,” published in Archive for Reformation History (1975). -- 1972–1975.
  3. Book reviews, short articles, some related correspondence. -- 1972–2011.
  4. Article on Capital Punishment by Member of Parliament John W. Reimer along with Abe’s Letter to the Editor response. -- 1987.
  5. Board of Faith and Life’s commission to process John H. Redekop’s ethnicity and name research and his proposal in People Apart (Kindred Press, 1987). Review essays by Peter Hamm, Abe Dueck, Walter Boldt, Menno Martens, Al Dueck, Paul Toews, Abe G. Konrad, and J.B. Toews. -- 1988.
  6. Several papers on the theme of the name “Mennonite Brethren.” -- 1987–1997.
  7. Plans and proposals for a Mennonite liberal arts college in Winnipeg (Menno Simons College, Chair in Mennonite Studies, University of Winnipeg, etc.). -- 1980–1984.
  8. “Biblical and Theological Issues Concerning Militarism and Violence.” Essay for proposed book, Peacemaking in Blue Jeans. -- 1985.
  9. Baptist - Mennonite Dialogue (#1). Correspondence and papers. -- 1989.
  10. Baptist - Mennonite Dialogue (#2). Correspondence and papers. -- 1990.
  11. Baptist - Mennonite Dialogue (#3). Correspondence and papers. -- 1991.
  12. Baptist - Mennonite Dialogue (#4). Correspondence and papers. -- 1992.
  13. Baptist - Mennonite Dialogue. Correspondence and papers. Final report. -- 1993.
  14. MCC Group Tour to the Soviet Union October 3-21, 1988. Journal of daily experiences and Briefing Manuel. -- 1988.
  15. “Coaldale Revisited.” Minutes, correspondence, and planning notes. -- 1991–1993.
  16. “Coaldale Revisited,” May 21-23, 1993. Program notes. Manuscripts of papers read at the event (e.g., Rudy Wiebe, John B. Toews, H.R. Baerg, Abe Dueck, Don Petker, Peter Bargen, David Ewert, T.D. Regehr, etc.). -- 1993.
  17. Mennonite Brethren beginnings in Winnipeg. Research notes for essay in Mennonite Historian (2007), maps, articles, newspaper clippings. -- 1930–2007.
  18. War and Conscientious Objectors. Research notes for B.B. Janz essay in Journal of Mennonite Studies (2007). Articles, correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc. -- 1940–2007.
  19. Mennonite Seminary in Russia. Research notes, articles, newspaper clippings for essay in Mennonite Quarterly Review (2000). -- 1905–1999.
  20. Mennonite constitution in Russia project. Research notes, articles, newspaper clippings for short essay in Mennonite Historian (December 2011). -- 1918–2011.
  21. Mennonite Brethren conferences in Russia. Research notes, photocopies, scans, articles, newspaper clippings for book, Moving Beyond Secession: Defining Russian Mennonite Brethren Mission and Identity (1997). -- 1882–1997.
  22. Correspondence with Oksana Besnosova, graduate church history student in Ukraine, studying Mennonites in Ukraine in the 19th century. -- 1995–1997.
  23. Johannes Reimer manuscript, “Evangelisation im Angesicht des Todes: Jacob J. Dyck und die Russische Zeltmission.” -- 1998.
  24. Documentary collection of articles pertaining to the Russian Evangelicalism, newspaper clippings, articles, etc. -- 1862–1926.
  25. “Peter Braun: Who are the Mennonites?” a 1914 manuscript translated from Russian to English by Ella Fehderdau. -- 1914, 1999.
  26. Research files on P.M. Friesen, the Mennonite Brethren historian. Notes, letters, photocopies, articles. -- 1902–1983.
  27. Mennonite Brethren congregations in Russia/Soviet Union. Articles, newspaper clippings. --1954–1998.
  28. The Russian Tent Mission. Manuscript, research documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and translations regarding mission efforts of Jacob Dyck, Adolf Reimer, and Nikita Ssaloff-Astachoff. -- 1907–1996.

Volume 1526

  1. Correspondence with Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives, related to German Baptist mission files from Ukraine, especially Mennonite Brethren interactions. Holdings list of materials housed in Nashville, Tennessee. -- 1996–1997.
  2. Research files, newspaper clippings related to Mennonites and Baptists in Russia. -- 1908–1910.
  3. Allianz (Evangelical Mennonite Brethren) Church in Canada. Research notes for essay in Journal of Mennonite Studies (1997), articles, newspaper clippings. -- 1907–1972.
  4. Miscellaneous articles and responses (biographies, Mennonite Brethren history, missionary enterprise, etc.) written for various publications or situations. -- 1987–2014.
  5. Miscellaneous papers presented as church conferences (Mennonite Brethren history, leadership practices, etc.). -- 1972–1990.
  6. Presentations made in adult Sunday school sessions at Fort Garry, Elmwood, and River East (Mennonite Brethren and World Wars, Anabaptism and Evangelicalism). -- 1992, 2002.
  7. Presentations made in adult Sunday school sessions at Portage Ave. Church (“Liberalism and the Social Gospel” and “Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism.” -- 1993.
  8. Papers written on the topic of Church and State for various periodicals and settings. -- 1979–1989.
  9. Miscellaneous papers presented or published on Mennonite Brethren themes (e.g., missionary vision, pietism and Mennonite Brethren beginnings, stewardship, etc.). -- 1975–2004.
  10. “Baptism: Biblical and Historical Perspectives.” Paper presented at River East Church. -- 2002.
  11. Miscellaneous papers presented on Mennonite Brethren themes (e.g., Great Trek, Karl Marx, Mennonite Brethren leadership, missionary vision, peacemaking, education, etc.). -- 1979–1985.
  12. Mennonite Brethren Bible College reunion in 2010. Reflections on Henry Krahn by Val Krahn Pierce, updates from graduates, etc. -- 2010.
  13. Concord College materials. Background notes, analysis, reports, promotional material, news releases. -- 1990–1997.
  14. Research notes for an article on the history of Die Mennonitische Rundschau. -- 2002.
  15. Mennonite Molochna 2004: A Bicentennial Celebration. Correspondence, reports, papers, schedule, events. -- 2004.
  16. Shaping Mennonite Higher Education for the 21st Century. Mennonite Brethren Global Higher Education Consultation, Fresno, California, 2007. Papers and correspondence. -- 2007.
  17. Mennonite and Mennonite Brethren church buildings in Alberta and British Columbia. Research notes and newspaper clippings. -- 1932–2001.
  18. Early Mennonite Brethren church buildings in Canada (especially, Saskatchewan). -- 2008–2013.
  19. “Power and Preservation Symposium,” Institute for the study of Global Anabaptism, June 16-19, 2019. Participant list, papers by Anicka Fast and Bruce Yoder on topic of sharing archival resources. -- 2019.
  20. B.H. Unruh papers from Mennonite Central Committee symposium on “MCC and National Socialism.” Papers by Ben Goossen and Arnold Neufeldt-Fast. -- 2021.
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