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Communications, News releases, Kindred Productions, staff newsletters, video updates (2008– )

Proper Title

Communications, News releases, Kindred Productions, staff newsletters, video updates series

Dates of Creation


Physical Description

45 cm of textual material

Administrative History

After 2005 and the dissolution of the Board of Discipleship Ministries, Kindred Productions continued to function but evolved to a segment of the Communications team's responsibility.

In addition, the CCMBC Communications team helped to coordinate the publication of the MB Herald and also generated news releases, staff newsletters, and video updates as part of the administrative ministry of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. This collection also includes textual manuscripts of the video updates given by the executive director.

In 2014, the conference ministries were re-framed as "services" and reorganized around four headings: Building Community, Multiplying Churches, Developing Leaders, and Financial Ministries (renamed Resourcing Ministry in 2016). The work of the Communications team--Kindred Productions, MB Herald (click here to go to the MB Herald page), news releases, and video updates--fit in the Building Community service.

See (click here) 2016 video describing CCMBC's four services model.

In 2018, CCMBC launched a vision for the collaborative model where the Provincial church conferences worked together to shape and direct the vision and delivery of services across Canada. The result was the formation of the National Leadership Team and the National Faith and Life Team.

See (click here) 2018 video describing CCMBC's vision for a collaborative model.

To view copies of the convention yearbooks, now published every two years, click here.

Scope and Content

The collection contains Kindred Productions material (dated from 2008 to 2016) and includes hard copy print outs of CCMBC news releases and staff updates that were distributed electronically by email starting in 2013. The collection documents well the assumptions, initiatives, and the office practices of the multi-site organization that CCMBC has become.

Custodial History

At regular intervals, the Communications team has deposited with CMBS Kindred Production materials and hard copies of the electronic communiques sent from the CCMBC office.


  • Volume 1419
  • Accession Nos.: 2016-30; 2017-12; 2018-10.
  • Finding aid consists of a file list.
  • Described by Jon Isaak, Sept 2016; updated Sept 2018, January 2019.
  • No restrictions to access.
  • Language: English.
  • More accruals expected.

File List

Volume 1419

76. CCMBC Staff Newsletter "@CCMBC." Issues #1–24. -- 2014–2015.
77. CCMBC Staff Newsletter. -- 2014.
78. CCMBC Stories and News Releases. -- 2013.
79. CCMBC Stories and News Releases. -- 2014.
80. CCMBC Staff Newsletter, Willy Reimer video update transcripts. -- 2015–2016.
81. CCMBC Communications news releases. -- 2017.
82. Kindred Kidz: Manitoba Resource Event. Brochures, slide show, equipping event materials. -- 2008.
83. Kindred Spirits Rewards Program. "Buy a book, change a life" program. Correspondence and reports. -- 2009.
84. Kindred Productions partnership planning with Canadian Mennonite University Resource Centre. Correspondence and notes. -- 2010.
85. Kindred Productions correspondence and planning regarding the Hillsboro office. -- 2013.
86. Communication Team strategy planning (consultant's report) and Five-Year plan. -- 2015.
87. Kindred Productions Sales Reports from 2005 through 2016. -- 2016.
88. CCMBC financial update regarding 2017 budget along with Bruce Guenther's analysis and critique. -- 2016.
89. CCMBC Communications news releases. -- 2018.

See (click here) to be redirected to current CCMBC news releases on its website.

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