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Conference Minister / Executive Director (1979– )

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Canadian Conference of MB Churches Conference Minister series

Dates of Creation


Physical Description

190 cm of textual records

Administrative History

The Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns was authorized to appoint a conference minister in 1979 (see Canadian conf. yearbook, 1979, p. 53). Peter R. Toews, the first Conference minister, was appointed in 1980 with a broad job description to provide leadership in the conference and provide pastoral counseling to pastors and congregations. This series contains much board and congregational material, which did not directly concern the conference minister. The major involvement of the Conference Minister was with pastors and congregations throughout Canada, counseling and encouraging, as well as increasing administration of board agenda.

From that beginning, the position developed according to the interests and gifts, to some extent, of the personalities involved in holding the office of Conference Minister. The position was initially lodged within the Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns, but responsibilities began to shift toward the Executive Board in starting in 1996 with the appointment of Reuben Pauls under the new title of Executive Minister. According to the 1996 Conference Yearbook, Pauls was 100% responsible to Executive Board, with 40% of his time allocated to the Board of Faith and Life, the new name for the Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns.

With the transition to the new Governance model, the role of Executive Minister evolved into an Executive Director.

Those who have held this senior leadership appointment include: Peter R. Toews (1980–1981), Henry Brucks (1982–1986),  Roland Marsch (1987–1990), Ike Bergen (1990–1994), John B. Epp (1995), Reuben Pauls (1996–1999), David Wiebe (2000–2010), Willy Reimer (2011–2016), Steve Berg (2017–2018), and Elton DaSilva (2018– ).

In 2014, the conference ministries were re-framed as "services" and reorganized around four headings: Building Community, Multiplying Churches, Developing Leaders, and Financial Ministries (renamed Resourcing Ministry). The executive director (on behalf of the executive board) gives leadership to all four services.

See (click here) 2016 video describing CCMBC's four services model.

In 2018, CCMBC launched a vision for the collaborative model where the Provincial church conferences worked together to shape and direct the vision and delivery of services across Canada. The result was the formation of the National Leadership Team and the National Faith and Life Team.

See (click here) 2018 video describing CCMBC's vision for a collaborative model.

To view copies of the convention yearbooks, now published every two years, click here.

Scope and Content

This series consists of fourteen sub-series including correspondence and study papers. These textual records pertain to the conference minister / executive director and the board to which this office reported. There are related materials for other organizations, congregations, conferences, and boards with which this person had dealings and correspondence.

Custodial History

Records were transferred to the Centre for MB Studies archives in Winnipeg on a regular basis.


  • Volumes 45–46, 1375, 1417–1419.
  • Finding aid consists of a file list.
  • Acc. No. 2007-17.
  • Finding aid: The records are classified under the Canadian Conference of MB Churches inventory B225.
  • Described by Bert Friesen October 28, 2002; updated by Yvonne Snider-Nighswander October 23, 2012; updated by Phil Enns January 5, 2016.
  • Some restrictions on access.

Series Descriptions

I. Canadian Conference Board of Spiritual and Social Concerns meeting minutes (1981–1988).
II. Resolutions (1978–1999).
III. Papers on various topics (1980–1998).
IV. Conference minister’s reports, other reports (1981–1999).
V. Board directories (1983–1996).
VI. Constitution materials ([1976]–1997).
VII. Correspondence (1981–1999).
VIII. Minutes of other conference boards and consultations with other Mennonite conferences (1980–1989).
IX. Newspaper articles and clippings (1980–1989).
X. Financial statements (1983–1998).
XI. Assorted publicity material (1983–1992).
XII. Visits to pastors and churches across Canada (1981–1994).
XIII. Executive Staff Meeting Minutes (1987–2002).
XIV. Conference Minister's / Executive Director's Topical File Collection (1960–2001).

File List

Volume 45

  1. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, correspondence, conference minister job description (1980), resolution concerning MCCC. -- 1981.
  2. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, paper on homosexuality, correspondence, report of the conference minister, responses to Biblical inerrancy, operating guidelines and standing rules paper. -- 1982.
  3. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, correspondence, report on tour of churches in the Soviet Union, constitution and bylaws ([1976]), report of the conference minister, papers on creation, leadership, on who can administer the ordinances, on church polity, on strengthening the brotherhood, board directory, on our peace witness, on MBBC, on issues in the MB church. -- 1983.
  4. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, resolution regarding the review of “My Lovely Enemy”, correspondence, minutes of joint consultation between MB and EMC representatives, paper on communion, on ethical issues for students, on bible institutes accreditation, on relationship between national and provincial conference ministers, on being a Christian in a troubled world, statement on goals of the board. -- 1984.
  5. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, board directory, conference minister job description, paper on denominational identity and conference allegiance, on principles regarding grievance between pastor and congregation, on the Christian and litigation, on baptism, church membership, and the Lord’s Supper, on termination of a pastor’s ministry, statement on goals of the board, and resolution on abortion. -- 1985.
  6. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, correspondence, papers publication proposal, financial statements, revised restructuring proposal, commission on the pornography issue materials, statement on the termination of a pastor’s ministry, on the relationship of conversion to baptism. -- 1986.
  7. Canadian conference board of faith and life meeting minutes of both the BSSC and BFL, correspondence, board directory, reports and recommendations, responses to A People Apart, resolution on baptism, church membership, and Lord’s Supper, report of the new conference minister. -- 1987.
  8. Canadian conference board of faith and life meeting minutes, conference minister’s reports, statement on abortion, pulpit committee materials, findings reports on A People Apart, financial statement, vision statement, publishing arrangement with board of publication, principles regarding grievance between pastor and congregation. -- 1988.
  9. Canadian conference board of faith and life executive committee meeting minutes, statement on alcohol, joint meeting minutes of BFL executive committee and board of publication, conference minister’s report, newspaper clippings, correspondence, report on conference publications. -- 1989.
  10. Canadian conference board of faith and life correspondence, conference minister’s report. -- 1989.
  11. MB Herald correspondence, articles. -- 1983–1985.
  12. National MB Youth conference correspondence, newspaper clippings, poster, questionnaire, convention ’83 schedule and guidelines. -- 1983–1986.
  13. Believers’ Church conference news release, correspondence, paper on baptism and church membership, report. -- 1984–1987.
  14. Brethren in Christ/MB correspondence. -- 1985.
  15. Correspondence regarding Umsiedler matters. -- 1990.
  16. General conference board of reference and counsel correspondence. -- 1988–1990.
  17. Canadian conference convention correspondence, board of management report and budget, MB Herald Vol.21, no.12, convention insert. -- 1982.
  18. Canadian conference board of Christian education correspondence, Canadian conference convention planning correspondence and programme, conference minister report. -- 1983.
  19. Canadian conference financial statements, brochures, programmes, 1984 honor roll of the Canadian conference, fortieth anniversary college bulletin, Canadian conference statistics (1983), and correspondence. -- 1983–1984.
  20. Canadian conference convention programme, board of spiritual and social concerns correspondence including a letter of apology to the CMC, conference restructuring proposal. -- 1986.
  21. Canadian conference restructuring and constitutional changes recommendations. -- 1987.
  22. Canadian conference minister’s schedule, self-evaluation, report, correspondence, paper on the relationship of the Canadian conference minister and his provincial counterparts (1984), job description and position guidelines, reports. -- 1982–1989.
  23. Canadian conference moderator’s correspondence including regarding A People Apart, restructuring proposal (1986), Canadian conference executive committee meeting minutes (1986), statement of responsibility of the council of boards (1984), moderator’s report (1983), convention programme (1984), materials concerning relations to the Mennonite Church (1983), Canadian conference constitution (1983). -- 1983–1987.
  24. Canadian consultation on evangelism correspondence, programme materials. -- 1982–1983.
  25. Centre for MB studies reports, newsletter, correspondence. -- 1983–1985.
  26. Canadian conference vision statement. -- 1989.
  27. Conference of Mennonites in Canada correspondence. -- 1983–1985.
  28. Canadian conference confession of faith, charter, by-laws, operating guidelines, and standing rules. -- 1983.
  29. Canadian conference minister’s correspondence with pastors, BSSC correspondence with pastors, paper on pornography (1986), on improved preaching (1986), on capital punishment (1976) and response (1985), on relationship of conversion to baptism, baptism and Lord’s Supper, and church membership (1986), on church–state relations (1985), on letter writing tips, bibliography on preaching, guidelines to preparing a sermon, leadership congress programme (1983). -- 1982–1989.
  30. U.S. Conference convention decisions discussion in Christian Leader articles. -- 1980–1982.
  31. Disciple Making ’85 correspondence, survey results, reports, committee meeting minutes, and brochures. -- 1985.
  32. Disciple Making ’88 correspondence. -- 1987.
  33. Evangelical Anabaptist dialogue correspondence, participants directory, consultation meeting minutes and vision. -- 1986–1987.
  34. Evangelical fellowship of Canada correspondence, human life symposium brochure (1987), paper on sexual orientation, on Sunday observance, newsletter, newspaper clipping. -- 1983–1987.
  35. Evangelical Mennonite Conference correspondence, convention programmes, meeting of MB and EMC representatives minutes (1984), EMC structure. -- 1982–1989.
  36. Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference correspondence. -- 1985–1989.
  37. Canadian conference board of evangelism correspondence, home mission workers’ conference programme, material regarding the Québec association of MB congregations and the Canadian conference, paper on spiritual basis for evangelism (1984), church planting seminar programme (1982), job description of evangelism executive secretary (1982). -- 1982–1987.
  38. Canadian conference board of evangelism brochure on Québec work, paper on evangelism. -- [198-?].
  39. General conference MB Churches correspondence, resolution on baptism, church membership, and the Lord’s Supper, nominating committee materials (1986), board of reference and counsel meeting minutes (1985), resolution on pastoral ministry (1978). -- 1978–1987.
  40. General conference Mennonite Church correspondence, materials on consultation on continuing concerns (1981). -- 1981–1985.
  41. Papers presented at the Institute for church ministries on the nature of the church, the church and the world, the birth of the church, the early church, leadership, preaching, the mission of the church, small groups in the church, the minister’s library, shepherding, editing a periodical. -- 1982.
  42. Institute for church ministries materials with papers similar to #41, brochures, and evaluation forms. -- 1983–1984.
  43. Institute for church ministries correspondence, brochures, and papers similar to #41. -- 1985.
  44. Institute for church ministries correspondence, brochure. -- 1986.
  45. Institute for church ministries evaluation results. -- 1988.
  46. Inter-institutional consultation correspondence, programme, papers on ethical issues facing students. -- 1982–1984.
  47. Inter-Mennonite leadership meeting minutes, correspondence, programme, directory, papers on pastor and congregation relationship. -- 1982–1985.
  48. Inter-Mennonite Home Ministries council meeting minutes, correspondence, newsletters, programmes, directories, papers on who the Mennonites are, on church planting, on voluntary service personnel issues. -- 1980–1985.
  49. Canadian conference minister correspondence, conference statistics (1989), Camp Arnes materials. -- 1987–1989.
  50. Congregational constitutions/governing structures for Sardis Community Church, Manitou MB Church, Waldheim MB Church, Hepburn MB Church, Orillia Christian Fellowship Chapel, Abbotsford Christian Fellowship, Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship, Broadway Church, Richmond Park MB Church, Willingdon MB Church, Grantham MB Church, Beechy MB Church, Hillside Christian Fellowship Church, Mission Christian Fellowship, Christian Centre Fellowship, Thompson Christian Centre, Coaldale MB Church, Zoar MB Church, Meadow Lake MB Church, Reedley MB Church, Ebenfeld MB Church. -- 1983.
  51. Papers on who the MBs are, MB educational institutions, future of MBs, observations of the MB Church, leadership changes, childrens’ ministry, a brotherhood with an evangelistic concern, church work in our times, MB Church growth in Russia 1860–1925, my church from my vantage point, church growth and the process of change, strengths and weaknesses of the MB Church, church work among the Russians in Saskatchewan, growth of the MB Church in world missions, church work in Québec, leadership styles in the MB Church since WWII, leadership in the MB Church, 1925–1945, growth in world missions, 1860–1925, history of the MB Church in Québec, 1961–1983, methods of evangelism in the Québec MB Churches, MB institutions and their part in preparing leaders, growth of the MB Church in Canada until 1925, a brotherhood with an evangelistic concern, the practical perspective on MBs, seeking to solidify its calling, the Canadian MB Church after 1925, Church work among the Russians, church growth and change, the MB Church at the end of the century. -- 1983.
  52. Brooks MB Church correspondence. -- 1982–1984.
  53. Community Christian Fellowship correspondence. -- 1982–1989.
  54. Red Deer MB Church correspondence, reports. -- 1987–1988.
  55. Spirit River Group report. -- 1987.
  56. Greek Evangelical Christian Church correspondence, newspaper clipping. -- 1982–1985.
  57. Christian Fellowship group correspondence, report. -- 1983–1989.
  58. Cornerstone Community Church correspondence, periodicals. -- 1987–1989.
  59. Neighbourhood Life Group correspondence, reports. -- 1987–1991.
  60. Bethesda Fellowship Church correspondence, reports. -- 1985–1992.
  61. Toronto Chinese Church correspondence, reports. -- 1987–1989.
  62. New Hope Community Church correspondence, brochure, report. -- 1991–1992.
  63. Victory Fellowship Church correspondence, report. -- 1985–1987.
  64. Brotherfield MB Church correspondence, reports. -- 1983–1987.
  65. Cornerstone Christian Fellowship correspondence, reports. -- 1984–1989.
  66. Nipawin MB Church correspondence, reports. -- 1982–1989.
  67. North Battleford MB Church correspondence, reports. -- 1983–1989.
  68. Riversdale Christian Fellowship correspondence. -- 1985.

Volume 46

  1. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, financial statements, papers on strengthening the brotherhood, on evangelical freedom, on the relationship of baptism to the Lord’s Supper, on ordinance administration, on perspectives on creation, on relationship of Canadian conference minister to his provincial counterparts, on vision of MBBC, on issues that need to be addressed, council of boards meeting minutes, board of education meeting minutes, board of evangelism meeting minutes, Board of Higher Education meeting minutes, board of management meeting minutes, board of publication meeting minutes. -- 1984.
  2. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, conference minister reports, papers on abortion, baptism, church membership, and the Lord’s Supper, perspectives on creation, on Umsiedler, on improved preaching, on the Christian and litigation, proposed constitution changes, constitution of the fellowship of concerned Mennonites. -- 1985.
  3. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, reports, financial statements, papers on conference unity and higher education, on educational alternatives for leadership training, on pornography, on Umsiedler, on a search for brotherhood, on Christian principles in medical/ethical dilemmas, on abortion, on one day rest in seven, on capital punishment. -- 1986.
  4. Canadian conference board of spiritual and social concerns meeting minutes, conference restructuring proposal, council of boards meeting minutes, Christian education commission meeting minutes, board of evangelism meeting minutes, Board of Higher Education meeting minutes, board of management meeting minutes, financial statements, board of publications meeting minutes, executive board meeting minutes, board of Christian education meeting minutes, board of faith and life meeting minutes (change of name in 1988). -- 1987.

Volume 1375

  1. Conference Minister. Statement, restoration process and report relating to the departure of Paul Tillapaugh from Bear Valley Church, Colorado. File Restricted. -- 1991.
  2. Conference Minister. Confession of Faith translation policy; Baptism – What is it? draft; Communion – What is it? Draft and correspondence. -- 1995.
  3. Conference Minister. BFL membership list, ordination documents, Restoration of Ministerial Sexual Misconduct: Rationale and Policy, draft, report and correspondence. -- 1996.
  4. Conference Minister. List of senior pastor openings, Guidelines for the restoration of Fallen Leaders, Certificate of Ecclesiastical Authority, The Continuing Relevance of the Anabaptist Vision by T. D. Regehr, Proposed Constitution for the Prince Rupert MB Church, report and correspondence. -- 1997.
  5. Conference Minister. List of senior pastor openings, and candidates, Board of Communications Webmaster job description, several attachments for BFL: Pamphlet Series Update; Discerning the Spirits, Observations on the Work of MCC, The Resolution on Homosexuality, BFL Feedback Session and correspondence. -- 1998.
  6. Conference Minister. List of senior pastor openings, and candidates; report to BFL; Resolution Regarding the Homosexuality Position of South Calgary Inter-Mennonite Church; MB Confession of Faith draft and correspondence. -- 1999.
  7. Conference Minister. Job description, draft; correspondence. -- 1991.
  8. Conference Minister. Schedules. -- 1991–1994.
  9. Conference Minister. Reports, January and July. -- 1991–1996.
  10. Conference Minister. Minutes, reports, correspondence and related documents of the National Conference of 1996 (SERVE 2000). -- 1996.

Volume 1417

1. Kitchener MB Church. Correspondence. -- 1982–1993.
2. Komoka Community Church. Correspondence and Report. -- 1983–1990.
3. Leamington MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1993.
4. Mountview MB Church. Correspondence and Report. -- 1982–1993.
5. National Capital Community Church. Correspondence and Report. -- 1987–1994.
6. Niagara Christian Fellowship Chapel. Correspondence. -- 1983–1993.
7. Niagara Falls Christian Fellowship. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1993.
8. Orchard Park Bible Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1984–1992.
9. Port Rowan Community Church. Report. -- 1989.
10. Port Rowan MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1990.
11. Scott St. MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1993.
12. Valley Park Community Church. Correspondence. -- 1983.
13. Vineland MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1993.
14. Virgil MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1993.
15. Waterloo MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1993.
16. Westview Community Church. Correspondence and Report. -- 1989–1993.
17. Yorkdale Community Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1984–1991.
18. Saskatchewan Conference of MB Churches. Correspondence, Reports, and Commissioning Service for Ralph Gliege. -- 1984–1993.
19. Alberta Conference of MB Churches. Correspondence and Report. -- 1988–1993.
20. Ontario Bible College. Correspondence and Report. -- 1987.
21. Lakeview MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1992.
22. La Glace Bible Fellowship Church. Correspondence and Reports. – 1982–1990.
23. Highland MB Church (Calgary, AB). Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1992.
24. Hays Gospel Chapel. Reports. -- 1989–1990.
25. Gospel Light MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1992.
26. Gem MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1993.
27. Foothills Community Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1993.
28. Dalhousie Community Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1987–1993.
29. Crestwood MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1993.
30. South Calgary MB Church = Calgary Inter-Mennonite Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1989.
31. College Drive Community Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1986–1992.
32. Coaldale MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1992.
33. Bakerview MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1992.
34. Arnold Community Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1987–1992.
35. Armstrong Bible Chapel. Correspondence, Reports, and Meeting Minutes. -- 1983–1993.
36. Abbotsford Christian Fellowship. Reports. -- 1988–1991.
37. BC Conference of MB Churches. Reports and Correspondence. -- 1987–1993.
38. Westview Community Church (AB). Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1992.
39. West Edmonton MB Church. Reports. -- 1989–1992.
40. Vauxhall MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1993.
41. Tofield Gospel Church. Report and Correspondence. -- 1987–1990.
42. Mill Woods MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1993.
43. Linden MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1984–1989.
44. Lendrum MB Church. Correspondence, Reports, and Newspaper Article. -- 1984–1989.
45. Kennedy Heights Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1987–1994.
46. South Otter MB Church/Hillside Community Church. Report and Correspondence. -- 1982–1990.
47. Highland Community Church (BC). Report and Correspondence. -- 1990–1992.
48. Harrison Gospel Chapel. Report. -- 1988.
49. Grace MB Church. Correspondence. -- 1983–1988.
50. Gospel Chapel Fellowship. Report and Correspondence. -- 1983–1993.
51. Glacierview Christian Fellowship. Report and Correspondence. -- 1988–1990.
52. Frasierview MB Church. Correspondence, Reports, and Historical Sketch of Frasierview. -- 1983–1989.
53. East Aldergrove MB Church. Correspondence, Report, and Commissioning Service. -- 1984–1993.
54. Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1988.
55. Cedar Park MB Church. Correspondence, Reports, and Overview of Cedar Park. -- 1983–1989.
56. Discovery Community Church. Correspondence. -- 1992.
57. Culloden MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1992.
58. Cornerstone MB Church. Report. -- 1988.
59. Community Gospel Chapel (New Hazelton, BC). Correspondence and Report. -- 1988.
60. Chilliwack Central MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1986–1988.
61. Clearbrook MB Church. Correspondence, Reports, and Membership Graphs. -- 1982–1993.
62. Central Heights MB Church. Correspondence, Reports, and Adult Ministries Guidelines. -- 1983–1991.
63. Cariboo Bethel Church. Correspondence, Reports, and Church Constitution. -- 1982–1988.
64. Broadway MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1983–1993.
65. Black Creek MB Church. Reports and Correspondence. -- 1982–1987.
66. Saanich MB Church. Reports and Correspondence. -- 1984–1989.
67. Richmond Bethel MB Church. Correspondence, Reports, and Organizational Structure. -- 1982–1992.
68. Prince Rupert MB Church = Cornerstone MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1988–1990.
69. Point Grey Fellowship = Point Grey Inter-Mennonite Fellowship. Correspondence, Reports, and Menno Simons Centre Pamphlet. -- 1987.
70. White Rock MB Church = Peace Arch Fellowship = Gracepoint Community Church. Report. -- 1988.
71. Northview Community Church. Reports and Correspondence. -- 1984–1992.
72. North Langley Community Church. Reports and Correspondence. -- 1987–1990.
73. Northgate MB Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1984–1992.
74. North Peace MB Church. Correspondence and Organizational Report. -- 1983–1992.
75. New Hope Community Church. Correspondence and Report. -- 1988–1992.
76. Nanaimo Christian Fellowship = Neighbourhood Church. Report. -- 1987.
77. Nechako Community Church. Report and Correspondence. -- 1985–1988.
78. Mountain Park Community Church. Correspondence. -- 1992–1993.
79. The Mission Christian Fellowship. Ministry Schematic. -- 1983.
80. King Road MB Church. Reports and Correspondence. -- 1985–1991.
81. Killarney Park MB Church. Reports and Correspondence. -- 1983–1990.
82. Willingdon MB Church. Correspondence, Reports, and Administration Chart. -- 1982–1990.
83. Whistler Community Church. Report. -- 1988.
84. Westwood MB Church (BC). Reports, Correspondence, and Study Paper: “New Testament Teaching Concerning the Diaconate.” -- 1983–1991.
85. Westpark Chapel. Report and Correspondence. -- 1988.
86. West Clearbrook Community Church. Reports. -- 1990.
87. Vancouver MB Church = South Hill MB Church. Correspondence, Reports, and Policy Manual. -- 1983–1990.
88. Valleyview Bible Church. Correspondence, Report, and Church Demographics. -- 1982–1992.
89. Valleycliffe Christian Fellowship = Cedar Mountain Community Church. Report. – 1988.
90. South Langley MB Church. Correspondence and Report. -- 1983–1991.
91. South Abbotsford Church. Correspondence and Reports. -- 1982–1991.
92. Sardis Community Church. Reports and Correspondence. -- 1986–1990.
93. Yarrow MB Church. Reports and Correspondence. -- 1984–1993.
94. Willow Park Church. Reports, Correspondence, Church Structure, and Statement of Faith. – 1983–1992.
95. Winkler MB Church. Correspondence. – [1988].
96. Inter-Office Meetings. -- 1991–1993.
97. Executive Director. Correspondence and Financial Statements. -- 1997–1998.
98. Executive Drector. Meeting Minutes, Financial Statements, and Correspondence. -- 1998–1999.
99. Executive Director. Correspondence and Financial Statements. -- 1999–2000.
100. Executive Director. Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, and Financial Statements. -- 2000–2001.
101. Executive Director. Correspondence and Financial Statements. -- 2001–2002.

Volume 1418

1. Rev. William H. Stewert - Papers on Building the Church through your Youth Ministry. -- n.d.
2. “The Minister and Sermon Preparation.” Various authors. -- n.d.
3. “My Vision for Evangelism and Church Growth.” Henry Brucks. -- n.d.
4. “Termination of a Pastor’s Ministry.” Rudy Bartel. -- n.d.
5. “Christ’s Challenge to Re-Orientation and Restoration.” J.A. Toews. -- 1960.
6. Ordination of Ministers. Articles, Correspondence, and Guidelines. -- 1966–1982.
7. “Biblical Conversion.” Billy Graham. -- 1967.
8. Articles and Papers on Divorce and Remarriage. -- 1967–1992.
9. “Church Membership: Its Essence and Necessity.” Article by Marvin Hein (and Questionnaire). -- [197-].
10. “Study Paper on the Meaning of Conversion.” John H. Neufeld. -- 1970.
11. Supervised Internship Manual, Evaluation Instrument Ideas, and Correspondence. -- 1972–1981.
12. MB Church Stance on Abortion. Reports and Articles. -- 1972–1986.
13. “MB Vision.” Frank C. Peters. -- 1975.
14. Pastoral Care and Church Discipline. Articles and Study Papers. -- 1975–1984.
15. Paper: “The Call to the Ministry.” Dr. John Regehr. -- 1976.
16. F.C. Peters Keynote Address and Article. -- 1976–1977.
17. Board of Trustees Sample Letters - Originals. -- 1976–1984.
18. Papers and Manuscript on Capital Punishment. Elmer Martens, Alex Campbell, and John Redekop. -- 1976–1985.
19. Christian Life Seminars: “Church: Conversion, Membership and Discipleship.” Jake Falk. -- 1977.
20. “MB Church Approaches to Evangelism in Today’s Society.” Henry Brucks. -- 1977.
21. Paper: “Mennonite Brethren as a Believer’s Church.” John H. Redekop. -- 1978.
22. Moderators and Secretaries Consultation. Correspondence and Articles. -- 1978–1987.
23. Articles relating to the Holy Spirit - David Ewert. -- 1979–1985.
24. “Discerning the Work of God.” Paul G. Hiebert. -- [198-].
25. Mennonite House Churches and Church Growth. Study Papers by Henry Ekkert, Gloria Redekop, Heinz and Edith Ratzlaff. -- 1980–1982.
26. A Christian Approach to Homosexuality. Articles and Correspondence. -- 1981–1992.
27. Study Paper: “Affluence and Life-style.” Tim Geddert. -- 1982.
28. “Why Do Churches Split?” Tim Geddert. -- 1982.
29. Orientation for New Ministers. Correspondence and Questionnaire. -- 1982–1983.
30. “Another Look at the MB Church.” Study Papers Compiled by Henry Brucks. -- 1983.
31. Summary of “The Relationship of Christian Baptism to the Lord’s Supper.” Isaac Block. -- 1983.
32. Church Organizational Patterns. Correspondence, Charts, and Church Constitution. -- 1983.
33. Henry Brucks: “Ministry of Preaching.” -- 1983.
34. “Perspectives on Creation.” Elmer Martens. -- 1983.
35. Peace Issue. Correspondence and Study Papers. “Anabaptism and the Issue of Peace Today.” Abe Dueck. -- 1983–1984.
36. Study Paper: “Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices of MB.” Abram G. Konrad. -- 1984.
37. P.R. Toews Paper: Communion: Findings and Conclusions. -- 1984.
38. Study Paper and Summary: “The Relationship of Conversion to Baptism” (including line graphs). Henry P. Nikkel. -- 1984.
39. Paper: “We Will Give Ourselves to Prayer.” Henry Brucks. -- 1984.
40. “Doing Together What We Can’t Do Alone.” Video Order Forms, Correspondence, and Slide Projector Directions. -- 1984–1985.
41. Church Leadership articles. Elmer Martens, Henry Schmidt, F.C. Peters. -- 1984–1989.
42. Autonomy and Accountability. Paper and Study Guide. Helmut Harder. -- 1985.
43. “Being Careful and Troubled About Things. Henry Brucks. -- 1985.
44. Research Paper: “Evaluation of Four Selected Sunday School Curriculums.” Dr. John Unger. -- 1985.
45. “The Importance of Biblical Preaching.” Samuel J. Stoesz. -- 1985.
46. Study Paper: “A Re-Assessment of Some Traditional Anabaptist Church-State Perspectives.” John H. Redekop. -- 1985.
47. Study Paper: “Seelsorge: A Mennonite Brethren Perspective.” Isaac Block. -- 1985.
48. Sermon on Rock Music (H.H. Barber). -- 1985.
49. Study Papers and Correspondence: Inter-Mennonite Pastoral Leadership Training. -- 1985–1986.
50. “Some Considerations for Improved Preaching in our Churches.” Allan Labun. -- 1985–1986.
51. Umsiedler (Germany). Correspondence and Study Paper: “God’s Surprise for the German Christians.” John N. Klassen. -- 1985–1989.
52. Study Paper: “John Wimber and the Vineyard Movement.” -- 1986.
53. “Religion and Ethnicity Preliminary Report of a National Survey.” John H. Redekop. -- 1986.
54. Correspondence and Study Paper: “What About Sunday Observance?” -- 1986–1990.
55. R.M. Baerg: “Baptism and Church Membership.” Paper and Summary. -- 1987.
56. “MB Distinctives.” Roland Marsch. -- 1987.
57. “The Pastor as Shepherd/Enabler.” Roland Marsch. -- 1987.
58. Mennonite World Conference. Correspondence, Meeting Minutes, and Articles. -- 1987–1991.
59. Disciple Making ’88: “The Church, the Caring Community.” R. Boschman, W. Rempel. -- 1988.
60. Pastor’s Day. Registration Forms and Name Lists. -- 1988.
61. New Pastors Orientation. Correspondence, Schedule, and Name Lists. -- 1988–1989.
62. Articles: “Recovering Accountability,” J. Holm; “Nature and Ministry of the Church,” Heidebrecht and Ediger; “Nature of the Church,” Toews. -- 1989.
63. Pastoral Candidates. -- 1989–1990.
64. “The Lord’s Supper in the New Testament,” Walter Unger, and “The Lord’s Supper and the Church,” E. Penner and John Wall. -- 1989–1992.
65. “Biblical Stewarship Foundations,” John H. Redekop paper. -- 1990.
66. “Mennonite Pastor’s Response to Domestic Abuse,” Isaac Block. -- 1990.
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