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Transcona Community Church – Winnipeg, MB

Proper Title

Transcona Community Church fonds

Dates of Creation


Physical Description

18 cm of textual records

Administrative History

The Transcona Community Church was founded through the efforts of four Winnipeg Mennonite Brethren Churches: Elmwood, River East, North Kildonan, and McIvor, together with the provincial Mennonite Brethren Missions and Church Extension Board. At a meeting in February 1982, a steering committee was established made up of Ken Neufeld, Director of Church Planting in Manitoba, and two representatives from each of the four churches. These included Harold Jantz and David Dyck from River East; Henry Regehr and Walter Warkentin from North Kildonan; John Derksen and Abe Reimer from McIvor; and Henry Heidebrecht and Gerry Kramer from Elmwood. These eight families were to give leadership and assistance for a two year period.

The first committee meeting to take place in Transcona proper occurred on September 2, 1982, at the home of Axel and Karen Nast-Kolb, members of Portage Avenue MB Church. The first church service was held on Sunday January 16, 1983, at the Regent Park Elementary School, 411 Moroz Street. At the same meeting, Axel and Karin Nast-Kolb and Walter and Carol Warkentin were elected to be a leadership team in charge of worship planning and bringing issues to the larger group for discussion. On May 4, 1983, a pastor search committee was established, which led to the call to Ed and Helga Hamm, who began their ministry in January 1984. While the search for a pastor was going on, a chartering service was held on June 12, 1983. Transcona Community Church was officially accepted as a member of the Manitoba Mennonite Brethren Conference at their annual convention March 2–3, 1984.

The Transcona Community Church sought to be guided by the following principles, which the steering committee developed between January and July of 1982:

  1. reach the unchurched by means of the adults
  2. stress ministry in decision making
  3. encourage spiritual growth through corporate worship and Bible preaching
  4. set target groups for outreach and nurture
  5. be a caring body
  6. maintain MB identity and distinctives
  7. membership to have easy access to ministry and decision-making.

In “A brief history of Transcona Community Church” written around 1987, it is reported that “advancement has come through promotion by mailings, visitation and friendships. Youth groups from the mother churches have helped in the distribution of literature, Venture Teams...have done door to door visitation....Other ministries have included Family Film series and Christmas Banquets which were directed to reach the community....Five Home Bible Studies have helped to meet spiritual, social and material needs... TCC has a monthly Friendship Supper at the school. This is combined with recreational activities in the gym which have helped to assimilate newcomers. To further this process of assimilation TCC has also planned for an annual retreat to nearby camps.”

According to the annual Canadian Conference yearbooks, the initial membership grew from 14 in 1983 to a high of 40 in 1986. During the mid 1980s the average Sunday attendance was well over 100. Disputes over leadership style in 1987 resulted in an exodus of people. From 1988 until 1992, John Walker served as pastor. It wasn’t long after his resignation in August 1992, that advice was sought from the four founding congregations, with regards to the future role and vision of this church. At a meeting on September 13, 1992, chaired by moderator Geoff Champion, a motion was accepted to dissolve the Transcona Community Church.

The language of worship is English.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of the administrative files containing minutes, reports, correspondence, financial records including some budgets, individual donation records and income & expense ledgers, sample bulletins, a guest book, addresses of members/adherents, Sunday School attendance records, and membership transfers.

Custodial History

For the most part, the records were transferred to the archives on May 7, 1996, by Gerry Kramer, the last treasurer of the church. One file arrived earlier from the Manitoba Conference Missions and Church Extension Office, and another file came from files of the River East MB Church, one of the founding congregations. The membership transfers came from the Manitoba Conference denominational minister’s office in 2005.


  • Volume 525.
  • Finding aid consists of an inventory file list.
  • Some restrictions on access apply.
  • Arranged and described by CMBS archivist Alf Redekopp in July 1996, updated July 5, 2005 by Conrad Stoesz.
  • Formerly classified under the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches as BC543.
  • Acc. No. 1994–21, 1995–29, 1996–40, 2005-022.
  • Related materials: Manitoba Mennonite Brethren Conference Funds, Moderator's files, box 2:41.

File List

Volume 525

  1. A brief history of Transcona Community Church (ca.1987), 2 flyers announcing the opening of a new church in Transcona (1983), and MB Herald article (1993). – 1987–1993.
  2. Winnipeg East Church Planting. – 1981–1984.
  3. 2 Bulletins. – 1983, 1985.
  4. Transcona Community Church minutes. – 1982–1983.
  5. Chartering Service planning. – May 1983.
  6. Executive/Elders meeting notes. – 1983–1985.
  7. Pastoral Search Committee. – May-Sept. 1983.
  8. Congregational meeting minutes. – 1982–1989.
  9. Congregational meeting minutes. – 1991–199s.
  10. Pastor’s report & other material. – 1992.
  11. TCC Constitution. – 1990.
  12. Guest Book. – 1983–1992.
  13. Treasurer’s reports, correspondence and minutes. – 1983.
  14. Addresses of members/adherents. – 1984–1986.
  15. Budgets. – 1984, 1986, 1989, 1992.
  16. Treasurer’s correspondence. – 1993–1995.
  17. Donation records. Restricted. – 1983–1991.
  18. S.S. attendance records. – 1983–1987.
  19. Financial ledger. – 1983.
  20. Income & Expense ledgers. – 1984–1986.
  21. Financial ledger. – 1987–1988.
  22. Financial ledger. – 1989–1993.
  23. Transcona Community Church membership transfers out. – 1992.
  24. Constitution. -- 1983.
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