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Canadian Conference Yearbooks


Early on in their formation, Mennonite Brethren adopted the practice of an annual convention, a meeting where churches sent delegates to debate resolutions, to report on the work of various committees and ministries, and to decide together on certain courses of action. The evidence points to the influence of a German Baptist minister named August G.A. Liebig (1836–1914), who was invited in 1866 to come for several weeks to help bring order to early turbulence of the Mennonite renewal movement (Brudergemeinde). In 1871, Liebig came again and spent a whole year among the Mennonite Brethren. As a result, in 1872, the Mennonite Brethren were the first of the Mennonite groups to organize into a conference with annual conventions.

A Conference Yearbook is the publication documenting the annual proceedings of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. The Yearbook contains ministry reports, financial statements and budget, election slate of officers, resolutions, and minutes of the business sessions. Starting in 1994, the Yearbook was published in even-numbered years, following the summer convention termed a "Gathering." The Yearbook included the reports for the annual meetings of both the odd and even years.

Below is a listing of the convention Yearbooks with links to their digital reproductions. For the years earlier than 1988, contact CMBS.


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Name Size
Name Size
2018 CCMBC Yearbook 7.1 MB
2016 CCMBC Yearbook 7.3 MB
2014 CCMBC Yearbook 9.1 MB
2012 CCMBC Yearbook 15.6 MB
2010 CCMBC Yearbook 5.9 MB
2008 CCMBC Yearbook 7.5 MB
2006 CCMBC Yearbook 9.0 MB
2004 CCMBC Yearbook 13.3 MB
2002 CCMBC Yearbook 11.8 MB
2000 CCMBC Yearbook 6.8 MB
1998 CCMBC Yearbook 9.2 MB
1996 CCMBC Yearbook 10.3 MB
1994 CCMBC Yearbook 12.5 MB
1992 CCMBC Yearbook 11.8 MB
1991 CCMBC Yearbook 11.8 MB
1990 CCMBC Yearbook 13.0 MB
1989 CCMBC Yearbook 23.9 MB
1988 CCMBC Yearbook 11.9 MB


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