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Last Supper, The


Here are worship resources suitable for use on Maundy Thursday (the Thursday before Good Friday), or on Good Friday. They focus on the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples before his crucifixion.


Matthew 26:17-30
Mark 14:12-26
Luke 22:14-20
John 13


Opening Prayer

Holy God, we come to worship
in the gathering shadows of Jesus’ suffering and death.
We come with his friends,
the men and women who have followed him
in every place and generation,
to live once again this story of service and betrayal,
of weakness and of courage.
We come to witness your love in action.
Be with us, we pray, in Jesus’ name.


~ from Worship Sourcebook, posted on Reformed Worship.

Pastoral Prayer

Gracious God,
As those who strive to follow Jesus in our living
and to trust your power in our dying,
we gather to reflect upon the life that ended on a cross.

We recognize in ourselves the strengths and weaknesses of Jesus’ disciples:
although they loved him, they disappointed and failed him.

And yet, gathering with these imperfect friends at this last meal
Jesus washed their feet in service, and then
extended the bread and cup to each.
Jesus called them to love one another,
and invited them to share in his very life
and in his acceptance of the road ahead.

We are humbled, honored and inspired
by the deep love Christ extended to the world,
and we take seriously the calling to be the body of Christ today.

Forgive us when we disappoint and fail you,
and guide us back to a place of trust and faithful living.

Grant us the vision to see the world as you see it,
with love and compassion for each creature and all of your creation.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, who taught us to pray to you. . .
Our Father . . .

~ written by Rev. Kelly Burd. Posted on the United Church of Christ’s Worship Ways website.

Prayer of Intercession

on this, the night he was betrayed,
your Son Jesus Christ washed his disciples' feet.
We commit ourselves to follow his example
of love and service.

Lord, hear us
and humble us.

On this night, he prayed for his disciples to be one.
We pray for the unity of your Church...

Lord, hear us
and unite us.

On this night, he prayed for those who were to believe
through their ministry.
We pray for the mission of your Church...

Lord, hear us
and renew our zeal.

On this night, he commanded them to love,
but suffered rejection himself.
We pray for the rejected and unloved...

Lord, hear us
and fill us with your love.

On this night, he reminded them that if the world hated them
it hated him first.
We pray for those who are persecuted for their faith...

Lord, hear us
and give us your peace.

~ posted on the Oremus website.

Spoken Resources

Call to Worship Litany: Maundy Thursday

Welcome to you who call upon the name of Christ.
We gather tonight to recall the story
of the night Jesus was betrayed.
Are you prepared
to come to the feast of Jesus, the Christ,
whose life was poured out for you?
By the grace of God, we are.

Are you able to watch with Jesus
at prayer in the garden --
indeed, to struggle yourselves to be in unity
with God's will for you?
By the grace of God, we are.

Then let us praise God, even in this hour of darkness!

God of all grace and steadfast love,
greatly is your name to be praised in all the earth.
Bring us to this feast of remembrance
with open hearts!

~ from Maundy Thursday Worship 2002, on the Seekers Church website.

A sort of statement of faith

some shout hosanna
some shout crucify
some shout Jesus
some shout Barabbas
some wave palms
some shake their fists
today we choose...

some break bread
some break silence
some proclaim Jesus
some deny Jesus
some carry the cross
some run from the cross
today we choose...

some are angry
some rejoice
some anoint with costly perfume
some complain at the waste
some like the light
some prefer the shadows
today we choose...

some weep
some conspire
some follow
some hide
some believe
some betray
today we choose

to shout for life
to follow the cross
to break bread
to hold belief
to trust love
and tell the world
we choose to follow Jesus

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Listening to the Stones.

It Would Not Have Been God's Table

On their own, the bread and wine are nothing.
To become a foretaste and a promise
of love made real and a world made whole,
they need a story and a blessing
and a people who believe…

It would not have been God’s table
if they hadn’t all been gathered around it:
the betrayer and the friend
the power-hungry and the justice seeker
the faithful and the fickle.

When Jesus poured the wine, and the bread was broken;
when everyone could eat -
the outcast and the beloved
the arrogant and the gracious
the wrong-doer and the wrongly done by -
the table became a foretaste
of love made real
and of a world made whole.

Your company at the table
will include the betrayer and the beloved
the wrong-doer and the wrongly done by.
It would not be God’s table without them.

And the promise is
that when you are together,
when you tell the story and give the blessing
when you break the bread and pour the wine
you will discover a foretaste
of love made real
and of a world made whole.

~ Cheryl Lawrie, on [hold this space].


Traditional Hymn: Let Us Break Bread Together

Worship Together #245

Let us break bread together on our knees;
Let us break bread together on our knees.
When I fall on my knees with my face to the rising sun,
O Lord, have mercy on me.

Let us drink wine together on our knees.
Let us drink wine together on our knees.

Let us praise God together on our knees;
Let us praise God together on our knees.

~ Traditional spiritual

Contemporary Hymn: We Come as Guests Invited

Worship Together #246

We come as guests invited
when Jesus bids us dine,
his friends on earth united
to share the bread and wine;
the bread of life is broken,
the wine is freely poured
for us, in solemn token
of Christ our dying Lord.

We eat and drink, receiving
from Christ the grace we need,
and in our hearts believing
on him by faith we feed;
with wonder and thanksgiving
for love that knows no end,
we find in Jesus living
our ever-present friend.

One bread is ours for sharing,
one single fruitful vine,
our fellowship declaring
renewed in bread and wine:
renewed, sustained and given
by token, sign and word,
the pledge and seal of heaven,
the love of Christ our Lord.

~ Timothy Dudley-Smith Words © 1984 Hope Publishing Company. If you use this song in worship, be sure to report it on your CCLI license.

Tune suggestions:
AURELIA (“The Church’s one foundation”)
Listen to it here: http://www.hymnary.org/tune/aurelia_wesley

WIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN (“Sing to the Lord of harvest”)

Contemporary Song: Emmanuel

On the dark night that you were betrayed
You broke the bread in pieces
You poured the wine, knowing your life
Would soon be poured out to heal us
What love is this?

Emmanuel you're God with us
And we remember you
Through your body and your blood
Emmanuel, you gave your life
Our hearts cry thank you
For your sacrifice

Why would you die for someone like me
Someone so undeserving?
Why would you leave heaven's glory
To step down and carry my burdens
What love is this?

Emmanuel you're God with us
Let your blood cover me
Wash me white and set me free
Let your blood make my clean
Today, today (repeat)

~ Vicky Beeching. Copyright © 2010 Thankyou Music (PRS) (adm. worldwide at EMICMGPublishing.com excluding Europe which is adm. by kingswaysongs.com) / Integrity Worship Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission. CCLI Song #5670657. If you use this song in worship, be sure to report it on your CCLI license.

Listen to it here:

Contemporary Song: Banquet

There's no banquet so rich
As the bread and the wine
No table more holy
No welcome so kind
There's no mercy so wide
As the arms of the cross
Come and taste come and see
Come find and be found

There's no banquet so rich
For what feast could compare
With the body of Jesus
Blessed broken and shared
Here is grace to forgive
Here is blood that atoned
Come and taste come and see
Come know and be known

Take the bread drink the wine
And remember His sacrifice

There's no banquet so rich
As the feast we will share
When God gathers the nations
And dines with us here
When death's shadow is gone
Every tear wiped away
Come and eat come and drink
Come welcome that day

There's no banquet so rich
For our Saviour we find
Present here in the mystery
Of these humble signs
Cleansed renewed reconciled
Let us go out as one
Live in love and proclaim
His death till He comes

~ Graham Kendrick. Copyright © 2011 Make Way Music (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.). CCLI Song #5936126. If you use this song in worship, be sure to report it on your CCLI license.

Listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i_a9jfNXxI



~ The Last Supper, Juan de Jaunes, ca. 1560


This worship resource was created/compiled by Christine Longhurst. You are welcome to use it free of charge, and where appropriate, please note the source. If you are printing any of the resources for distribution, please print the source as well. The content of the worship resource does not necessarily represent the views of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, which oversees the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies. For more worship resources by Christine Longhurst, see http://www.re-worship.blogspot.ca or http://www.faithmatters.ca.

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