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Previous Confessions of Faith used by Mennonite Brethren


Mennonite Brethren used four Confessions of Faith since their formation in 1860. For the first 42 years of their existence, they used the 1853 Mennonite Confession known as the "Rudnerweide Confession." In 1902, Mennonite Brethren leaders constructed the first "Brudergemeinde Confession," which took the Mennonite Confession and incorporated Baptist confessional language in the articles on Salvation and Baptism. Since then, two confessional revisions have taken place over the years, 1975 and 1999. Below is a listing of the previous Confessions of Faith used by Mennonite Brethren, with links to their reproductions—the German originals and their English translations.


Name Size Hits
1853 Rudnerweide Confession (English) 6.0 MB
1853 Rudnerweide Confession (German) 3.8 MB
1902 Brudergemeinde Confession (English) 1.0 MB
1902 Brudergemeinde Confession (German) 5.9 MB
1902 Brudergemeinde Confession Foreword (English) 14 KB
1975 Confession 16 Articles 1.9 MB
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