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L’Église Chrétienne de Saint-Laurent – Saint-Laurent, QC

Proper Title

L'Église Chrétienne de Saint-Laurent fonds

Dates of Creation

1972–1973, 1977–1987

Physical Description

10 cm of textual records, 2 charts, and 3 brochures

Administrative History

The Saint-Laurent church formed when Ernest Dyck moved to Saint-Laurent, Quebec and began an evangelistic work through literature and sermons.

The first meeting place was a rented office space that had been converted into a Bible Center. It was only when more interest was shown that a Sunday service started in June 1968.

In May 1970, David Franco was appointed the first French worker to serve the congregation. He was as a graduate from Bethel Bible Institute, Sherbrooke. Shortly before that, on December 30, 1969, the Saint-Laurent church was accepted into the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.

Before purchasing their own building on May 1, 1974, the Saint-Laurent church had moved around 5 times during their first 6 years. The building they purchased was a duplex; only the main floor was used for the church, the upper floor apartments were rented out to help cover costs. In May 1980, however, the church sold the building and began to meet in a school auditorium due to the increase in attendance. This younger church of about 112 members, is actively focused on personal witness, evangelistic outreach, and discipling new converts.

In 1973, Franco resigned to take up further studies, leaving the church without a pastor. Ernest Dyck helped out for 2 years until Pierre Wingender took over leadership. André Bourque followed in his footsteps only a few years later. The leaders of the congregation were: Pierre Wingender (1977–1979), André Bourque (1980–1986), Gérald Kraemer (1985–1988), Guy Demers (1989), Gilles Clermont (1990), Robert Godin (1991–1992), François Pinard (1993–1994), Claude Queval (1995–2000), Éric Wingender (2001–2002), and Gérard Basque (2003– ).

Scope and Content

The records found in this collection consist of leadership reports, minutes from congregational meetings, financial / budget reports, member lists, a questionnaire, letters, a chart, pastoral committee minutes, brochures, an article, and a project proposal.

Custodial History

The material in this collection came to the archives July 31, 1987, deposited by Ken Reddig who copied them at the Institut Biblique Laval.


  • Location: Volume 575, microfilm #138.
  • Language: The majority of the documents are in the French language, however the brief church history has been written in English.
  • Described by Janelle Hume, June 27, 2006.
  • Finding aid consists of a file list.
  • No restrictions on access.
  • Accession no. 1987-34.
  • Related materials:
  • Related materials, see MCC fond volume 800 file 10.  MB Herald, Nov 25 1977, May 6 1983, Feb 5 1993, June 28 1996, located in Periodical collection.

File List

Volume 575 and microfilm #138

1. Development sketch of Saint-Laurent, Québec. -- 1983.
2. Saint-Laurent Church: A Brief History. -- [1983?].
3. Letter attached with a historical sketch. -- 1980.
4. Reports. -- 1972–1973, 1979–1987.
5. Minutes from congregational meetings. -- 1973, 1978–1987.
6. Finance / budget reports. -- 1977–1987.
7. Church member list. -- 1977–1987.
8. Questionnaire. -- 1979.
9. Letters. -- 1979.
10. Pastoral committee minutes. -- 1980–1987.
11. “l’histoire de l’église des frères Mennonites” (Frères Mennonites church history brochure). -- [197?].
12. Mennonite Brethren Churches in Quebec. -- 1981.
13. Le Lien phonebook for the Frères Mennonite. -- 1985.
14. “Marc-Elie, jeune messager de Dieu” by Pierre Wingender. -- [198?].
15. “L’organisation interne de l’association québécoise des églises” (Internal organization of the Québec Church association chart). -- [198?].
16. “Croissance des églises des frères Mennonites au Québec” (Church Growth of the Frères Mennonites of Québec).

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