Used Books

This list of used books for sale was produced on January 14, 2020. Please contact CMBS staff, if you would like to purchase a used book and/or to check on its availability, as some books may have already been sold.

Abram Braun Reunion committee, Family Reflections: Abram and Anna Falk Braun, 1991, $15.

Altona EMMC, Celbrating God’s Faithfulness, 2001, $10.

Augsburger, David W., The Love Fight: How to care and confront in resolving conflict, 1973, $2.

Augsburger, Myron S., The Robe of God: Reconciliation, the Believers Church Essential, 2000, $10.

Augsburger, Myron S., The Broken Chalice, 1971, $3.

Augsburger, Myron S., Pilgrim Aflame, 1967, $2.

Baerg, Anna, Diary of Anna Baerg 1916-1924, 1985, $8.

Baker, Mark D., Religious No More, 1999, $2.

Banman, A.J., Die Spätere und die letzte Zeit im Spiegel unserer gegenwärtigen Weltkrisis als prophetische Erfüllung, 1954, $3.

Barkman, Betty, Anna: A Life of Stubbornness made into Joyous service, 1985, $3.

Barkman, Betty, Four Buds in His Bouquet, 1980, $3.

Bartsch, Anna, Die Verborgene Hand in Meiner Lebensgeschichte, 1982, $3.

Bartsch, Franz, Unser Auszug nach Mittelasien, 1948, $6.

Bassett, David R., Steve Ratzlaff, Tim Geddert, A Persistent Voice, 2009, $5.

Bender, Harold et al., Mennonites and Their Heritage: A Handbook of Mennonite History and Beliefs, 1966, $4.

Bender, Harold S., Mennonites and Their Heritage, No. 1: Mennonite Origins in Europe, 1945, $2.

Bender, Harold S., These Are My People: The Nature of the Church and Its Discipleship According to the New Testament, 1962, $4.

Bender, Harold S., The Anabaptist Vision, 1944, $2.

Bender, Ross Thomas, The People of God, 1971, $2.

Bender, Urie A., Stumbling Heavenward: Peter Rempel, 1984, $5.

Bender, Urie A., The Witness: Message, Method, Motivation, 1965, $2.

Berg, Abram, Dietrich Heinrich Epp: Aus seinem Leben, Wirken und selbstaufgezeichneten Erinnerungen, 1973, $3.

Berg, Helene, Unsere Flucht Erinnerungen, 1947, $3.

Bergen, John J., ed., A Celebration of Service, 1991, $3.

Bethel Mennonite Church, Bethel Mennonite Church 1936-1980 (Aldergrove BC), 1980, $8.

Bickel, Philipp, Das Neue Singvögelein: Eine Sammlung von Liedern für Sonntagsschulen, 1952, $2.

Birdsell, Sandra, The Russlaender, 2001, $8.

Blanke, Fritz, Brothers in Christ, 1961, $8.

Blatz, Tina, A Rolling Stone for God, 1994, $3.

Block, Isaac I., Assault on God’s Image, 1991, $2.

Block, Jacob (Jack), Reflections of my life, 2002, $3.

Board of Christian Literature (Pub.), Worship Hymnal, 1971, $6.

Board of Foreign Missions, Missionary Album, 1954, $2.

Board of Foreign Missions (Pub.), Foreign Missions: Africa, 1947, $2.

Board of Foreign Missions (Pub.), Foreign Missions-India: The American Mennonite Brethren Mission in India, 1898-1948, 1948, $2.

Board of Foreign Missions (Pub.), Missionary Album of Missionaries Serving, 1956, $2.

Board of Foreign Missions (Pub.), Foreign Missions-India: The American Mennonite Brethren Mission in India, 1898-1948 (4 copies), 1948, $2.

Board of Life and Faith/Kindred Productions, Confession of Faith; Commentary and Pastoral App., 2000, $8.

Boldt, Cornelius, Das Lebendige Wasser, nd, $2.

Boldt, Edward (Ed.), When your Children Shall Ask: A History of the Ontario Conference of MB Churches, 1957-1982, 1982, $3.

Boldt, Jake, The Way It Was, nd, $4.

Bonk, Jon and Stan Plett, The World at War, the Church at Peace (with study guide), 1988, $6.

Born, Henry C., In the Company of God: An Autobiography, 2000, $4.

Born, Isaak, Heimatklänge/Frohe Botschaft/Glaubensstimme: Eine Sammlung auserwählter geistlicher, lieblicher Lieder, 1901, $3.

Boschmann, David, Pionier Lehrer: Der Kolonie Fernheim, 1930-1932, 1989, $3.

Brandt, Edward, and Adalbert Goertz, Genealogical Guide to East and West Prussian: Records, Sources, Publications, and Events, 2002, $13.

Brandt, Herbert, Transitions: Whatever Happened to Mennonite Brethren Churches?, 2012, $3.

Braun, Len, Brotherfield Re-visited, 1995, $2.

Brucks, J. H. and H. Hooge, Neu-Samara am Tock, Ruszland–U.S.S.R., 1964, $6.

Brunk, Emily, Espelkamp: MCC shares in community building in a new settlement for German refugees, 1951, $2.

Brunk, George R., Encounter with the Holy Spirit, 1972, $2.

Buhler, Annie E. (Dyck), My Story, 2007, $3.

Bundeskonferenz der deutschen Baptisten-Gemeinden, Neue Glaubensharfe: Gesangbuch der deutschen Baptisten-Gemeinden, 1916, $4.

Burkholder, J. R., et al., Conscience and conscription : papers from the 1969 Assembly sponsored by the MCC Peace Section, 1969, $2.

Can. Conf. MB Chuches, The Hymn Book: English edition of the Gesangbuch, 1960, $3.

Cannon, William Ragsdale et al., ed., The Nature of the Holy Life, 1961, $2.

Checole, Alemu et al, A Global Mennonite History: Volume One – Africa, 2003, $5.

Chislett, Anne, Quiet in the Land, 1983, $3.

Coaldale M.B. Church, Gedenk Und Dankfeier Des 25 Jährigen Bestehens Der Coaldale Mennoniten Brueder Gemeinde Am 27 M, 1951, $4.

Coaldale M.B. Church, Mennonite Brethren Church of Coaldale, Alberta 1926-1976, 1976, $4.

Coggins, James R and Paul Hiebert (Ed.), Wonders and the Word, 1989, $4.

Concord College, Taste the Experience, 1996, $4.

Dallmeyer, Heinrich, Erfahrungen in der Pfingstbewegung, nd, $2.

Dart, Ron et. al, Being the Church in Abbotsford, 2013, $4.

De Fehr, William (Ed.), Harvest: Anthology of Mennonite Writing in Canada 1874-1974, 1974, $4.

DeFehr, A. A. et. al., 25 Jahre Mennonitische Ansiedlung Nord Kildonan 1928-1953, 1953, $3.

Defehr, C. A., Erinnerungen an die Flucht der Mennoniten aus Russland und ihre Ansiedlung in Suedamerika, 1972?, $2.

Defehr, C. A., Memories of My Life, 1967, $10.

DeFehr, Cornelius A., Erinnerungen aus meinem Leben, 1976, $9.

DeFehr, Sara Heinrich, Im Wandel Der Jahre, 1975, $20.

DeHaan, Richard, The World on Trial: Studies in Romans, 1970, $2.

Derksen, Peter (Isaak), Es Wurde Wieder Ruhig, 1989, $10.

Derksen, Wilma L., Unsettled Weather: How Do I Forgive?, 2005, $2.

Detweiler, Lowell, The Hammer Rings Hope, 2000, $5.

Dick, J.J., From Exile in Russia into Mision Work in India, 1940, $2.

Dirks, Ray, In God’s Image, 2003, $5.

Doell, Leonard, The Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Saskatchewan, 1987, $8.

Doerksen, Ben, Mennonite Brethren Missions: Historical Development. Philosphy, and Policies, 1986, $2.

Doerksen, Helen and Helen Penner, South End Mennonite Brethren Church, Forerunner of the Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church 1936-1986, 1986, $2.

Doerksen, John G., As I Remember: The Story of My Life, 1995, $2.

Doerksen, John, et al., Golden anniversary of the Portage Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church, 1936-1986, 1986, $6.

Drescher, John M., Why I am a Conscientious Objector, 1982, $3.

Driedger, Gerhard, The Werder: The Land between the Vistula and the Nogat, 1995, $5.

Driedger, Leo, Mennonites in Winnipeg, 1990, $2.

Driedger, Leo, Mennonites in the Global Village, 2000, $8.

Driedger, Leo and J. Howard Kauffman, The Mennonite Mosaic, 1991, $5.

Driver, John, Community and Commitment, 1976, $2.

Driver, John, Images of the Church in Mission, 1997, $8.

Dueck, Abe J., Concordia Hospital: Faith, Health and Community, 2003, $8.

Dueck, Abe J., Concordia Hospital, 1928-1978/Krankenhaus Concordia, 1978, $3.

Dueck, Abe J., Canadian Mennonites and The Challenge of Nationalism, 1994, $5.

Dueck, Abe J., Moving beyond secession, 1997, $5.

Dueck, Abe J. ed., The Bible and the Church, 1988, $5.

Dueck, Abe J., et al., Renewing Identity and Mission, 2011, $8.

Dueck, Dora, A Time to Remember: The Story of Reverend B.B. and Lena Fast, 2009, $5.

Dueck, H. H., and Isaac H. Tiessen, He Leadeth…:History of the MB Churches of Ontario, 1924-1957, 1957, $5.

Dueck, Mary Regehr, The Good Stock, 2009, $3.

Duerksen, David D., A Passion of Gratitude, 2003, $10.

Duerksen, Hans, Fernheim 1930-1980, 1980, $5.

Duerksen, Heinrich, Daβ du nicht vergessest der Geschichten, 1990, $5.

Durksen, Hedy, Along Highways and Hedges: The Story of Joe and Marie Wiebe, 1977, $4.

Durksen, Kathe, Genealogy of David Jakob Duerksen & Anna Reimer`, , $2.

Durksen, Martin, Die Krim war unsere Heimat, 1980, $15.

DVD, Through the Red Gate, 2008, $5.

DVD, Being in the Way the Lod Led Me: A Documentary of Frank Dyck’s Life, 2012, $5.

Dyck, Abe Jr., He Leadeth Me – A Tribute to Abram & Johanna Dyck, nd, $2.

Dyck, Anna Reimer, Anna: From the Caucasus to Canada, 1979, $5.

Dyck, Anni (Ed.), Jesus Christus der Herr: Eindrücke und Ausdrücke der siebenten Mennonitischen Weltkonferenz, 1963, $2.

Dyck, Arnold, Collected works vol. 3, 1985, $35.

Dyck, Arnold, Koop enn Bua op Reise teil 2, 1954, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Dee Millionäa von Kosefeld, nd, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Koop enn Bua op Reise teil 1, 1954, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Koop enn Bua op Reise, 1942, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Verloren in der Steppe, Erster Teil, 1944, $4.

Dyck, Arnold, Onse Lied en ola Tiet, 1950, $5.

Dyck, Arnold, Lost in the Steppe, 1974, $5.

Dyck, Arnold, Verloren in der Steppe: Funfter teil, 1948, $4.

Dyck, Arnold, De Opnaom: Akt 2 von Wellkaom op’e forestei, 1951, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Collected works vol. 1, 1985, $35.

Dyck, Arnold, Koop enn Bua en Dietschlaund, Erster Teil, 1960, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Koop enn Bua en Dietschlaund, Erster Teil, 1960, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Koop Enn Bua foare nao Toronto– erster teil, 1948, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Wellkaom op’e Forstei! : Szenen aus dem mennonitischen Forsteileben in Rußland, 1950, $2.

Dyck, Arnold, Verloren in der Steppe; Zweiter Teil, 1945, $4.

Dyck, Arnold, Koop enn Bua en Dietschlaund, Zweiter Teil, 1961, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Verloren in der Steppe; Dritter Teil, 1946, $2.

Dyck, Arnold, Koop enn Bua op Reise, 2. Teil, 1954, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Verloren in der Steppe, Vierter Teil, 1947, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Koop enn Bua faore nao Toronto: Zweiter Teil, 1949, $3.

Dyck, Arnold, Collected works vol. 4, 1985, $35.

Dyck, Arnold, trans by E. Peters, Two Letters; The Millionaire of Goatfield; Runde Koake, 1980, $4.

Dyck, Cornelius J., The Mennonite Central Committee Story: From the Files of MCC, 1980, $3.

Dyck, Cornelius J. (Ed.), The Mennonite Central Committee Stoy, Vol.1: From the Files of MCC, 1980, $2.

Dyck, Cornelius J. (Ed.), The Mennonite Central Committee Story, Vol.2: Responding to Worldwide Needs, 1980, $2.

Dyck, Cornelius J., ed., Something Meaningful for God, 1981, $3.

Dyck, Cornelius J., ed., Mennonite Encyclopedia, Vol. 5, 1990, $20.

Dyck, Cornelius J., editor, An Introduction to Mennonite History, 1967, $5.

Dyck, Cornelius J., editor, An Introduction to Mennonite History, 1981, $5.

Dyck, Harvey L. (ed), A Mennonite in Russia- The Diaries of Jacob D. Epp, 1991, $60.

Dyck, J.P., Braeul Genealogy, 1670-1983`, n.d., $5.

Dyck, John, History of Crosstown Credit Union, 1993, $3.

Dyck, John, ed., Bergthal Gemeinde Buch, 1993, $35.

Dyck, Peter & Elfrieda, Up from the Rubble: The epic rescue of thousands of war-ravaged Mennonite refugees, 1991, $15.

Dyck, Peter J., A leap of faith: Stories for young and old, 1990, $5.

Dyck, Peter J., Troubles and Triumphs, 1981, $12.

Dyck, Peter P., Orenburg am Ural, 1951, $5.

Dyck, Sarah, The Silence Echoes: Memoirs of Trauma and Tears, 1997, $4.

Dyck, Susie Brucks, To God Be the Glory, 1983, $2.

Ediger, Gerald, Crossing the Divide: Language Transition Among Canadian Mennonite Brethren, 1940-1970, 2001, $4.

Ehrt, Adolf, Das Mennonitentum in Russland, 2003, $4.

Elias, J.M., Er führt uns wie die Jugend: Eine Sammling von Gedichten, nd, $2.

Elim Gemeinde, Elim Gemeinde, Grunthal, Manitoba 1927-1972, 1972, $4.

Enns, Aelt J., Dem Herrn Die Ehre, 1969, $3.

Enns, F. F., Ohm Franz: Ältester Franz F. Enns, 1977, $3.

Enns, F. G., Gretna: Window on the Northwest, 1987, $20.

Enns, F.F., Elder Enns, “Ohm Franz”, 1979, $3.

Enns, Herman, Behold your God!: Selected Sermons, 1986, $5.

Enns, Mary M., Mia: The Story of a Remarkable Woman, 1981, $5.

Enns, William, Schwers Schicksal: Aus dem leben des kranken Peter Dyck, 1948, $4.

Ens, Adolf, Becoming a National Church: History of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada, 2004, $10.

Ens, Gerhard, Menno Simons spricht: Auszüge aus sechs Schriften von Menno Simons, 1996, $3.

Ens, Gerhard J., “Die Schule muss sein”: A History of the Mennonite Collegiate Institute, 1990, $12.

Ens, Harold, Mennonite Brethren in Global Mission, 2010, $4.

Epp, David H., Heinrich Heese Johann Philipp Wiebe, 1952, $4.

Epp, David H., Johann Cornies: Züge aus seinem Leben und Wirken, 1946, $5.

Epp, Frank ed., I would like to dodge the draft-dodgers but…, 1970, $5.

Epp, Frank H., The Palestinians, 1976, $12.

Epp, Frank H., Stories with Meaning: A Guide for the Writing of Congregational Histories, 1978, $3.

Epp, Frank H., Mennonites in Canada 1920-1940, 1974, $7.

Epp, Frank H., The Glory and the Shame: Editorials on the past, present and future of the Mennonite Church, 1968, $3.

Epp, Frank H., Mennonite Peoplehood: A Plea for New Initiatives, 1977, $5.

Epp, Frank H., Your Neighbour as Yourself, 1968, $3.

Epp, Frank H., Mennonite Exodus, 1962, $20.

Epp, Frank H., ed., Partners in Service, 1982, $2.

Epp, Georg K., Unter dem Nordlicht:  Anthology of German-Mennonite Writing in Canada, 1977, $3.

Epp, George K., Geschichte der Mennoniten in Russland, Band 1, 1981, $30.

Epp, George K., Geschichte Der Mennoniten in Russland, Band II, 1998, $30.

Epp, Henry H. (Ed.), Hymn Sing Celebration: Mennonite Centennial, 1874-1974, 1974, $4.

Epp, Irmgard, Constantinoplers: Escape from Bolshevism, 2006, $8.

Epp, Johann, Erwecket Euren Lauteren Sinn, 2003, $5.

Epp, John Mark, John H. Epp: A Biography, 1993, $6.

Epp, Margaret, 8., Tulpengasse; A Church Blossoms in Vienna, 1978, $2.

Epp, Margaret, Proclaim Jubilee: A History of Bethany Bible Institute, 1976, $2.

Epp, Margaret, A Fountain Sealed, 1982, $5.

Epp, Margaret, Into All The World, 1973, $8.

Epp, Margaret, But God Hath Chosen: The story of John and Mary Dyck, 1963, $3.

Epp, Margaret, Walk in My Woods, 1967, $5.

Epp, Peter, Ob tausend fallen …, 1988, $10.

Epp, Peter, Die Mennoniten In Russland, nd, $5.

Epp-Thiessen, Esther, Altona: The Story of a Prairie Town, 1982, $10.

Epp-Tiessen, Esther, J. J. Thiessen: A Leader for His Time, 2001, $5.

Erb, Paul, Orie O. Miller: The Story of a Man and an Era, 1969, $7.

Esau, Anna, What God has Done: The story of the Latin American Mennonite Brethren Conference, 1987, $6.

Esau, Mrs. H.T., First Sixty Years of M.B. Missions, 1954, $7.

Estep, W. R., Religious Liberty: Heritage and Responsibility, 1988, $2.

Estep, William R., The Anabaptist Story, 1963, $5.

Ewald, Heather, Mein Vather Ernie Klassen, 1986, $2.

Ewert, Benjamin, Woher? Wohin? Mennoniten! 1, 1942, $2.

Ewert, David, A Journey of Faith: An autobiography, 1993, $3.

Ewert, David, Searching the Scriptures, 2001, $3.

Ewert, David, How the Bible came to Us, 1975, $2.

Ewert, David, Pilgrims and Strangers: The Story of our Exodus from Russia and Settlement in Canada, 1973, $5.

Ewert, David, When the Church Was Young, 1993, $2.

Ewert, David, And Then Comes the End, 1980, $3.

Ewert, David, Die Wunderwege Gottes mit der Gemeinde Jesu Christi, 1978, $3.

Ewert, David, Finding Our Way: Confronting Issues in the Mennonite Brethren Church, 1999, $5.

Ewert, David, Stalwart for the Truth: The Life and Legacy of A.H. Unruh, 1975, $3.

Ewert, David, Proclaim Salvation: preaching the Church Year, 1992, $3.

Ewert, David, Honour Such People, 1997, $5.

Ewert, David, ed., Called to Teach, 1980, $3.

Faith and Life Press, The Way of Peace, 1972, $3.

Fast, C. E., What I Owe, 1955, $2.

Fast, Clarence E., Studies in Christian stewardship for local churches, 1950, $2.

Fast, Gerhard, Im Schatten des Todes: Erlebnisbericht aus Sowjetrußland, 1956, $3.

Fast, Karl, Gebt der Wahrheit die Ehre, 1989, $6.

Fast, Karl, Laß die an meiner Gnade genügen, 1989, $10.

Fast, Karl and C. G. Unruh, Fiftieth Anniversary of the Mennonite Settlement in North Kildonan, 1978, $3.

Fast, Viktor and Jakob Penner, Wasserstroeme in der Einoede, 2007, $40.

Fehderau, N.J., Ausgewählte Chorlieder: II.Teil, 1951, $3.

Festkomitee der Mennonitischen Ostreserve (Pub.), Gedenkfeier der Mennonitischen Einwanderung in Manitoba, Canada: 1874-1949, 1949, $2.

First Mennonite Church, Jubilate: 60 Years First Mennonite Church, 1991, $10.

Foth, Maria, Beyond the Border, 1981, $4.

Francis, E. K., In Search of Utopia:  The Mennonites in Manitoba, 1955, $15.

Fretz, J. Winfield, The Mennonites in Ontario, 1982, $3.

Friesen and Sons Ltd. (Pub), North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren Church, 1969, $2.

Friesen Yearbooks (Pub.), North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren Church, 1979, $2.

Friesen, Abraham, P.M. Friesen & his History, Understanding Mennonite Brethren Beginnings, 1979, $4.

Friesen, Abraham, In Defense of Privilege, 2006, $8.

Friesen, Abram J., God’s Hand Upon My Life, 1986, $4.

Friesen, D.W. & Sons (Pub.), Mennonite Brethren Church: Winkler, Manitoba, 1888-1963, 1963, $5.

Friesen, Dan, A Century of Grace and Witness: The Mennonite Brethren Church, 1860-1960, 1960, $3.

Friesen, Duane K., Artists, Citizens, Philosophers: Seeking the Peace of the City, 2000, $10.

Friesen, Evelyn, Freedom isn’t Free: A Boat People Story, 1985, $3.

Friesen, Frank (au. and trans.), Among the Cloud of Witnesses:  Papers Concerning Augustin Wuerzlburger, 1984, $2.

Friesen, Gerhard, Die Bergpredigt, 1981, $2.

Friesen, Heinrich J., Memories from my Life, 1995, $3.

Friesen, Helena Goossen, Daydreams & Nightmares, 1990, $5.

Friesen, Herbert, Quiver Full of Arrows, 1970, $2.

Friesen, I.P., Meine Reise nach Palästina, nd, $2.

Friesen, I.P., Im Dienste des Meisters, nd, $2.

Friesen, Jacob, The Road Unknown, 1993, $5.

Friesen, John, Mennonites in Russia: Essays in Honour of Gerhard Lohrenz, 1989, $15.

Friesen, John, Against the Wind: The Story of four Mennonite Villages, 1994, $8.

Friesen, John D., Holding Forth the Word of Life, 1989, $2.

Friesen, John J., Building Communities: The Changing Face of Manitoba Mennonites, 2007, $20.

Friesen, Martin W., Neue Heimat in der Chaco Wildnis, 1997, $4.

Friesen, Martin W., Kanadische Mennoniten Bezwingen Eine Wildnis:  50 Jahre Kolonie Menno (Suedamerika), 1977, $5.

Friesen, P.M., The Mennonite Brotherhood in Russia (1789-1910), 1978, $45.

Friesen, P.M., Geschichte der Alt-Evangelischen Mennoniten Brüderschaft in Russland, 1911, $15.

Friesen, Patrick, The Shunning, 1980, $10.

Friesen, Rudy P., Into the Past:  Buildings of the Mennonite Commonwealth, 1996, $10.

Friesen, Ted, Altona Mennonite Church 25th anniversary, 1987, $10.

Friesen, Ted and Elisabeth Peters, Memories of Grigorievka, 1998, $15.

Froese, Brian, California Mennonites, 2015, $20.

Froese, Edna Alison, Inside I’m Dancing” Personal Stories of God’s healing and Design, nd, $10.

Funk, C. J., Auf dem Wege zum College der Mennoniten Brueder Gemeinden von Kanada, 1944, $2.

Geddert, Tim, Gott hat ein Zuhause, 1994, $3.

Geddert, Tim, Treasures Old and New, nd, $4.

Gem Mennonite Brethren Church, Gem Mennonite Brethren Church, 1929-1979, 1979, $8.

General Conference of MB Churches, Worship Together, 1995, $8.

George, Carl F., The Coming Church Revolution, 1994, $2.

Gerbrandt, H.J., Adventure in Faith: The Background in Europe and the Development in Canada of the Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba, 1970, $5.

Gerbrandt, Henry J., En Route: The Memoirs of Henry J. Gerbrandt, 1994, $8.

Gerlach, Horst, Die Russlandmennoniten: Ein Volk Unterwegs, 1992, $45.

Giesbrecht, Harry, My Story, 2010, $2.

Giesbrecht, Herbert, Moved and Seconded: Resolutions of the CCMBC, 1960-1990, 1991, $2.

Giesbrecht, Herbert, Sach- und Namen Register zu Abraham H. Unruh’s “Die Geschichte der Mennoniten Bruedergemeinde: 1860-1954”, 1975, $2.

Gingerich, Melvin, The Christian and Revolution, 1968, $5.

Gingerich, Melvin, Service for Peace, 1949, $6.

Gnadenthal History Book Committee, Gnadenthal 1880-1980, 1982, $14.

Goerz, H, Die Molotschnaer Ansiedlung, 1950, $10.

Goerz, H., Memrik, 1954, $7.

Goerz, H., Die Mennonitischen Siedlungen der Krim, 1957, $10.

Goerz. H. (trans Eric Enns), Memrik: A Mennonite Settlement in Russia, 1997, $5.

Good, Merle, These People Mine – Based on the much-acclaimed musical drama, 1973, $3.

Good, Merle and Phyllis, 20 Most Asked Questions about the Amish and Mennonites, 1979, $2.

Gool, Johan van, De Nieuwe Schouburg der Nederlantsche Kunstschilders en Schilderessen (pp.62-83  re. Balthazar Denner), 1751, $3.

Goosen, H.H., Adolf Reimer, ein treuer Bote Jesu Christi unter Deutschen und Russen, 1960, $3.

Grimsrud, Ted, Triumph of the Lamb: A Self-Study Guide, Revelation, 1987, $4.

Grounds, Vernon C., Evangelicalism and Social Responsibility, 1969, $3.

Guenther, F.D., Meine Erlebnisse in Mexiko und Canada, 1957, $3.

Guenther, Waldemar, et al., Onsi Tjedils: Ersaßdienst der Mennoniten in Rußland unter den Romanows, 1966, $5.

Haas, Craig and Steve Nolt, The Mennonite Starter Kit, 1993, $2.

Hack, Hendrik, Die Kolonisation Der Mennoniten im Paraguayischen Chaco, 1961, $5.

Hamm, Martin, Aus der alten in die neue Heimat: Lebensgeschichte eines schlichten Mennoniten, 1971, $3.

Hamm, Oscar H., Erinnerungen aus Ignatjewo: Memoirs of Ignatyevo, nd, $25.

Hamm, P.M., India Mennonite Brethren Church Statistical Report, 1970, 1970, $3.

Hamm, Peter M., Reflections on My Journey, 1993, $4.

Hamm, Peter M., Continuity and Change Among Canadian Mennonite Brethren, 1978, $10.

Harder, Bernhard J., Alexandertal: Die Geschichte der letzten deutschen Stammsiedlung in Russland, 1959, $10.

Harder, Hans and Al Reimer, No Strangers in Exile, 1979, $5.

Harder, Helmut, Anleitung zum Glauben, 1981, $2.

Harder, Helmut, Understanding the Faith from a Mennonite Perspective, 1997, $3.

Harder, Helmut, David Toews Was Here 1870-1947, 2002, $8.

Harder, Helmut, Witnessing to Christ in Today’s World: A Faith & Life Study Book, Mennonite World Conference, 1989, $2.

Harder, Helmut, Guide to Faith, 1979, $2.

Harder, Johannes (Ed.), Mennonitisches Jahrbuch, 1975, 1981, $2.

Harder, Johannes (Ed.), Mennonitisches Jahrbuch 1981, 1981, $2.

Harder, Leland, The Pastor-people partnership: The call and recall of pastors from a Believers’ Church perspective, 1983, $2.

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